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Fear  by Ariel 4 Review(s)
esamenReviewed Chapter: 21 on 8/23/2004
But no, his bright one was indeed whole and would be all right. The best of his people was not lost. Blinking back an unbidden tear, he leaned forward and gratefully kissed the child's small brow.



I nearly fainted, this was so great! Your fic "Thicker Than Blood" was the first one I ever read, and that line in it about "Bilbo's bright one" so undid me, I must have sat there and reread it about twenty times. I had to use it as a chapter title in my own fic that I wrote later that month. I love, love, love your portrayal of Bilbo and Frodo' relationship. It is just the best.

And something else -- Primula and Drogo really come alive for me in this fic. I am not usually very attracted to other fics about them, but yours really come to life. Somehow, they are very Tolkien to me. I'm not exactly sure why. But you have a lot up your talented sleeve -- a certain way of writing -- thanks for all your hard work in sharing your vision with us.

Please, please write more Bilbo-Frodo during this time period. Fan fic keeps me sane in this hectic world . . . I'm looking forward to your next chapter.


Author Reply:

Yes, you got that reference perfectly! And you HAVE totally made my day! heheheh I don't think I have read that fic of yours but I am looking for it now! Oh, that is sweet of you to use that phrase for your title! *sniff* I will definitely have to write more of these for your sake!

Thank you!

cpsings4himReviewed Chapter: 21 on 8/23/2004
Squeeeee!! I was so excited to see this posted! I have been longing for a good dose of Ariel fic!

This chapter was wonderful! See! You CAN do fluffy!

I loved Frodo's enthusiastic reaction to Bilbo...that was so SWEET. Also, I think it's great that you tied in the feelings Bilbo discovered he has for Frodo in (is it called, "A Small Regret" - or something of that nature) back into THIS story. Wonderful! As always, your characterizations are great and spot on! Bilbo's worry over Frodo was so sweet and you know I love him helping to take care of Frodo.

This just made me sigh happily. One regret,'s almost over! Waaaaah! But I'm sure you have many more wonderful stories in store for us!

Thank you again for sharing your talent with us in this way!


Author Reply:

*See! You CAN do fluffy!*


OK, so maybe you are right in that. *cough*

You won't tell anyone, will you? I do have a reputation to consider. You know, the angst and all that.


Yes, I did want to tie this into 'Passing Regrets'. There might be one more fic of Ariel's brand of Bilbo & Frodo cute in the making. I have a plotline for one that takes place between these two though I want to finish Fear's last chapter first. I have LOTS of plot bunnies to finish up, believe me. Always have to laugh when Shirebound puts up her bunnies. I'd love to help her do some of them but don't dare because I have so many of my own! And hers DO bite deep, too! LOL!

Thank you, again, for your wonderful comments and enthusiasm. It brightens my day immeasurably.


FantasyFanReviewed Chapter: 21 on 8/23/2004
I love getting Bilbo's perspective of all of this. We've seen how hard Frodo has fought, but watching Bilbo see how close Frodo came to dying brings back into sharp focus how serious it all was. And the love between Bilbo and Frodo feels just right for the relationship of the future. Also, I'm glad Dody has some resolution too. Even though he was the cause of it all, there were extenuating circumstances and he has redeemed himself both by his suffering but also by his choices.

Author Reply:

Thank you! And thank you also for noting Dody's not completely redeemed yet. Though everyone seems to be living happily ever after now, there are unresolved issues that must be faced and answered for. You will adore the next chapter.

PeriantariReviewed Chapter: 21 on 8/23/2004
awww i love your little kid! Frodo..aww so cute!!! The dialogue with Bilbo is indeed very precioussss =)
and so glad that everything's resolved with Dody =)
glad to see Clearwater in jail too :D

wow it seems that the story is is coming to a close but i so don't want to see an end to this! so glad that there is a still a "TBC" at the bottom of the story ;) =)

Author Reply:


Well, that's about the sweetest thing anyone could say! I will endeavor to make this last chapter as good as I can make it. It's hard to keep the momentum going when you come to the end of a fic. Part of the reason I take so long between updates is because I never want to have that 'oh, geez, do I HAVE to finish this fic?' feeling coming out in the text!

I hope my last chapter will be just as good as you hope and I want to thank you sincerely for all the sweet notes and encouragement you have given me for all my fics. They brighten up my day immeasurably.


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