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Fear  by Ariel 5 Review(s)
ninielReviewed Chapter: 18 on 3/23/2004
Sorry, today I'm not really good in doing anything, so don't expect this review to blow you off your chair. RL sucks lately and is doing its best to keep me down constantly. This chapter, however, made me forget part of RL for a while. It was very well written and here I'm especially referring to the Dody parts. One of my boys at work is showing similar behavior and has a similar past. I don't know whether you've ever witnessed something liks this in RL (hopefully not), but in case not, I can't see it. You did a wonderful job Ariel (as always as I might add). The end of the chap was pretty good too. In my job you have to surprise the kids a lot with reactions, they don't expect of you. And I guess that's just what Dody did. Surprised Drogo with these tiny four words. Should make him think.
Thanks again for sharing the story. It's wonderful, you let us read it. P.

Author Reply:
Thank you, my dear! I got the impression things were getting a bit tough for you as you are usually one of the first people to write me. I am sorry to hear it and I hope you can get back on track soon - though if you need a place to vent or a shoulder to cry on in the meantime, you know my YIM... :*

ElentariReviewed Chapter: 18 on 3/12/2004
omg that was beyond awesome!!!!
I was so engaged in this story from the beginning on and this chapter was incredibly well written... all the emotions were there... you indeed gave me fear all the4 way through on what Dody might do and if Frodo would make it or not...

I love this line:

"Frodo could not do this thing, and yet he would, and all for the consolation of those he loved. Realization gripped Dody and a deep respect filled him. This was courage in its rawest, most pure form. To those who looked on it appeared as nothing but a simple act; a stroll across the terrace, they could have done it easily."

omg! WOW... i'm so glad that his courage in doing this for the people he loves "converted" Dody to not be jealous of him anymore... to make him respect him.
This courage and determination can be seen with Frodo in the future as he carries the evil Ring to Mordor as well ;) =)

wow.. and when Dody wanted to do something physical to Frodo..i was so scared!

wow... and i love the ending part... with Frodo walking to Drogo... wow.
amazing.. you had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through reading this beautiful chapter.

I can't wait for more :D :D is Frodo ok is the biggest question...
the second question is to have more of Drogo and Primula's reactions... to Dody saying "Because he loves you.."

wow... now that is powerful stuff!

i'm in awe.

Thanks so much!
~Elentari =)

Author Reply:
So, you liked it, right?


Thank you for your continued support, Elentari! I'll let you in on a secret - Frodo is going to be OK... I don't tend to write AU that conflicts with canon and he's got to be alright to go on the quest!

I'll try and get cracking on the next chapter as soon as I can.


MerlynnodReviewed Chapter: 18 on 3/12/2004
Your story is so incredibly beautiful! :D

The characterization of Frodo is perfect...and Primula and Drogo are just as I had imagined them. :) Drogo very like Bilbo in so many ways, Primula delicate and ladylike, but determined and strong all the same...just the sort of stock Frodo would come from. :)

The comparison between Frodo's childhood and Dody's is perfectly wrought, and very, very believeable...In the beginning I was quite prepared to see Dody as the "villian" of the story, but you revealed him to be pitiful and in so much need as the story progressed. And now, by this chapter, his own strength of will and true good character are beginning to shine forth and as a reader I can't help but pull for him. :) He reminds me of Merry in some way...I can't really describe it, somehow or another though. :)

I can hardly wait for you to continue the story, and I'm bookmarking it for future readings. :)

Beautiful story, masterfully written. :)

Author Reply:

Thank you, Merlynnod! I write it like I see it - and I hope I will continue to see it in a way that you will find entertaining. Everything I have put in this fic comes from 'what I know' - and I really think that makes the difference.

Reminds you of Merry? Awww! I kind of see Dody acting as a friend and confidant when Frodo himself loses his parents, because Frodo ends up such a well balanced character, it's hard to believe he didn't have some good support after the traumatic experience of losing his parents. His support could have come from Merry's parents, I suppose, but I think I've made a rather convincing argument for Dody too. ;)


cpsings4himReviewed Chapter: 18 on 3/11/2004

This review is long, long, long overdue! I have enjoyed this story almost since the beginning. I think there were maybe 4 chapters when I first started reading it on FH and I have loved it all the way! This chapter was perfection! But then, I'm not surprised - because everything I've ever read by you has been beyond wonderful! What does surprise me is that you are not a published author - are you? You have an extraordinary talent which you wield with utmost skill!

I love the characterization you have given to Frodo's parents. Many fanfics paint them as these two perfect individuals - too perfect to seem real and solid - for who among us could ever relate or connect with someone who's perfect! You, on the other hand, have done an excellent job of making them 'real' (with real faults and failings) and yet keeping them lovable and likable at the same time. I can't tell you how many times throughout my reading of this fic I have wanted to SMACK Primula (or at least give her a good shake to make her see what she is doing to her son!)...but a the same time (that is in that same instance) I feel such compassion for her as a mother, struggling to balance her need to protect her child with HIS need to be allowed to take a chance, that I can't be angry with her for more than a moment. Ariel, you truely do have a gift for writing. Thank you for sharing that gift with us and for giving me so many moments of pleasure as I watch your stories unfold.


P.S. I also wanted to complement you on the EXCELLENT work you have been doing on Emma's fantastic fic RATM. Your Estella is great reading!

Author Reply:

Hey! CP! Well, I am only published in technical journals - and that would be far drier reading than my fic, let me assure you! I am really glad to see you hanging in for so long on this story. I write what I enjoy writing, which includes, unfortunately, genres that people often roll their eyes over - angst, hurt/comfort and het. Top it off with lots of OCs and that's usually a death knell for a fic - so the fact that you have stayed with me through so many chapters means a LOT to me! I am glad you found it entertaining and I hope you will enjoy the rest of the fic.

PS - Oh, my work on RATM was ENTIRELY self-serving. There's an addictive fic that makes me want to slap characters! LOL! I told Emma that I would write Estella for her IF she gave Pippin some 'cajones' - which, if she continues on the present proposed route, he will have, in spades! HEHEHEHEH.


FantasyFanReviewed Chapter: 18 on 3/11/2004
This is a marvelous chapter, full of emotion. I especialy liked how Dody recognized Frodo's unique courage, and knew that nothing in the Shire would be equal to his spirit. He was wrong when he thought no one else would see it, but then how could a simple hobbit anticipate what was to come?

It surprised me that Drogo's response was anger. I wasn't surprised he was protective when the walk was clearly too much for Frodo, but I though he might see the love without being told. And I do feel very sorry for Dody, who has to turn away from something he'll never have.

By the way, there seems to be a small problem with the chapter as posted. The first paragraph ends abruptly, and there is a section of text at the very end which is out of place (after TBC) and looks like it might be part of the missing end of the first paragraph. You might want to take a look at it.

Author Reply:

Yes! There was! Thanks for catching that. I'll have to check the other places I posted this too...

Ill have to assure you that Drogo will see but hes coming into the situation without the understanding the readers have come to have because hes been away. Hes going to have a sit down with Primula and Frodo, and hell see some things more clearly than even Primula. Hes a protective daddy and consider hes only talked to Dody the one time. Hes going to defend his son first, foremost and always.



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