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Time's Turnings  by daw the minstrel 22 Review(s)
meckinockReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/16/2005
I can't wait to hear more about Ithilden's misspent youth. I'm sure whatever havoc he wreaks with his parents away will result from only the very best of ueber-responsible intentions!

As I was reading the scene with Legolas and Sinnarn, I smiled at Legolas's preservation of formality and his restraint from letting Sinnarn off the hook too easily, and wondered what how the conversation would have gone if it had been Eilian and not Legolas to whom Sinnarn decided to apologize. I'm afraid it might have devolved into something out of "Wayne's World."

Interesting that Legolas is beginning to feel somewhat...unchallenged by his assignment and somewhat repressed by Beliond's perpetual influence. It would be very difficult to develop as a leader with a Beliond constantly at your shoulder, I think. While there is much Legolas can learn from him, I think he could not help but influence Legolas's decisions whether he intended to or not; and clearly sometimes he intends to. How do you know if you can ride without training wheels if they've never been off? Moreover, his priorities would sometimes necessarily be at odds with Legolas's. Legolas's priority would be the success of the mission, while Beliond's is Legolas's safety. That's a touchy enough balance with a head of state, but with a warrior whose job it is to go into danger and lead warriors, it could be awfully contentious at times. This will bear watching....

Author Reply: More about Ithilden's youth will be coming right up!

In my head, Sinnarn didn't "decide" to apologize to anyone. His parents sent him to do it to both Legolas and Eilian. We didn't get to see the scene with Uncle Eilian, which I suspect would have been very amusing. Eilian must have been very confused to be the apolgizee rather than the apologizer. I'm not sure he'd know how to act.

I thought that about Beliond too. You can see that Maltanaur lets Eilian make his own decisions and then backs him up however he needs it, but Beliond is still ordering Legolas around. Their relationship needs to change a little, I think.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/16/2005
Well, the frightened Men who think the Elvenking has barred Men from the forest are certainly an interesting development.

As always, I love Legolas' interaction with Beliond. I remeber being asked on an oral exam once to explain which of a list of characters I would prefer to meet. I have to say, as appealing as many of your characters are, of all of them it is Beliond I would most like to meet. His personality is just too much. I think it would be challenging in a very interesting way.

Sinnarn apologizing to Legolas was too cute. Poor kid. And that must have seemed quite funny to Legolas. I'm sure he remembers that sort of thing and to be the recipient must feel strange. And to hear Sinnarn talking of adventures when Legolas has learned that being a warrior is not an adventure. It's a pity young people have to learn things like that from experience.

The comparison of Sinnarn's frustration and Ithilden's through the flashback (thanks so much for that--love it when you do that so we can get little pre-Legolas glimpses) was very interesting. You've done a good job of making each of these many male children all long to become warriors for different reasons.

I loved the conversation between Ithilden, Alfirin, Eilian and Thranduil. Thranduil's refusal to discuss Ithilden with either Eilian or Alfirin and their reactions was too funny. Great dialogue there.

PS. I read in one of the reviews from the last chap that you mentioned the idea of exploring Legolas' maternal grandparents. Yes please! That would be very interesting.

Author Reply: Yes, the men! A plot element! Yay!

My beta always likes reading about Beliond too. Frankly, I'm not sure I'd want to spend large amounts of time with him. He's a tad on the irritable, bossy side.

Sinnarn's parents sent him to apologize to Uncle Eilian too, who must really find it odd to be the one on the receiving end of the apology for bad behavior!

I'd like to do a little more flashback about Ithilden in this story. I think we need to see what he got up to while Thranduil was away.

Maternal grandparents? OK. It's on the list.

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