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The Letter  by Antane
Inspired by Agape4Gondor’s “Plain and Simple” in the "Attempts" series in which Sam writes a letter to Aragorn asking if he would be able to come to see if he can help Frodo who is still suffering after the Quest. No slash of course. AU. 1ST PLACE IN 2009 MEFA FOR INCOMPLETE AU'S!!!! Now at last complete.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Letter2
Chapter  2: A Yule Surprise4
Chapter  3: The Attack4
Chapter  4: A Shadow of Old Trouble2
Chapter  5: The Hands of a Healer3
Chapter  6: Watchfulness4
Chapter  7: Voices4
Chapter  8: Brothers4
Chapter  9: Battle3
Chapter 10: Kindred Spirit2
Chapter 11: Weapons of War2
Chapter 12: Fresh Air2
Chapter 13: Secrets2
Chapter 14: Revelations2
Chapter 15: Gifts4
Chapter 16: Claim3
Chapter 17: Kingly Words2
Chapter 18: Dreams2
Chapter 19: The Thirteenth2
Chapter 20: Joy Like Swords2
Chapter 21: Frost in Spring2
Chapter 22: Chrysalis2
Chapter 23: Into the West3

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