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Time's Turnings  by daw the minstrel 22 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 3 on 10/12/2005
Sinnarn wants to be a warrior already like Legolas, and Legolas sees from his fathers point of view how it was to be so young.
He wants to prove himself to them and feels with Beliond watching him he won't have that chance. He needs to trust his skills is he for once unsure...

Author Reply: That's exactly right about Legolas and Beliond. How's he going to know he can rely on himself?

Antigone QReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/24/2005

Loved the glimpse of Ithilden as a youth. I can just see how the smart, sensible (very stubborn) kid who outwits you might be harder to deal with than the one who is goofing off all the time. And the scene with the glove was very touching, somehow. I'm sure Thranduil misses the ordinary moments, looking for gloves and straightening clothes.

I was sorry that Alfirin didn't get her story - she asked so nicely, too.

I will protest here on behalf of Foril. I know just what it is like to be continually partnered with "difficult" coworkers or be given the "irritating" clients because you're the one who won't blow up or walk off the job. It really isn't fair to Foril to be stuck with Tinar all the time. Someone else should have to be paired up with him once in a while.

Hmm...strange behavior on behalf of the men. I can't guess what's going on.

I wonder what will happen with Legolas' horse...

Author Reply: I'll bet that Eilian got into trouble accidentally. He just didn't think. But Ithilden could very well have considered all the angles and decided he was right. I can imagine him and Thranduil butting heads regularly when Ithilden is this age.

You're probably right about Foril. Hm. Who deserves Tinar? I'm having trouble thinking of anyone. Maybe if Legolas is out of commission for a while, Beliond can partner with Tinar. LOLOLOL.

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/20/2005
It must have been painful for Legolas to be the adult in that scene. It was very well written. He did, indeed, sound like Ithilden and Thranduil. He told Sinnarn only the truth, but it was the same platitudes that he hated as a youth. Maybe next time he can be a little more consoling. The grey stallion seems like he will be a character on his own. It does not bode well that even Beliond is apprehensive about him.

Thranduil is very wise when it comes to his grandson. Yes, they should be angry with him but in the big picture it doesn't really matter. Sometimes that perspective only comes with time. Well done. I liked Alfirin and Eilian pestering Thranduil for naughty Ithilden stories. It is hard to picture him as a mischievious youth. "We have assessed our strengths and know that we must support one another or we will all be lost." LOL - great line! and true too!
I guess all of Thranduil's offspring were anxious to be warriors before their time. You would think they would share a little more understanding. Perhaps if Lorellin had been around they would.

I love having Tinar around. He makes things so interesting. I must apologize to Foril. Everything is a competition to him - a lot like some people I know. The tracking of the men was exciting, as was the confrontation. Ok, carrying toys - how scary can these two be. I guess it made their fearful reaction even more apparent. If the toymakers fear traveling through the forest because of the elves imagine how the weapon makers feel.

Go Galorion! Keep Tinar in his place. Legolas is in the dreaded position - no one trusts him to act responsibly so how does he prove his worth. You sketched out his predicament very well. Beliond is wise to keep such a close eye on his young charge. "Men loosen right up when they see you." - ha! ha!
Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author Reply: I had some trouble deciding if Legolas would sympathize openly with Sinnarn or not, but I decided that Legolas is trying to be seen as an adult now and would be trying to distance himself from his nephew a little maybe. Poor Sinnarn. He really is lucky to have Thranduil, who is a wonderful grandfather.

I thought that at least Ithilden and Legolas would have been eager to be warriors and take up what they see as their mission. Eilian entered the novices in a time of peace, so he might not have been so driven. Now Sinnarn is another story. I don't think he wants to be a novice so much as he wants to stop being a school child taking weapons training. He seems like a whole different set of motives to me.

Tinar is fun to write about. He's such an easy target. LOL about how scary can toymakers be. Too true. They're toymakers, for pity's sake.

Beliond and Legolas need to renegotiate their relationship just a little, I think. Legolas needs some breathing room.

White WolfReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/20/2005
I really enjoyed seeing a bit of Ithilden, when he was young.

I aslo liked the exchange between Legolas and Beliond. We know, of course, what a great pair they will make in the future, once Legolas learns to fully appreciates his keeper.

I could just see the fear of those men, when the elves showed up.

Every time Tinár opens his mouth, I'd like to slap him. And I'm not apologizing for that, either! :o)

Author Reply: I'm glad you liked the flashback. I'm working on another scene with young Ithilden right now. He's interesting because he's so sure he's right. He's not just off doing something stupid but fun like Eilian.

I think that Beliond needs to learn to appreciate Legolas a little bit too. He really does need to give Legolas a little space to try his wings. And wanting to slap Tinar is a good thing!

BrazgirlReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/18/2005
Have I told you how much I adore Beliond and his vocabulary? I just think he is a great character. I love him. I also like Eilian's bodyguard, but Beliond is funnier. I love when he faces Thranduil... ahahah!

Author Reply: Beliond thanks you, Brazgirl. I've grown fond of the old grouch myself, although I'm not sure I'd want to spend a lot of time with him. He and Legolas need to work out some degree of independence for Legolas though.

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
I remember when Legolas was wishing to be of age. I liked the little flashback. I think it shows really well that Ithilden could be impatient in his youth.
The men make me curious.

Author Reply: I think lots of young people wish to be adults, but I think Legolas was probably a more serious kid than Sinnarn. Legolas really did want to be a warrior. Sinnarn just wants to get out of lessons! :-)

I'm glad you're curious about the men because we're going to hear more about them.

Frodo3791Reviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
First off, let me just say that I have been reading this since you started posting again, and I apologize for not reviewing. I have been wanting to, but school, work, and other junk has just seemed to have gotten in the way. It's looking to be a great story though... but then again, they always are.

I think I am enjoying Legolas' and Sinnarn's points of view the most. Perhaps it is because of them being younger. I know everybody loves your little Legolas stories, and I do too, but I really think I like the beginning adult years myself. Though there is always something to learn despite how old these elves can get (and that's a lot of learning that can be done), I enjoy seeing your characters really have to deal with new things, and because Legolas is a canan character, I enjoy seeing him growing into Fellowship Legolas. In fact, one of my favorite parts of the story so far has been Legolas thinking about his interest in men and Beliond not being so happy with it. There's a line in the Return of the King commentary (Oh yes, I know how geeky it is to watch the commentary, but I enjoy it... and I've only seen it once!) that Orlando Bloom talks about how he felt kind of awkward being with the other elves during the coronation scene because he kind of saw himself and his character as more than just an elf. He had spent so much time with Gimli and Aragorn and the rest of the fellowship, and so I agree with Orlando Bloom's thoughts on that, and you kind of show a bit of her difference from other elves in this chapter. Legolas is different, even before he leaves Mirkwood for the first time, and anyway, I just found it a cool little part of the story.

Alright, I'm running out of time and need to get to writing my essay for school, so let me just say I've really enjoyed the story and can't wait to see more soon.

Author Reply: Thank you, Frodo. I know what you mean about RL interfering. The nerve of people like teachers and bosses!

I like writing about this stage of Legolas's life too. He is encountering new things all the time as the world opens up for him a little bit. I'm always conscious of Legolas of the Fellowship and thinking that that's where he has to wind up. And btw, I listened to most of the commentary too although I have to admit, I haven't finished the cast commentary yet. I really enjoy the "Book to Script" and "The Filming" part.

What you describe about Orlando Bloom's comments suggest maybe one reason that Legolas didn't just go back to Mirkwood. He'd grown a lot during the Fellowship and gotten used to being around all different kinds of people.

I hope your essay went well.

DotReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
Ooh, an interesting one all round!

LOL at Sinnarn having to apologise to his uncles. I imagine Ithilden “suggested” it might be a good idea… Eilian’s probably still standing there looking amused. I laughed as well at Legolas not wanting to sound like Ithilden. He obviously respects his brother, but that doesn’t mean he wants to speak like him! I really like the way Legolas genuinely sympathises with Sinnarn. I suppose the days of his own adolescence weren’t so very long ago. Clearly the memory of having to take on more of the obligations of his position is still vivid enough for Legolas to know what’s in store for his nephew. I don’t know if Sinnarn really does want to be a warrior instead of just training. It seems more that he just craves a bit of freedom. I don’t think, though, that he’ll believe Legolas that it’s now he has the freedom as opposed to when he’s a warrior until he sees it for himself. Stubborn males.

Ah, I was hoping to see Beliond. His own horse obviously decided that obedience would be a wise step. Actually, I always imagined Beliond would be very good with animals. He does spend all that time in the forest. Like Thranduil, though, he seems to feel that a warrior needs to be more practical than Legolas seems to be!

I just love the fact that Beliond knew Thranduil would still be watching! He knows him well. And it was quite touching to see that even still Thranduil feels a certain sadness at the departure of one of his sons.

“Are you still angry at my grandson?” Possessive, isn’t he?? I like the fact that Ithilden was a little cool with him. That’s seldom seen. And I still find it slightly bizarre that Thranduil is the mellow one! Although he’d still be angry if any of his children stepped out of line, “fine adults” or not ;-) Trust Eilian to pick up on Thranduil’s comment! I rather suspect that Lorellin probably secretly shared some of Ithilden’s misdemeanours and difficulties with Eilian back in the days when he felt he had to live up to his older brother.

I think I felt a little lump in my throat at the part about Thranduil understanding how Eilian can simply enjoy female company. I just realised how glad I am that Alfirin, and later Celuwen, came into his life.

Oh, how I adored the picture of a teenage Ithilden in too-short clothes! There’s an image of awkwardness and in-betweenness (I know that’s not a word) if ever I saw one. And I loved the thought of them all looking for the stray glove. Even the thought that Thranduil could possibly misplace a glove makes me smile. And it’s such a homely picture, especially with Ithilden trying to argue his point in the middle of it. Ithilden had clearly taken every word of Thranduil’s version of the responsibility lecture to heart. He doesn’t want to be warrior for the freedom like Sinnarn does… he’s more like a very extreme version of Legolas. And boy was young Ithilden ultra-confident! I can almost feel his frustration when his parents don’t realise that he’s completely capable of fulfilling the duty of his position as Thranduil’s son ;-) I have no doubt that he loved his mother deeply but I wonder if he didn’t find it exasperating that she wanted him to simply enjoy life when he felt that he had too many other, more important, things to do. I bet Thranduil got a bit of a shock the first time Ithilden argued so strongly with him. No doubt he and Lorellin had their moments but I’d say it had been a very long time since someone stood up to him like that! Eilian, and even Legolas, might have been resentful and maybe gone and done their own thing but crikey, Ithilden would have obeyed his father but still completely believed he himself was right. I’m not a parent so I don’t know which would be more frustrating. I can see why Thranduil would have found dealing with Ithilden difficult – but Ithilden is still the one who has been able to build the most adult relationship with his father. He had longer to do it too, I suppose.

The best thing about Legolas going back to his patrol is that we get to see old friends again! I like this gang. Except for Tinár, of course. With all the trees that have fallen on Legolas, can’t you let one fall on Tinár once in a while?! Poor Fóril.

The thing about Legolas is that he’s genuinely so eager to learn new things. It does make it seem a little unfair that he doesn’t get the opportunity. I think he probably is about ready to be an adult. I mean, adults still make mistakes – surely he doesn’t have to prove perfection and full capability in all areas of his life.

I always enjoy when your elves materialise out of nowhere and startle any passing men or dwarves. Don’t you “rifle” through something, though, not “riffle”? Anyway, these two seem extremely frightened. Who’s been spreading these rumours, then? Why didn’t Galorion ask them?? So that you could keep us guessing, I suppose!

That was an awkward conversation between Legolas and Beliond. Really neither of them are likely to change their viewpoints. I feel for Beliond. With his history, I don’t blame him for being a little prejudiced. I think that maybe it was his bluntness and assertion that Legolas mustn’t do anything stupid that annoyed Legolas more so than his opinion of men. Legolas really needs to spread his wings a little, it would seem. Plus he and Beliond have probably just fallen into a rut in their relationship – things need to be ironed out somewhat but that’s unlikely to happen until their day-to-day life changes a bit. Any chance he’ll get a trip to Dale out of this?!

So, the plot is unfolding and I’m becoming intrigued – all is right with the world! Great chapter :-)

Author Reply: Oh yeah. Ithilden sent his wayward son to apologize to the two guests of honor at the previous night's feast. And Eilian is probably still laughing. Or maybe he was discrete. It's possible!

I think Beliond and Legolas's relationship needs to be worked out a little in this story. Right now I have shown them as Legolas comes fresh from the novice training and then 100 years down the road when he's hunting dragons. I think there was probably some shake out in between and this is a good chance to show it. I think it's important not just for the relationship itself, but for Legolas's developing confidence as a warrior. And I'm also wondering if Beliond doesn't get a teensy bit bored sometimes. If Legolas thinks this is routine, I can only imagine what Beliond thinks.

I'm laughing at the idea that Lorellin told Eilian some good Ithilden stories. She just might have. Although maybe not. I suspect she respected Ithilden's privacy too. I'll bet she drove Ithilden crazy sometimes. She's such a wood elf and he's --- not. Still I don't imagine he rolled his eyes at her more than once when Thranduil was around.

I picture him as taller than his age mates and eager to be getting on with his role as the king's son. He was sure he was ready. And I think he would have wanted the approval and so on that would come from fulfilling that role. Hanging around as an indulged kid would have seemed humilating to him. Now Sinnarn is a different kettle of fish. I doubt very much if eagerness to fulfill his responsibilities is the reason he wants out of lessons.

I'm guessing that curiosity is one of the reasons Legolas was good for the Fellowship. He's open to learning in a way that older elves, weighed down by history, are not.

Yes. Rifle not riffle. I changed it. Thank you. Riffle is a very odd word. I looked it up and I'm still not sure what it means.

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
Catching up on my story- and review-reading:

I tell one little lie and it ends up in the LA Times! Is that fair???

Oh, Daw! LOL! That is just hilarious! Your Daw-verse children in the real world... *snicker*

And as far as your embarrassing condition of writing fast -- don't worry, dear. We readers are really very tolerant of embarrassing conditions... don't try to hide it or compensate on our behalf... ;-)

I can relate to Legolas so well... I'm over *cough*the age of Elven majority*cough*, and it still somewhat surprises me when people feel required to apologize to me for something I wasn't in the least bit offended by...

Well, Beliond is never shy about expressing his opinions, is he? By word or look... (Love that guy! and I nearly had a heart attack when you said "Beliond would protect Legolas with his life if he had to." I was going: Oh, no! NO! FORESHADOWING! FORESHADOWING! But I recovered when I remembered he was around for much later stories... You just can't scare your poor readers like that, Daw!)

Enjoyed the flashback with Ithilden... more, please! He seems like such a solemn child... and so thoroughly *responsible*! Reminds me a little of myself when I was a kid: I was in an S&H Green Stamps store walking around looking (but not touching) quietly, as was my childhood wont, and I looked out the window and saw my parents get into the car and prepare to leave (they had forgotten I was with them). (A bit sad, but oh well...) What is so incredible and genuinely funny to me now, as an adult, was my reaction: "Oh, well, guess I'll have to take care of myself from now on." I was so *thoroughly* convinced in my seven-year-old mind that I would be responsible for myself, without having a ***clue*** what that entailed... (In an adult, we would call that delusional...) But enough about me ;-D: I see that kind of overly-optimistic immaturity, albeit significantly less extreme, in Sinnarn (and in Legolas, in your adolescent!L stories...)

Loved seeing Legolas' cool competence in his role as warrior. But Galorion missed asking the intruders the obvious question, no doubt because that would have tipped your hand too soon ;-)... Who is spreading such lies about the Elvenking? What do they have to gain by further estranging the Lake and the Wood? Hmmmm, methinks a conspiracy's afoot...

I love Legolas' words about the Men seeming more rational if he could walk a mile in their shoes... Poor Beliond, with his memories of the Last Alliance, must absolutely quail when he hears Legolas talk like that...

But that was also very perceptive of Legolas to realize that part of the reason that Thranduil and Ithilden didn't see his new-found maturity is because of the (over) protection of Beliond. I foresee some sort of a break coming... but for now, they can tease each other and smile.

Keep those chapters coming embarrassingly fast! Please?

- Barbara

Author Reply: Yeah. The LA Times story is much funnier in retrospect than it was when I froze every time the phone rang!

Legolas may not have been offended by Sinnarn's lateness, but Ithilden firmly believed that an apology was in order so that's what Legolas got. Eilian too, which must have made him howl. Or maybe he was discrete enough to behave like Legolas and suppress his amusement. What do you think?

Sometimes I think it would be better if I had written these stories in order. As it is now, readers are made very comfortable knowing who survives for at least some stories, and I have to resort to killing people like Annael's poor father.

So how long did it take your parents to realize they'd forgotten something? My sister has three kids and they were rushing around one day getting ready to go out and got in the car and drove away and realized they'd forgotten the baby. He was still in the playpen at home, probably enjoying the peace and quiet.

I think Legolas is very good as a warrior and I think his impulse to question the men about the rumor was a good one, although he was right to hold his tongue, given the chain of command. He does need a chance to prove himself.

I'm NOT writing today. I'm doing a big puzzle my son gave me for Christmas. I've been crazily productive. I need to pretend to be normal!

caz-bazReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
Tinar makes me laugh but i do feel sorry for his brother. My mother is usually taken advantage of like Eilian was because she's a lawyer - rather amusing most of the time because she's not the most tolerable of people, good job Eilians very laid-back.

I must say i do prefer the more spirited horses that's why i tend to buy Thoroughbreds straight off the racetrack. I'd hate it if my mother told me what she thought of any of mine but my fathers as crazy as me and likes the wild bunch i have.

Good chapter

Author Reply: I figure all of Thranduil's sons had to learn from childhood how to deal with people trying to take advantage of their relationship to the king. They'd also have to learn how to keep private things that they heard at home. It would be tricky and might make them feel cut off from people sometimes. Eilian is quite good at it though.

It's good to have at least one parent as crazy as you!

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