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Carefully Taught  by Linda Hoyland 2 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 21 on 2/13/2012
Oh, dear--now the fat's in the fire! Heh! Love the reactions of Sulion to those he meets. Deadly nightshade, perhaps? Good to have it gone!

Author Reply: Many thanks for your much appreciated review.I'm pleased you enjoyed Sulion's reactions. I was thinking of Deadly nightshade too.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 21 on 2/12/2012
She studied her mother and the new baby for a few minutes dutifully and then said "Thank you for letting me see him, naneth. May I go back to play with the dragon now?"

"That is kind of Eldarion to let you play with his favourite toy," said Éowyn.

I love that. Now that Arwen is coming around, it's Éowyn's turn. :)

A lot was resolved in this chapter. What a nice story.

Author Reply: Many thanks for your much appreciated review. I'm delighted you enjoyed this chapter and Elestelle innocently giving the game away! I think there is only one more chapter to come now.

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