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The Tenth Walker  by Lindelea 699 Review(s)
SueReviewed Chapter: 111 on 11/10/2023
AT LAST: My Bill is back. I know we are close to saying goodbye (unless he continues into the wild while his friends go underground as I hope). I enjoy this tale so much, thank you so much for not abandoning it and us.

Author Reply: At last, indeed. This chapter has been sitting on my hard drive half-formed for months. Since I am focusing more on self-care these days and avoiding stress as much as possible, and fanfic is "comfort food" of sorts, I hope to keep writing on a more regular basis. Think good thoughts.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 111 on 11/10/2023
I hadn't thought that the subject of swimming might not be considered proper for polite society, but I can now well imagine it. And that Pippin mentioned the subject in front of Frodo would most likely to have embarrassed Eglantine in particular, considering how Frodo's parents died.

Ah, yes--Sam would most likely have preferred "burrowing" to "swimming" in making his way through the drifts.

How thoughtful our Bill has become!

Author Reply: I was rather surprised myself that Merry did not hush Pippin's talk about swimming but went along with it instead - until I remembered that Frodo had taken pains to "drown-proof" Merry by teaching him how to swim, probably a typical practice at Brandy Hall to protect little ones living on the banks of the River and whose society included boating and using a Ferry to cross to the main Shire. So I put that part into the chapter (Frodo teaching Merry, and Merry teaching Pippin). (For my OCs, it's something of a running joke that Hilly, as a Took who eventually sailed away on a ship, didn't mind the Thain's swimming lessons half as much as the rest of the escort, lol!)

Author Reply: p.s. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts! (I need to go back and read that other chapter you mentioned in your review reply, but Someone is nudging my ribs and staring at me with large, pleading puppy eyes, so I had better close the laptop for now and feed the menagerie.)


shireboundReviewed Chapter: 111 on 11/10/2023
I do love hobbits and their way of lightening the most dire of situations with. What a delightful conversation. I never thought about anyone skimming down the mountain in Boromir's shield!

When I was growing up in the 1950s-60s, Pennsylvania snowstorms brought very deep drifts that my brother and I would indeed have fun burrowing through. It's a nice memory.

Author Reply: I remember Wisconsin snowstorms during that time frame in the same way you've described them. I seem to remember burrowing in deep snow and building snow caves out of drifts when I was a very small child. I understand now that it could be dangerous? (if a snow cave collapses on a small child) ...but that possibility never crossed our minds.

I remember overhearing someone telling about stealing garbage can lids (when all garbage cans were made of silver metal (tin? aluminium?) and coasting down snowy hills on them long before snow-saucers were invented. (Maybe they were the inspiration for saucers?) I also seem to recall a fanfic that had hobbits coasting down the Hill on a shield that was usually displayed on the wall of Bilbo's parlour or perhaps his study, though the details are fuzzy. (I might even have written that scene myself and forgotten about it, but I don't want to take credit in case it was someone else's idea, LOL.)

Boromir makes a wonderful foil for hobbit humour, doesn't he? I just re-read recently Larner's story about Frodo taking revenge on Boromir for discarding mushrooms from his stew, and it was just as funny as the first time I read it.

Thanks for stopping and taking the time to share your thoughts!


tariReviewed Chapter: 31 on 9/4/2023
What a wonderful chapter. I love your description of Glorfindel and his horse was a nice addition.

Author Reply: It was both fun and intimidating to write Glorfindel. I'm glad his description worked. It made sense to me that his horse would be as noble and fair as the Elf lord himself.

Thanks for stopping to leave an encouraging word!


tariReviewed Chapter: 25 on 7/19/2023
It's been too long since I read this delightful story. Wish I could remember the other stories I was reading.

Author Reply: Thank you so much for stopping and taking the time to share your thoughts! Now that the snows are flying again, Caradhras seems to come more clearly to mind. I am hoping to finish this one sooner than later. At least I am not allowing myself to be distracted by NaNoWriMo this year!


Author Reply: (I realized belatedly that you were commenting on events that took place long before Caradhras. I hope my reply was not too confusing.)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 110 on 4/13/2023
Some prescience here, I note. "You shall not pass!" indeed. Love this.

Cannot find your phone number. Are you there Sunday?

Author Reply: So sorry I did not see this! I have been editing into the wee hours (even unto the dawn) almost every day and did not get back to SoA over the weekend.

I am so glad that you stopped by along the way even though you didn't know if I'd be in! What a lovely afternoon it was, even if Panda kept catching sight of your vehicle parked in front and, forgetting she'd already barked at it, would raise the alarm again and again. Since she takes her job as bodyguard (also a bit of gardener thrown in, from all the digging she does in the back yard, I should think) very seriously, and it is no bother (and actually a complete delight) to raise up her own thunder, I think she had as good a time as any of us, even though she was not allowed to partake of any celebratory cake.

Don't mind me and my too-flowery writing this morning. I edited almost until dawn again, and I'm feeling rather loopy.

Thanks for stopping by (both in person and here on SoA!) and taking time to share your thoughts.

sueReviewed Chapter: 110 on 4/6/2023
Oh, dear dear Bill. Great heart indeed. As always, quite philosophical for 'just' a pony. Hugs and carrots sweetie.

Author Reply: *Bill leans into the hugs and contentedly crunches the carrots.*
I think the company he keeps has had a great influence on him.

Thanks for stopping to share your thoughts!

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 110 on 4/5/2023
Yaayy!! You've posted a new chapter!

They'll have to wait till the snow stops, and then Aragorn and Boromoir will have to dig a path for them all.

Author Reply: It's so nice to spend time in JRRT's world again. I am trying to make it a habit. I am planning to schedule appointments with myself for reading as well as writing. That recent SoA crash reminded me of all the stories I still want to read, including yours. I was so sad to think they were gone, and incredibly happy to see the site return.

Thank you so much for the smile today!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 110 on 4/2/2023
The snow is still falling, but it is now floating down upon us, taking the form of larger flakes, as if many small flakes have clumped together for warmth in the storm. A curious thought.

I like that. And it's heartwarming that hobbits can always speak lightly and encouragingly to one another, however dire the circumstance.

Author Reply: I must admit, the idea came from a child's imagination many years ago. I love that JRRT's descriptions of hobbits provide so much food for thought to work with, from his observation of the nature of hobbitly courage, to the simple fact that no hobbit, in all their history, had ever killed another on purpose, to their light speech about heavy matters, to the curious immunity of most hobbits (unfortunately not all of them) to soul-destroying hunger for power and fortune (which I believe is a reflection of the author's, “If more people valued home above gold, this world would be a merrier place.” ).

Thank you for stopping to leave a good word!

Reviewed Chapter: 43 on 11/19/2022
Continuing to enjoy this little journey!

Also, that Black Beauty reference did not go unnoticed, by the way. Good old Merrylegs . . .

Author Reply: Thank you! Black Beauty was my favorite read-aloud choice from my earliest memories. I memorized the first chapter years before I learned to read the book for myself.

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