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Recovery in Rivendell  by Budgielover 72 Review(s)
Eirinn LeighReviewed Chapter: 17 on 1/8/2016
A most delightful read so far. I got a bit jumbled up trying to keep track of the wagers... but I certainly wasn't the only one it seems!
As far a preparing for the Hobbit basic training... has any of the Big Folk thought to consult the hobbits, or at least Bilbo, on what they already /do/ know. The skill of Tookish archers for example is well known and even if Pip is not trained that way himself surely Frodo and Bilbo would have something to say on the construction of the bows... how strong the draw should be for example.

pippinloverReviewed Chapter: 8 on 4/21/2009
i really like this chapter and i think that the beging is funny

pebbles66Reviewed Chapter: 48 on 5/8/2006
I've read this before, but have been slowly re-reading some of your older stories. I wanted to tell you that I love how you write the dialogue between the hobbits and Aragorn. Gently teasing, full of affection, yet stern when needed - I love your Aragorn! And I always love, love your Frodo, even when he is being completely stubborn. Hopefully, I will be able to read all your fics again - while we wait for more new ones. Hint, hint!

Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 62 on 10/11/2005
Budgielover, I enjoyed this tale immensely! I love the blending of angst, humour, adventure, and unflinching sweetness. The familial love that our beloved hobbits share is beautifully portrayed, as are the characters themselves, and the ending is very effective. I'll certainly be reading the sequel! Very well done, and this story well deserves its honours! Namarie, and God bless,

Author Reply: Hullo, your Majesty! Thank you so much for your kind words - all of them. I am especially proud of my Rivendell series - it is one of the few times that hobbits can unabashedly act like hobbits. 'Our' version of hobbits, anyway. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for telling me so.

LossenchristalReviewed Chapter: 62 on 12/9/2003
Hi Budgielover! Great ending to a very long but very exciting story!! I will be looking forward to the new story you mentioned at the end, but please finish Out of All Knowledge first!!! I really want to know what happens!
Thanks for sharing all your stories with us!

JULES6Reviewed Chapter: 4 on 12/7/2003
Nice little relapse there with Frodo. Nice angst for him. Merry and Pippin are getting in a little over their heads I would think.

Looking forward to the next part.


JULES6Reviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/7/2003
I am a bit like Aragorn I am afraid - looking at Merry and Pippin teaming up together for anything and I think to myself UH-OH !!!!!! doubly.


JULES6Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/7/2003
Scheming hobbits - Merry and Pippin. Poor Sam already so worried about Frodo being so sick from his injury and not recovering as well as everyone would like. Now he has got himself caught up in the mischief created by the two cousins and he has to watch out for them too. No rest for poor Sam.


JULES6Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/7/2003
I just love the determined little hobbit who sticks to his guns and not afraid to take on the future King of Gondor. Frodo's stubbornness is just great - it is fun to see just how annoyed he can get with all of the fussing. Everyone credits him with being weak, tired and ill, which he might be - but then comes the frustration and anger at the babying.

I want to fuss over him too but I do so love that stubborn streak in Frodo.


HaiReviewed Chapter: 62 on 12/6/2003
The end already! I guess it has been a long wonderful reading but and you di excellently! I'm looking forward to your new story and an update to your other one! thank you for all the time put into this! I loved reading the whole things, maybe now I will just start over!

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