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Carefully Taught  by Linda Hoyland
When Faramir and Aragorn long to escape from daily duties and finally manage to do so, they soon find themselves in a diplomatic situation of mythic proportion.Ist Place MEFA 2011
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: You've Got to be Carefully Taught4
Chapter  2: Two Sides to every Question2
Chapter  3: So long,farewell1
Chapter  4: I don't believe a word of it2
Chapter  5: Like an unwelcome guest2
Chapter  6: Steeped to the lips in misery3
Chapter  7: The righteous are bold as a lion1
Chapter  8: A little child shall lead them2
Chapter  9: Do you not fear this wild and furious woman?3
Chapter 10: The heart and stomach of a king4
Chapter 12: Swimming in the river3
Chapter 13: Love than death itself more strong2
Chapter 14: Words of Understanding2
Chapter 15: Betrayed, betrayed!3
Chapter 16: Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown2
Chapter 18: The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit2
Chapter 19: Those whom God hath joined together2
Chapter 20: Needs go as the devil drives2
Chapter 21: Unto us a child is born2
Chapter 22: For ye shall go out with joy3

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