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Recovery in Rivendell  by Budgielover
An involved tale of the Ringbearer's recovery in Rivendell after his wounding on Weathertop, the adventures and experiences of he and his kin and friends, the forming of the Fellowship, and the preparation for the Quest to save Middle-earth. Takes place after "Out of All Knowledge" and before "The Ruin of Men and Elves."
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Battle Tactics and Deals Struck1
Chapter  2: Sorrows, Comfort and More Deals1
Chapter  3: “This is getting out o’ hand…” - Samwise1
Chapter  4: Apples and Promises1
Chapter  5: Tonics and Troubles0
Chapter  6: Concoctions and Conniptions0
Chapter  7: Evening in the Hall of Fire0
Chapter  8: Surprises Revealed and Revelations Surprised1
Chapter  9: Two Interludes of (Almost) Quiet0
Chapter 10: What Should Not Be Forgotten0
Chapter 11: Evil Dreams and Evil Plans0
Chapter 12: A Lesson Long Overdue0
Chapter 13: A Little Suffering is Good for the Soul1
Chapter 14: Lessons Learned and Lessons Needed0
Chapter 15: Time (and Hobbits) Marches On0
Chapter 16: The Wrath of the Ringbearer0
Chapter 17: Tasks and Preparations1
Chapter 18: Explanations and Expeditions0
Chapter 19: Conversations in the Gathering Dark0
Chapter 20: Swift Riding and Swift Waters0
Chapter 21: Down Into the Darkness0
Chapter 22: Astonishments and Embarrassments0
Chapter 23: In Rivendell and in the Wild0
Chapter 24: Mysteries and Accidents0
Chapter 25: An Old Hobbit's Wisdom0
Chapter 26: Frustrations and Fears0
Chapter 27: As Darkness Draws Near0
Chapter 28: Darkness Falls0
Chapter 29: Darkness Deepens0
Chapter 30: Dawn0
Chapter 31: Endings and Beginnings0
Chapter 32: New Directions0
Chapter 33: Homeward Bound0
Chapter 34: A Party and A Purpose0
Chapter 35: After-Luncheon Lessons0
Chapter 36: As Evening Falls0
Chapter 37: Feasts and Fears0
Chapter 38: Rivers and Hobbits are a Dangerous Mix0
Chapter 39: Desperate Straits0
Chapter 40: Head Colds and Heartaches0
Chapter 41: Painful Words0
Chapter 42: Hurts and Comforts0
Chapter 43: Hiding from Hobbits and Hobbits in Hiding0
Chapter 44: Night Terrors and Morning Adventures0
Chapter 45: New Horizons0
Chapter 46: Clouded Horizons0
Chapter 47: Springing the Trap0
Chapter 48: Caught in the Trap1
Chapter 49: Into the Frying Pan1
Chapter 50: And Out of the Fire3
Chapter 51: A Meal Shared is Enjoyment Doubled3
Chapter 52: A Riddle-Game And Its Answer3
Chapter 53: Things That Are True4
Chapter 54: Disaster Strikes2
Chapter 55: Aftermath6
Chapter 56: Two Discoveries4
Chapter 57: Decisions To Be Made5
Chapter 58: Adrift in the Darkness7
Chapter 59: Found8
Chapter 60: Home5
Chapter 61: A Surprise6
Chapter 62: The Quest Begins7

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