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Deific Flame  by Bejai
From the second age of Middle Earth to the third, few of the elders of the elves remain to guide the young. Still, relics of an ancient world exist, for good and ill. Divine banes return in a blaze of revolution, betrayal, war, balrog, death, and, perhaps, the indifference of the Valar. Yet there may be tempering strength in a refiner's fire. Featuring Galadriel, Celeborn, and Amroth -- their son. Chapter 12: Victory, of a sort, as seen from afar.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Eregion4
Chapter  2: Din-horde3
Chapter  3: Return4
Chapter  4: The Nine6
Chapter  5: The Three4
Chapter  6: Belfalas Interlude6
Chapter  7: Hostage9
Chapter  8: Upheaval5
Chapter  9: Gondor7
Chapter 10: The Last Alliance6
Chapter 11: The Plains of Dagorlad3
Chapter 12: Victory4

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