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Fear  by Ariel
Brandy Hall in 1377 was a magical place for young Frodo Baggins, until a sullen cousin, a fabulous necklace and a deadly fall make life, and living, very difficult for him. ----- Few fics explore what kinds of hobbits Drogo and Primula might have been in life. This is one. If you like intrigue, complex plotlines and interestingly crafted original characters, please consider this story.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Dody and the Mithril Necklace0
Chapter  2: The Watcher0
Chapter  3: Triage0
Chapter  4: Screaming0
Chapter  5: Healer0
Chapter  6: Guilt1
Chapter  7: Confrontations0
Chapter  8: Voices in the Dark0
Chapter  9: Surgery0
Chapter 10: Family1
Chapter 11: Hope0
Chapter 12: Like Father, Like Son1
Chapter 13: Awakenings2
Chapter 14: Maneuvers0
Chapter 15: Someone To Cling To2
Chapter 16: Fell Voices3
Chapter 17: Angst4
Chapter 18: Courage Without Guarantees5
Chapter 19: Epiphany7
Chapter 20: Confrontations6
Chapter 21: Tying Up The Ends4
Chapter 22: Forgiveness12

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