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Spring Awakenings  by daw the minstrel 29 Review(s)
EsamenReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/31/2004
He focused on the maiden again, and it occurred to him that he had not seen her eating yet. He rose, took the few steps toward where the maiden sat, and scooped the child from her lap.

Oh, I meant to comment about this incident in this chapter . . . Jane Austen's novel Persuasion has a similar incident when Captain Wentworth relieves Anne Elliott from one of her nephews, who is climbing on her back . . . did you have this in mind when you wrote it, or was it a matter of great minds thinking alike?

esamen/karenReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/27/2004
As if eager to be off, his horse pranced a little under him when he turned again to face his father.

Oh, lovely! I can see that prancing horse with gorgeous Legolas now!

I am still loving every story of your Woodland Realm. Children, politics, foolish fellow warriors, winsome Elven maidens and our lovely Legolas who is all heart . . . and fire . . . and calculating dynamite. You have created such a gorgeous playground with your work.

You'll be in San Antonio for the conference? Email me if you would like some nice relaxing Arda conversation. I'll come out to the hotel.

Author Reply: I just got home and found this! I stayed at the Menger which had no email connections in the rooms. Shoot. I would have loved to talk to someone normal!

Legolas was really clever with the settlers. Of course, he's Thranduil's son and he's watched this kind of stuff go on for years, so he knew more than he thought he did about negotiating, I think.

Antigone QReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/24/2004
I liked Eilian's reunion with Celuwen. I guess Eilian has his own "diplomatic mission" to fulfill - though I would like to think Celuwen's father would rather see her and Eilian together rather than see her fade.

Trust Tinar to say the wrong thing at the wrong time! But Legolas seems to have handled a delicate situation very well. And he's taking an interest in a particular Elf maiden? Interesting - I wonder where that will go.

Author Reply: Celuwen's father can see the problem with his daughter; he just can't see what the best solution would be. He think Eilian will make her unhappy and he's like her to forget him and find someone else.

Now Legolas is doing very well in the other settlement. His father would indeed be proud of him.

White WolfReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/23/2004
I got busy and fell behind and then you updated before I finished the last chapter. Sooo... I'll make my comments on Ch 3 first. I was so glad to see Thrnaduil put his trust in Legolas to handle a delicate situation. I was also glad that Celuwen was so happy to see Eilian. He sure gets all hot and bothered every time he touches her. I love it.

Legolas did great handling the food situation in the settlement. Thranduil will be even more proud of him. He won't be happy about the settlement trading with men without his permission or knowledge, though.

Loved the carrot scene with the elfling.

Author Reply: Eilian can hardly stand to be within ten feet of Celuwen without sweeping her into his arms. [insert big romantic sigh here]

Legolas is doing very well and fulfilling his father's trust, which is important to him, I think. We'll have to see how things go for both of them.

AnyReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/23/2004
This chapter has been so much fun to read! :) I don't even know where to start. First of all: Legolas did so well. I mean it's his first official mission as the King's son and he chooses his appearance and words so well. Great. He surely is gifted in the diplomatic area as well! I must say I wanted to kick Anyr up the backside for apparently not being the slightest bit grateful! I mean, I can understand he doesn't believe that even the King and his family have not enough food, but, hell, in times as bad as these he should be grateful for the smallest help he can get! *shakes head*

I must say, again I'm irritated by Tinár. A lot! What is this guy thinking? Quote: >>"You can take care of mine on the way home."<< *groan* Hello? This is the prince, you twit!!! A bit more respect, please! *argh*

I'm so glad Galivion is there! Quote: >>Galivion seized Tinár’s arm and jerked him back out of the clearing. Tinár looked startled by the strength of the advisor’s grasp.[...] “On this mission, you will address the son of your king as ‘my lord,’” Galivion snapped. “And you will take care of his horse and anything else he needs tended to while he does the task he was sent here to do.”<< YEAH!!!!!! *cheers excitedly for Galivion* It was about time someone told this nimp where his place is! :)

I like the kinda romantic bit in this chapter as well. Quote: >>I have been isolated among warriors too long, he thought in exasperation. I am evidently ready to pounce on the first pretty maiden I see.<< *ROTFL* Oh my! Poor Legolas! He surely must have some sort of hormone-galores recently! *lol* It's definitely time for him to have a nice maiden. I don't know how far you plan to let all this go but I'm afraid not too far as there's no mentioning of Tuilinn in "A Question of Duty". Surely Legolas would have thought of her at least once during his time in Imladris or send her a letter or something before going on the Quest if they'd still be a couple. Mhm, so no long-lasting romance for Legolas :( Or maybe you just didn't know yet that Tuilinn exists when you wrote "A Question of Duty"? And that's why she's left out? Somehow I hope that's the reason. Legolas deserves to have a nice maiden. And more so a maiden that's obviously good with elflings! Maybe there's even more to her than it seems at first and she turns out to be Anyr's daughter or so? ;) Would be interesting concerning the relationship between the settlers and the King... I'm eager to find out more. Even though I'm afraid Tinár will approach her first (arrogant as he is) and/or ruin everything!!! *argh*

I must say I'm a bit confused about the following scene, I quote: >>From behind him, he could hear Galivion talking to Anyr. “Legolas has just returned from the south where our warriors have spent a cold and hungry winter,” he was saying. “The needs are great all over the realm.” The maiden’s eyes flicked momentarily to Galivion and then back to Legolas.<<
Now, what does her reaction tell us? First of all she seems to be interested in Legolas, no? And is she impressed that he's a warrior on the most dangerous patrol in the realm? Somehow I don't think something like that could impress her. Probably she is worried! Or does she thinks something like "Oh, damn it, I hoped that sexy guy would be on a patrol closer to our settlement!" ;)*LOL* Well, I'm sure you'll enlighten me within the next chapters... :)

Legolas was sooo sweet with Ródien! I didn't know he'd be so good with children, but then again, he couldn't really be anything else, eh? He's simple the best! :) And he seems to be quite inventive as well!... Enemy carrots? Where the heck did you pull that out from? Simply brilliant! I love it! :)

One more thing before I stopp rambling on endlessly. Quote: >>Things were going well, he thought. His father should be pleased.<<
O.o I have a strong feeling of foreboding here! Don't count your chickens before they're hatched, I'd say...

Have fun in SAntonio! :) But don't let us wait too long for the next chappie! :)


Author Reply: What a great review! Legolas is doing well with the settlers so far, isn't he? I think Thranduil would be proud of him, especially since the settlers are somewhat difficult. But Tinar needs to be gagged. He is a wonderful character to be able to use when I need a jerk. I hadn't even thought of his approaching Tuilinn! What an idea!

That bit you asked about was meant to show Galivion trying to demonstrate that the king has done all he could for the settlers. I think Legolas is probably thinner than Tinar or Annael, for instance, because of where he's been, so that was part of it. And the maiden isn't exactly impressed, but she's interested to know what the son of the king had been doing. He may be more substantial than she thought at first sight?

My theory is that elves like kids and Legolas is no exception. I think he would make a great ada (and so would Eilian).

tigerlily713Reviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/23/2004
Great chapter! Have fun in San Antonio! Lily

Author Reply: Thank you, Lily! I'm back now and I did have a good time, but I'm happy to be home again. I have a new chapter all ready for my beta!

Estel_Mi_OlorReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/22/2004
Oof-that went well! Legolas was amazing! His diplomacy was in no way lacking. I would like to thank Galivion for disciplining Tinár; he is the most unbearable Elf. Imagine the nerve of him, treating his Lord and Prince as a comrade on such an important mission, and without his permission. Anyr seems exactly the sort of settler you would imagine; ruggedly independent, accepting help, but not voicing his gratitude. I stated previously that Legolas's diplomacy was in no way lacking, however I have a change to make to that comment. He should not be examining pretty maidens while working. I am sure neither Galivion nor Anyr missed the pointed stare of our Elven Prince. Legolas is so adorable when he decides to play Nana. Good luck in San Antonio, and I eagerly await the next chapter, in which, hopefully, Eilian will ask Celuwen to bond to him?

Author Reply: Legolas did do well, which will please Thranduil, both because the settlers were well handled and because his son did well. Tinar is truly awful and a whole lot of fun to write about. It's probably true that eyeing maiden's backsides is the the best thing for a diplomat to do, but hey, he has hormones too. ;-)

DotReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/22/2004

I think I smiled the whole way through this chapter. I suppose what I particularly liked about it was seeing Legolas in his role as the king’s son. Can I ask a completely pointless question? What colour were the silk shirt and surcoat?? I just want to make sure I’m picturing it right…! I love the idea that he took such care in his appearance, knowing that it would reflect on his father and not wanting anything to go wrong for Thranduil, least of all as a result of his own behaviour. It’s so touching, really, that as much as he wants to do his duty as a prince of the realm, a lot of his nervousness is due to the fact that he desperately doesn’t want to let his father down. I can’t tell you how much I loved seeing the display of royalty here, especially such touches as “Legolas kept a careful step behind him on his right, and Galivion walked a further step behind on the king’s left.” We don’t see it too often and I just really enjoyed this part of their lives!

Tinár??? *sigh* He nearly had me tearing my hair out. It’s quite worrying actually that you really seem to write his irritating manner with such ease… All I can say is that they’re lucky Galivion has no qualms about dealing with him.

Oh, before I forget to mention it, in the line “Then, feeling as if he had somehow slipping into the wrong position in line…” I think there’s a typo…Should it be “slipped”?

I had to laugh at the way Legolas desperately tries to look dignified, probably in front of Tinár more so than the settlers, but he ends up squelching through the thick mud. Poor Legolas. What a friendly meeting, though! I was obviously completely biased against the settlers. That Sólith has a lot to answer for! Anyr seems nice enough, in the beginning at least. I love the way he speaks of the river as a living entity and shows so much respect for it. It really allows us to see that he does indeed have very close ties to nature and makes it easier to understand his reasons for living as he does. It’s very interesting that not only are these elves trading with men but are taking care of human children. I wonder if the food is being used to feed them too. No matter how kind a heart Thranduil has I doubt if he’d like that very much.

I thought Legolas did a great job in explaining the situation to Anyr. He seemed to get across the fact that the king did his best and regretted that he simply could not do more. I’m glad he stressed the fact that elves all over the realm were suffering, especially the adults and including the king. “We asked for what we needed, and if the king cannot provide it, then we need nothing else.” Hmmn. I don’t blame Legolas for feeling exasperated. I understand that Anyr might think the king has more food than they say but surely he has to know that the harsh conditions affected everyone. He does seem reasonable but I’d say Legolas and co. would want to tread very carefully for a while yet. It’s good, though, that Galivion thinks he has done well and lets Legolas know this. He’s really the only one with experience in these matters so I imagine that his opinion is important to Legolas. Plus, he’ll probably be reporting to the king!

“You can take care of mine on the way home.” That’s so funny! He honestly doesn’t seem to have any idea at all of the way he should treat Legolas. I had a mini cheer when Galivion reprimanded him. It probably won’t make much of a difference but it was great fun to see!

Tuilinn, eh?? How come all the babes are in the settlements? Wouldn’t it be funny if two of Thranduil’s sons married maidens from settlements and then moved there?? They could as long as Ithilden is at home. Oh yeah, the quest, the ring, big war… Well, Eilian could still do it!

“Things were going well, he thought. His father should be pleased.” Isn’t it tempting fate a bit to say that?! I do hope it works out for Legolas, but I have the feeling that he might find that diplomatic missions aren’t quite this simple…

Ah, so you’re making us wait a while for the next chapter? I won’t make any smart comments about how they probably have computers in San Antonio…;) Seriously, though, I really enjoyed this chapter. You really showed Legolas beginning to grow into his role as well the slight undercurrent of tension with Anyr and the doubt, then growing admiration Galivion has for Legolas. It’s great to see Annael here as well – I’m as grateful to Ithilden as Legolas is! I like the way Legolas’ status doesn’t bother him at all. Of course, he mightn’t get to spend much time with Legolas if our young lord doesn’t take his eyes off that maiden!

Author Reply: Hm. I think the shirt was a bluish grey and the surcoat was a forest green. Does that sound OK? You're right that I haven't shown Legolas in royal mode much. He's a warrior and that's how he spends most of his time. But he's also Thranduil's son and that's what's in play here. He can't even just act as he would himself; he has to represent his father.

Tinar is a fun character to write about. He's so clueless. Galivion is just horrified. I tried to make the settlement elves look elfy, so I'm glad they seemed close to nature to you.

Tuilinn is an experiment. I'm keeping count of how many times she appears before readers start telling me they hate her. Legolas has not had much success with maidens in the past, but maybe this one will be different. She's a lot like his mother I think, who was dancing with elflings the first time Thranduil saw her and was silvan.

YOu're right that they aren't out of the woods yet (not even literally).

Thank you for pointing out the typo. They're easy to fix on SoA, so I did it right away.

mistry89Reviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/22/2004
"The Young Lord"

He really is coming along nicely. And good to see that this change (from elfling to novice to warrior to king's representative), needs affirming in the eyes of others- not just the settlement elves and strangers, but in to his cohorts, in particular to those who feel they have superiority. Understanding the different levels of command amd leadership, especially when by "right" rather than by strength of arm or skill with bow, or voice comes hard to some. Tinar is in for further "bad news", I fear.

Legolas in "prince mode" is a treat to see ... umm. hear... read. :)
Thank you, and have a safe trip.

Author Reply: It's odd that to Tinar it looks as if Legolas is privileged, but to Legolas, it looks as if he is burdened by responsibility and has to give up his leave. True, he gets to be in charge, but it doesn't look like much fun to me. But Legolas is learning more about what it means to be responsible for others, to be a young lord, and he is so cool when he does it! (that's the fangurl talking, sorry)

Reviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/22/2004

You chapters provide me with such a relief right now! I've been stuck at home sick in the last few days, so it was great to read about Legolas maturing into the warrior of the Fellowship. I love the continuity that you provide with each of your story. Truly well done. It's always such a delight to open up the mailbox and see that you have a chapter out!

May I guess that if anything should befall on our 'elfling' dear Nana Beliond will not be amused at all? Imagine Legolas going away without him! On the other hand it was wonderful to see the young prince handling such a difficult assignment with the maturity that Thranduil be most proud of. I'm usually such an anti-Legolas romance person, but knowing that you're in charge, I can rest easy. It would be wonderful for him to have someone special in his life like that. He loves his family wholeheartedly, but at the same time, a nice maiden would be something to *really* look forward to on leave. As long as he has a bit more restrain that Eilian, I do not think that Adar would be too upset.

Speaking of dear older brothers, Eilian is always capable of getting himself into trouble. I do feel sorry for him though. I really wish that one day he'll be able to follow his heart, bond with Celuwen and provide his Adar with lots of little hell-raisers (... I mean elflings...) :-)



Would it be at all possible to have another story with a little Legolas? I actually thought may be show his adoration for Eilian at a younger age- like when he learns to talk. May be have 'Eilian' or part of it as his very first word... ack...Plot bunny is hopping around here!

Author Reply: I'm glad I could write a bunch of chapters just when you needed them. I'm hoping there's continuity between my stories, but every once in a while I find something I've gotten wrong or forgotten. Even JRRT had problems with that, so I can't be too surprised it happens to me!

I thought about what Beliond's reaction to this trip would be. I expect he would not be happy, but then, I also don't think he'd be good on a diplomatic mission. He's no Tinar, but he wouldn't go nicely off and leave Legolas alone when was ordered to either.

I'm going to try to keep my touch with this romance light and respectful. Legolas really does belong to Tolkien, not me, but surely he occasionally looked at a maiden in all those years. And I hate to think of him alone.

Eilian loves children and might very well have hell-raisers of his own some day! Or a daughter whose suitors he is horrified by, remembering his own youth.

I need to write about little Legolas again. I miss him. Or maybe adolescent Legolas. But surely Nana was his first word! (This is a mother speaking here)

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