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Tell This Mortal  by Chathol-linn 2 Review(s)
LinsulReviewed Chapter: 11 on 8/15/2004
What's she doing, precious? Wat's she doing?
Too sort, but still good!

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 11 on 6/28/2004
ooo, the plot thickens - they are such friends those two, nice to see a touch of it in this ch.

Author Reply: Thanks, Rose Sared. Yes, we need Legolas and Gimli to be ashore tonight. My heart goes out to the ancient Elf and the dying Dwarf. Tolkien's exploration of mortality has fascinated me like nothing else. The poignancy of the Elves, leaving Middle-earth forever - it gets me. Regards - Chathol-linn

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