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Time's Turnings  by daw the minstrel 22 Review(s)
Ms. WhatsitReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
Ah, so someone's been poisoning the men's ears about Thranduil, hmm?

At least Legolas only has to deal with Tinar on patrol, unlike Galelas.

I would not like to grow up in the same house as Ithilden. It would be infuriating and uncomfortable.

It's fun to see Legolas around Sinnarn. Showing him around a younger character indicates how much he's grown and how able and experienced he is now.

Author Reply: There do seem to be evil rumors afloat. We'll have to check that out.

Ithilden would be an awful sibling if you were the same age. He'd be so sure he was right that you'd just want to smack him. At least by the time Eilian and Legolas come along, he's an adult and I think has learned a bit of his own limits.

I'm glad you like the contrast between Legolas and Sinnarn. He has grown.

AliceReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
I wondered when we were going to see our favorite testy bodyguard. Legolas must have loosened Beliond up a bit in the next few centuries before Rivendell, because he was slightly more open minded towards men then. Slightly. It's nice seeing how Legolas's interest in men is sort of unusual among elves. Though really the obvious answer to his question of them being unusually scared is, " Huh, cause people when stopped by stony elvish warriors are just usually so relaxed." He does need more experience with men, though I personally would not encourage him in that in Beliond's hearing.

Oh, I loved the scene with Ithilden being young. Actually, I just loved Lorellin helping Thranduil because it's just such a normal thing to be doing. I think Thranduil should tell Alfirin stories of Ithilden's youth though. You know Lorellin so would have.

Oh, and having seen Tinar in his native environment, might I say that he and his wife are well matched? Both are just so darn whiny. Honestly. It's incredible Tinar lasted so long in the regular patrols. Or that he isn't responsible for driving half a dozen of his fellow warriors crazy. Be nice to Foril and send Tinar home to his shrewish wife.

So, excellent chapter. I like the stories involving men. It's interesting to see them from an elvish perspective. Update soon!

Author Reply: I think that Legolas's and Beliond's relationship still needs some working out. Beliond still thinks of Legolas as the green kid he got from the novice training, but Legolas needs a chance to grow. And you're right about the men! I don't think I'd be too composed under the circumstances either.

I was pleased about that searching-for-a-lost-glove scene, I have to admit. I tend to make all their conversations happen around meals (I shouldn't say that because now you'll see it every time), so I've been trying to think of other things for them to do. The arrow fletching in "Good Neighbors" started off as just something like that and then grew into a plot element. So I was happy to actually be able to think of something this time too.

Lorellin would have taken great delight in telling Ithilden stories!!! You are so right. It's so too bad that she's not there. They all need her.

At least Tinar and his wife are with each other, which is good. They're not out there taking up good people who should be married to someone else.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
Ithilden had always been stubborn. In some ways, even Eilian had been easier to deal with. Pardon? Thranduil is admitting that Eilian *isn't* the most difficult of his sons? I don't believe it!

Legolas is in a rather awkward position at home. He's close enough in age to Sinnarn to understand exactly what he's going through, but is also old enough to see matters from other perspectives.

The encounter with the Men was interesting - who's been bad-mouthing Thranduil? Why were they so scared, and convinced that the 'Elvenking' had forbidden travel? What tales have they heard?

Tinár is Tinár, of course - I do hope something happens to him to prick his ego!


Author Reply: LOL. Note the "in some ways" part of that admission, Jay. I think that when Eilian got in trouble, it was inadvertent. He just didn't think. But I'll bet Ithilden simply decided he was right and said so. That would make Thranduil nuts. And I think your assessment of Legolas's position right now is accurate. He is closer in age to Sinnarn than to Eilian even. That has to produce some sympathy. But he's also an adult, more or less.

I think we need to investigate those men some more, don't you?

Tinar wouldn't even notice if a pile of ego-destroying-dust fell on him.

ManderlyReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
It must be so very hard for Thranduil to say goodbye to his sons when they leave on patrol. I find it hard sometimes to say goodbye to my daughters when they go out for the evening let alone if they were out battling orcs and whatnots.

Legolas is just rearing to prove himself, isn't he? Can't blame him too much as he has been smothered by all those around him. He's quite a bit like his new horse. Maybe that's why he chose him. I guess the relationship between Beliond and him is still fairly new as they seem to be testing each other out still. Well, we all know where that's going eventually.

Somehow I don't think those men are quite as innocent as they appear or maybe I just have a suspicious mind, just like Beliond.

As for Tinar, can you arrange to have him fall from a tree and land on his arse. Might knock some sense into him as I think that's where he keeps his brains.

Author Reply: When I was writing about Legolas's leaving, I was trying to imagine what I feel when my son leaves (not to risk his life, I hasten to add) and it's very hard to articulate these deep emotions. It's as if words are inadequate. I suppose that's what real writers do for us.

The relationship to Beliond still needs to be shaken out a little. Beliond got him straight from the novice masters and hasn't given him much space until now. It needs to happen. The next story in the series chronologically right now is "Fire and Shadow," and by that time, Legolas is pretty self confident as a warrior, although Eilian still keeps him away from danger. But Beliond lets him run a little more, I think.

LOL about Tinar. I don't think he'll ever change.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
Let's all sing together: a warrior's lot is not a happy one, a happy one, a warrior's lot is not a happy one. That well-known ditty from The Wood-Elves of Penzance.

I'm glad Legolas managed to keep a straight face while Sinnarn apologised. And refrained from telling him a) that he would be grown up soon enough and b) that being an adult was not about doing what you want.

Legolas grimacing at sounding like Ithilden. What a hoot.

His taste in horses is a bit worrying though. It's almost as if he is so controlled (both self-controlled and by external forces (aka Adar)), that he enjoys that bit of wildness in his horse. It also seems to be about the only decision he is actually allowed to make.

Good to see the farewell - still affecting, but now mundane.

I thought it was really interesting to see Ithilden being a bit cool with the indulgent Daeradar over Sinnarn - the elfling is adding a different sort of strain to the father/son relationship. (By the way, what happened to Mrs. Oropher?) And I loved the twitch of interest in Eilian and Alfirin to hear that Ithilden wasn't perfect. Surely it is part of Thranduil's role to undermine his son a little by telling embarrassing stories to his brother and wife. Where are the nude baby-on-a-rug pictures? Where are the family legends about the time that Ithilden did . . . ?

It's unfair on Eilian not to know some of those 500 year old misdemeanours - and it's even more unfair on Alfirin! She needs some information to give her more ammunition. She ought to start chatting with some of the old family retainers - I'm sure they would provide her with interesting information. (And they'd probably tell her some things that Adar wouldn't - or, come to that - things that he might not know!)

Loved Thranduil's sudden awareness that Ithilden was often more difficult than Eilian. I suppose that mostly, when Eilian was wrong, he was WRONG, whereas it would have taken an awful lot to convince Ithilden that he wasn't right all along and it was the world that was out of step.

'Ithilden threw them both a withering look.' Why is it that parents need to be fireproof? Adolescents spend so much time being withering, or long-suffering or contemptuous of them!

Legolas needs a bit more of a challenge. He's been in that patrol for a long time. And he probably does need to go through the Battle of Beliond - who needs to realise that he is no longer fresh from the hands of the novice masters and give him a bit more rope.

Good grief but Tinar is a complete wally. I don't know why I'm sorry for his wife: she spends far less time with him than his patrol does. I don't know how Foril stands it. (At least it gives Legolas one really good reason to appreciated being superglued to Beliond.)

So, to whose benefit is it to terrify the Men of Dale with scary stories of Evil Thranduil and his dangerous elves? I don't think the elves have any prejudice against toy-makers . . . yet. Legolas is right to want to ask more questions. It is not to the Realm's benefit to have stories like that noised abroad. Before you know where you are, it'll be dwarves trying to hide from the elves - and who knows what trouble that might lead to!

Author Reply: In some ways, Legolas admires Ithilden, but he's not ready to sound like him yet. I think both Eilian and Legolas think of Ithilden as pretty conventional. Maybe Thranduil should tell them those stories about Ithilden's youth!

I don't know what happened to Mrs. Oropher. Maybe she sailed after he died? I have no idea. She's still around in Elliska's story, at least until Thranduil finds his feet, but she seems to be absent from mine (as she is from Tolkien's). Hm.

I think that when Eilian got in trouble, it was unintentional. He just didn't think and was in hot water to his neck before it dawned on him that maybe this wasn't such a good idea. But I think Ithilden might have considered things and then confronted Thranduil quite directly. He would be maddening actually, so sure of himself. And I'll bet his wood elf mother just made him roll his eyes on a regular basis -- although not in his father's presence. Not more than once at any rate.

Legolas does need a challenge. I'll have to see what I can do about that. Maybe a visit to Dale is in order?

perellethReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
And.. there it goes! Mistery in Mirkwood! Somebody is trying to isolate the wodland realm? Shortage of iron, and now someone dares spread falsehoods about the Elvenking... mmm shall we see Thranduil in all his might and wrath in this story? (nods repeatedly! ;-)

I smiled at the flashbacks of Ithilden's childhood... I.. fail to see him doing anything mischievous... indeed his way of annoying his adar was to insist on starting his duty earlier than appointed!!!;-) He is simply lovable. I picture him as a tidy dutiful elfling, always importantly busy just like his Ada... I remember you said Ithilden is quite older than his brothers, so growing up as lonely child and heir of a king must somehow marked his character, and he is so alike Thranduil it is almost funny... giving him such a lively and active elfling for a son seems a bit of vengeance from your part...but I'm sure he's going to do it well with him, maybe he has had good practice seeing Eilian growing up...

It is interesting now, for Sinnarn and Legolas are quite close in age now, and they seem to feel along the same lines regarding their respective parents protectiveness... they may reinforce each other's frustrations and aggravations...they simply seem ready to start a contest of "who's more inmature?" poor Beliond!

By the way, is any of your stories from any of the "minders'" point of view? I find them both very interesting. Maltanaur seems to give Eilian quite more credit than his own Adar, which seems a good way to dealing with him, while Beliond for now seems intent in showing the "pampered princeling" how ugly and annoying people can be to one another in the real world!!( i'm joking, i do like him! ;-)

Author Reply: Clever reader! It does look as if someone is trying to create problems between the men and elves, doesn't it? Thranduil will not like that a bit if he finds out. :-)

I doubt if Ithilden was getting drunk and riding his horse through the palace halls or anything. His way of being difficult would come from his arrogance (which in turn comes from his competence) and his sense of responsibility. He's just sure he knows best! Of course, lots of adolescents think that. Sinnarn is a very different kind of kid. He just wants a little more freedom. I doubt if Ithilden thought about becoming a warrior in those terms.

Both Legolas and Sinnarn are interested in being seen as adults, but I think Legolas may actually be ready to be one! More or less, anyway.

None of the stories is completely from a minder's pov, although there are occasionally small sections that way. I can think on one in a fairly late chapter of "The Warrior" that was from Maltanaur's. On my list of possible stories, I have one from the pov of the minders or maybe of several minor characters (including the wives?). That might be interesting to do.

esamenReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
OK. I am liking this story very much. I love the action and adventure of warriors on patrol, and the marvelous way that we all get to travel through the trees and intimidate Men along with the Elves. I just relish the Beliond/Legolas interchanges. Beliond is a window onto Elvish history for me, since I have not read much Tolkien beyond the story of the quest. He seems to have a very different perspective on war and history than the other Elves you write. Is it because he lost his son? I love his single-minded devotion to Thranduil and Legolas. It is a fantastic foil to Legolas's own yen for adventure.

Your description of Legolas's leavetaking left a lump in my throat. What a fabulous way to start a chapter! And the vignette of Ithilden's boyhood was wonderful. Ithilden is becoming more and more dear to me with each new story.

Now, the only thing that I can ask for is more fabulous woodland Elvish adventure with lots of danger, and my hero showing his quality as a preternaturally gifted warrior and lion-hearted son of the elvenking. A little noble sacrifice on Legolas's part and Beliond's true love for him coming through would be just awesome. Can't wait for the next chapter! Thanks!

Author Reply: I'm so glad you like it. The reviews have been very slow coming in and I was worried that this chapter was boring. And I do like writing about Beliond and Legolas. I think their relationship is probably still having the kinks worked out by this time. Legolas is no longer the green newbie and Beliond has to back off, but he's afraid to back off too much. That could be disastrous! I think of Beliond as part of a much older generation. He experienced the betrayal of Isildur. He might even have been in Doriath when the dwarves sacked the place. And he's been one of Thranduil's spies, which I think suggests that he's not very trusting. And of course he's lost his son and his wife sailed. So he's an interesting character to me. He needs Legolas, I think, but I also think he must be bored sometimes. The Eastern Border Patrol has to be pretty humdrum compared to what he's used to.

There's more of Ithilden's childhood in my outline. And I'm hoping there some adventure too.

thechevinReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
Another update to enjoy and Legolas back with Beliond that most curmudgeonly of elves
although I note with a smile he seems to agree with everyone else's opinions on Legolas' ability to choose his own horse
You could really sense Legolas' growing unhappiness at how his progress as a warrior was in his view at least being blocked by his need of a minder
As for those human's carrying toys hmm! I don't like the sound of them at all and thought it was interesting that Legolas would have asked further questions of them had he been given the opportunity
The flashback to Ithilden's youth was lovely but as for Thranduil thinking he might have been worse than Eilian I think the king needs to lie down for a bit and think about that
thank you I am so enjoying this new tale

Author Reply: My beta likes Beliond too. I think that he and Legolas still have a few kinks to work out in their relationship. It's really hard for Legolas to learn to stand on his own under the circumstances, and yet you can see why he needs a bodyguard. He's a natural target and Thranduil would be having a heart attack, not to mention how stressed out any captain he served under would be.

And Legolas shows some curiosity and good judgment about asking the men for more information, I thought. He doesn't necessarily know that himself, I suppose.

LOL about Thranduil trying to remember Eilian a little more clearly before he says Ithilden was worse. I'll bet Ithilden was really stubborn and maybe occasionally confrontational, while Eilian was always surprised to find he was in trouble again (even when he shouldn't have been). More on Ithilden's youth coming up.

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/17/2005
That's so Ithilden, to make Sinnarn go and apologize to people who weren't offended in the first place. Of course, it reflects as much back on Ithilden as on Sinnarn. But then, both Legolas and Sinnarn are channelling Ithilden, for it was Ithilden who kept trying to cool Legolas down when Legolas was just itching to be a warrior.

All young elves are just champing at the bit to get into the army, are they? I suppose the threat, "shape up or I'll pack you off to the military academy" doesn't do anything with young elves.

And Legolas joins the Elf version of the TSA, searching bags for fun and profit. At least the Border Patrol has the good sense to go and tell someone when they see something that doesn't quite feel right, even if there's no overtly incriminating evidence. Those Men will be causing trouble (maybe they'll strew toys around for unsuspecting adars to stub their toes on in the dark?) sooner or later. I guess this is the best the Elves can do without turning into El Al.

And Tinár shows off his remarkable brain power. The only thing he's interested in is besting his companions at tracking, not in actually doing something useful by drawing conclusions from the evidence turned up by said tracking. Real brainiac, that one. But I forget. He's perfect, so sayeth naneth and adar.

Author Reply: I thought it was very Ithilden-ish. He figured this feast was in honor of his two brothers and Sinnarn's lateness was rude, which it probably was, whether Legolas was offended or not. And the thing about Sinnarn is, I'm not sure he's itching to be a warrior. What he's itching to do is have a little fun and freedom! He should enjoy what he has now.

I had to laugh at your description of elven adars stubbing their toes in the dark on toys. My son had tons of those little Fisher Price people. I swear they multiplied in the dark. You get one of those in the arch of your bare foot and it really hurts!

The Men were sure it was the Elvenking causing trouble. We'll get back to that.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 3 on 1/16/2005
Let me guess: Who sent Sinnarn to apologize? He's sort of like the thief that Rhett Butler told Scarlett O'Hara about...not at all sorry that he stole, but sorry as hell that he got caught. Sinnarn's such a typical kid chomping at the bit to grow up, but not mature enough to handle the responsibilities. He longs for adventure and thinks when he comes of age, that no one will tell him what to do anymore. Boy, is he in for a rude awakening.

I enjoyed the surly Ithilden moment. And I really liked Thranduil's reply to Eilian about why he couldn't share this information. 'Fearsom form'. Too bad Ithilden didn't hear this. I'm sure he would have gotten a laugh out of that description.

In some ways, even Eilian had been easier to deal with. Now, that was a startling admission for Thranduil to make.

Okay...the men. I know what they're doing. They're transporting across realm lines dang!wath in those toys. The elves need a few illegal-herb-sniffing dogs. Well, they're acting awfully suspicious! I don't know if the men or the rowdy horse will be more trouble to Legolas in this story. Or possibly, Beliond. This keeper has an iron fist where his charge is concerned. Legolas may have made peace with having a keeper, but Beliond still irritates Legolas sometimes. Can't say I blame him...and I love Beliond, the grouch. But Beliond's from the generation that remembers Isildur's betrayal. That would be a little hard to get over.

I'm looking forward to finding out what the men are up to, whether Legolas's horse will behave, will Sinnarn do something foolish, and who will finally plant a fist in Tinar's arrogant mouth? This is looking fun.


Author Reply: Good guess, oh parent of boys. Ithilden sent him to apologize to both Legolas and Eilian. I couldn't imagine how Eilian would react! That's one reason you don't see it. How Sinnarn can look at his warrior family and think that adults do as they please is beyond me, but it seems to be a mistake lots of kids make.

I think that Ithilden would have been unbelievably stubborn and sure of himself as an adolescent. I can imagine him butting heads with Thranduil pretty directly and deliberatly, while Eilian committed most of his offenses with his mind totally on something else.

Beliond is more close minded than Legolas would like to be. I think that all of Thranduil's sons are more open minded. They don't have the burden of history and long memory that the older generation bears.

Thanks for the review, Karen.

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