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Tell This Mortal  by Chathol-linn
How Legolas left Middle-Earth. The sea longing explored. Ths story also addresses why Thranduil stayed, why he exhibited some of the characteristics we see in The Hobbit, the name of Legolas's grey ship, and other mysteries. Now archived at HASA. I would love to hear your coments.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Sea Fair3
Chapter  2: Aerlinn and Gimli4
Chapter  3: Gwael Reviad - The Sail Makerís Shop3
Chapter  4: Make No Jest about It4
Chapter  5: The Torment of Unmet Needs5
Chapter  6: How Legolas Gained His Ship Craft3
Chapter  7: Full Fathom Five 5
Chapter  8: Talk about Your Fool in Love2
Chapter  9: To Weep, in a Mannish Tongue2
Chapter 10: Morgoth has Made a Maedhros of Me6
Chapter 11: Pity Thranduil if He Ever Hears the Gulls2
Chapter 12: Dear Stitch and Nath2
Chapter 13: Tell This Mortal6
Chapter 14: 4 Notes4

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