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Deific Flame  by Bejai 61 Review(s)
SphinxReviewed Chapter: 12 on 8/27/2019
Too impatient to sign in. I'm reading this after years and years and years, and it is still so very good. If you ever bend your mind back here and back to these elves, I'd give an arm and a leg to see this complete.

Also, hello. :D

Author Reply: Ah, hello old friend! Quite a surprise to get a review on this old story. It still pokes me, from time to time. I'd probably have to read LotR, the Silm, and Unfinished Tales again to remember what I was talking about! One of these days, though ....

eHiyAskainLjZaQReviewed Chapter: 10 on 5/31/2012
That's a smart way of thniknig about it.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 12 on 11/28/2006
!!**Happy Dance**!!

These chapter openings with Sauron (your version of him rocks) are always so arresting and entertaining! I really enjoyed getting a glimpse at his human general's problematic service. And getting that fellow's perspective on Gil-galad's strategy.

Yay! for the return of bonnie Calandil!

Little Valandil is an absolutely wonderful character through which to view this not-quite final victory. Certainly Estel's predecessor in a long line of fostered princes. Seeing Celeborn/Calandil in Elrond/Glorfindel's role was very satisfying - establishing the pattern, so to speak. Poor Valandil, though. So young to have witnessed the sorrow of the elves and to be embarrassed about his fellow mortals. You made him a very real boy, vigorously running about and pulling at his collar. But, mostly by having him share his innocent heart.

Celborn's insightful remarks about the next generation accusing his kind of not setting the ills of world right during their turn, as he accused the Valar, had me nodding at its sad eternal truth.

What a neat way to announce the not-victory having each person feel it within the way of his own nature!

Ah, the fair, perilous Lady! The child's reaction was so pure, astonishment - not fear. Will it be the same when he is grown? You do both Lord and Lady justice in your depiction of them. Lovely reunion.

And having you post here again is a lovely reunion, as well. Your writing is such a great treat to read. Always leaves one craving more. :)

Author Reply: Thanks, Redheredh. A dose of LotR from my roommate this weekend, as well as the unexpected appearance of some old online friends in my life (like you, for example) helped get this chapter off the ground at last. Glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, Sauron. He remains facinating. Fun to write a character who is just plain evil, without trying to come up with excuses for him or be nuanced. He is who he is, and proud of it :)

Glad you enjoyed Valandil. It was a change for me writing a young character. I had to work with him for a while to get him to settle into it. When you write characters who are thousands of years old, it can be tough to nail an eleven year old in a way that is believable. (Especially since I don't know many eleven year olds). I'm glad to hear that it was successful.

So glad you picked up on Celeborn's comment about not righting the ills of the world when he had the chance. That's going to be a theme for a while.

This was the best way I could think of to write the end of the war and Isildur's taking of the ring. I really didn't want to rehash that familiar episode. Coming to some clear way of acknowledging such a major event without having to write it really fouled me up for a long time. This works, I think.

Thanks so much for your kind comments, and for sticking with this story despite the embarrassingly long delay. I have some new direction and excitement for moving forward, and I'm recommitting to writing this story. So here is hoping for chapters a little closer together than annually :)

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 12 on 11/28/2006
Not easy to get away from Sauron once he's got you in his power. And what a campaign. For sheer nastiness, it couldn't have been much worse, really.

I love Valandil, though. I sense future echoes of his descendant - that semi-orphaned Dunadan at the end of another age. Brought up with elves and having to relearn his place among men. And aren't boys always like this - longing to grow up and take their place among the warriors, while their carers want to keep them as children for those last precious days. Calandil is lovely - and makes an excellent substitute father. One willing to delay his reunion with his wife because the boy needed him.

The reunion of Celeborn and Galadriel is absolutely beautiful. So understated and yet gleaming with joy. I should think the echoes of it are ringing throughout Imladris.

I was so thrilled to see this - and I love Valandil's perspective on the events that ended an age. I'm looking forward to when you get a chance to move this further forward. Such a treat.

Author Reply: Sauron's certainly not getting any nicer. I find I still enjoy writing him, just for that reason :)

Valandil is an interesting character who serves as a nice parallel for a lot of things. Estel's predecessor, certainly. He is also a boy who is about to have his father's kingship shoved onto him--not unlike Amroth's situation. The more I worked with him in this chapter, the more he was exactly the right character to move this story forward. It just took me forever to figure that out.

I adore Calandil as well. I find that he is an amalgum of many of the strong, wise (and teasing) men of my childhood.

I must admit, the reunion was my favorite part of this chapter :) Those two get to me every time.

Thanks so much for reviewing, and for sticking with me despite the embarassingly long gap between chapters. The next is already half written, with more ideas coming, and I'm excited to move forward again as I haven't been in some time. So stay tuned :)

perellethReviewed Chapter: 12 on 11/28/2006
Well, it was well worth the wait indeed. I am always awed by how easily you draw the ethereal quality of elves while picturing them as strong, powerful beings, and Valandil's eyes here did the job perfectly.

I loved the atmosphere in Imladris, the way they all felt what had been going on, how they understand the weight of what has passed yet manage to keep the child bissfully ignorant of the worst parts of it. Undesrtated yet clear, the atmosphere of a very dearly bought victory is clear here, yet still I had to gap in joy and amazement with Valandil at the sight of the two lovers reunited.
You write beautifully, Bejai, please do not leave us here? :-)

Author Reply: Thank you. I had the hardest time figuring out how to do the fall of Sauron without actually writing it. This seemed to work, and I'm glad to hear that it did. Valandil has some interesting parallels that I want to explore in the next chapter or two, and this was a good way to introduce him and set him up while still moving the plot forward.

Glad you enjoyed the lovers reunited. I wanted them to have a nice one for once. Just a decade apart this time :)

I'm certainly not leaving you here. I have a good portion of the next chapter written, and a pretty clear idea of where I want to go with it. My difficulty has been summoning the will to write for fun (I write at work all day), but having gotten back into the swing of it, I'm excited to move forward again.

Thanks so much for your kind words. Lovely to "see" you again.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 11 on 2/1/2006
Poor Amdir! Everyone's been dragged to a desperate situation none of them was looking for in the very place, but Amdir's lot looks very tragic. A loyal king to his people, to his allies and to "the child of his heart" It was powerful and moving, and so, so sad. It shows very clearly, too, the depth of responsiblity upon Oropher's shoulders in his desperate, impatient, charge, dragging along those who trusted him and who would not let him die alone, and leaving Gil-galad to either follow his father's mistake and drag the rest of his army to the same fate, or bearing the grudge of the silvan survivors for ever, yet saving the rest of his army for a definite assault, even if he knew that he would not survive. The weight of dooms and responsibility perfectly wrapped up in such short chapter. Congratulations.

Of course, I am assuming that Gil-galad is Fingon's son...:-) but it made even more sense here...)

And Celeborn being left behind was a nice loop. Apologies for the delay, you know how RL is...

Author Reply: Thank, perelleth! (And no apologies necessary. I'm delighted to get a review whenever it comes).

Amdir really wrote this chapter. It wasn't what I intended, but when I got thinking about it, the interplay between the roles that Oropher, Amdir, and Celeborn in this war really could have been a driving force between all that happened. I understand Gil-galad's choice, but can't help but wonder how things might have been different.

Yes, my preferred interpretation is that Gil-galad is Fingon's son. Although I hadn't thought about how his decisions might have been affected by that fact until you pointed it out! Just goes to show that these characters have a life of their own, and get very insistent about how they're portrayed!

So glad you enjoyed the chapter. More to come, as soon as I figure out how to wrap up the Last Alliance

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 11 on 1/29/2006
Man, what a chapter...

Amdir just pulls at the heart strings. He is the tragic character here. How can you not pity him helplessly loving - all his kin, his people, and his world. A peacemaker caught up in war. ...his body sinking as his soul snapped and drifted. Yet, he did not let go until he knew Amroth would live. His end drowned my own heart.

Add to that - Oropher frustrated but forever courageous. Gil-galad absolutely determined despite his doom (or perhaps becaus of it!). Elrond torn though always loyal. Celeborn defeated at seemingly every turn yet still fighting.

I personally enjoyed the opening very much. Celeborn ended up just where I thought he would and with the predictable results. The conversation with Valadil's mother was unexpectatly wonderful. But, Gil-galad carrying out his stratgy at all costs was almost chilling. Calandil coming on and bringing the impetus for the end-game was simply brilliant.

Some might think you have shown Celeborn in too shining a light. But, really they just need to think about what you have explained here a little more and see things from a Sindar viewpoint. Which is a very easy thing for me to do. ;) 'Tis an incredibly credible conjecture of events. imho

And it is in the way your write it down, creating the context, that it becomes possible to feel and better understand these events from Arda's history. What's that expression... it just doesn't get any better than this!

Thank you for continuing this tale!

Author Reply: Thanks, Redheredh. Writing Amdir's end was tough. I really do think he was a balancing force among these elven lords. You have the right of it: a peacemaker who can't escape war.

Glad you approve of Celeborn's role. It helped me explain why he wasn't named as being at Dagorlad. He would have been involved, but this was the only way I could think of to reconcile canon with my perception of his character. I think Gil-galad made the right choice, but I wonder what might have been different if he had been there.

Too shining a light. Heh. Well, he is my hero character ;) All these battles and wars do look different from an Sindar perspective. I'm sure they'd also look different from the Silvan point of view. It's been fun to explore.

So glad you enjoyed the chapter!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 11 on 1/29/2006
Oh wow. Very distressing stuff - but handled beautifully. Oropher remains angry right up to the end - and reluctant to accept anyone else's wisdom. Amdir is torn between them all, and ultimately sacrificed by Oropher's charge. Celeborn must, in some ways, have been so frustrated to remain behind - and yet his role is essential (and gets out of him not having been named as present at Dagorlad). Two leaders lost already, Gil-galad fated not to return and, of course, countless other elves and men about to be slaughtered to be rewarded with an incomplete victory.

"The Elves have ended every war we have ever fought in something less than victory,"

And Celeborn would know, wouldn't he, for he has been involved in most of them. Going to war knowing that you cannot succeed must require terrific strength of mind - I do feel sorry for Gil-galad. I hope he gets to be really, really happy when he returns in the Blessed Realm, because he has had as much of a bum deal as Elrond.

Having to wait for the right moment as his allies are cut down. Not good. I'm not surprised the troops were restive. But he needs to wait for Sauron to come out himself or all will be lost.

I'm so pleased to see more of this. But so sad - inevitable, but so, so sad!

Author Reply: Thanks, Bodkin. Much of this chapter is trying to explain why Celeborn wasn't named at Dagorlad--surely he would have been involved! Having him behind the scene explained it for me. And in some way, I think it may also have contributed to Oropher's decisions. Writing Oropher has been nerve-wrecking for me; I do hope I got him right!

Yeah, I agree with you about Gil-galad. In my head, he's reborn somewhere in Valinor, and lives happily ever after, the poor guy!

So glad you enjoyed the chapter!

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/8/2006
Yeah for Redheredh! Glad she inspired you (hides from whatever you were supposed to be doing).

This was a great look at how the Last Alliance was formed, but what really grabbed me was the opening - how Sauron heard the call, but how he was not 'whole' when he heard it, having 'chained' a large part of himself to a piece of metal in a mountain far away.

Author Reply: Thanks, Nilmandra. That Sauron scene has actually been written for months. It was the only part of this whole chapter that cooperated and wrote itself. The rest was a hideous slog. For some reason, Sauron seems to be a particularly good muse for me. I'm not sure that's entirely a good thing ;) Glad you enjoyed the chapter.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 10 on 1/8/2006
Oh wow, this was good! Merciful Este, *everything* you write is good!

The opening was fantastic. The whole idea that he forged his own chains in life. ;) But, his hatred allows for no act of repentance, not even cautioning those who would fall prey to the same as he. I love it!

I also love where you pick up events. Heh, we once talked about the fact that powerful people are never completely alone, especially in a less mechanized world. But, who wants all those oc's around? And you used it to your advantage! Sly trick, lady.

The council in Lothlorien was great - the conversation very realistic emotionally yet rational for their dilemma. Oropher is such a wonderful character to have around as a foil for these issues. Amroth practically siding with him caused a sharp pain. I have to say that I adore your Amdir's sweet nature. That Celeborn lent aid to Anarion and Isuldur is very interesting and quite reasonable if he and G were occupying the Dol Amroth at that time. You set this up nicely last chapter with Isildur their visit with him.

Galadriel and Isildur's conversation was wonderful too. What a comparison of two kinds of despair and hope. The affinity between Isildur and Celeborn you had established already was not a surprise, but you pointed out some other less obvious things besides. I liked how Celeborn was very willing to help with the sapling and Isildur ready to ask for it. The White Tree and the royal line of Numeanor runs together as fortold and it was interesting how you kept that parallel going here not only including saving the sapling as part of this story, but its condition and Isildur's emotions. It is a nice reflection of the future when Aragorn must rediscover his royal roots by finding his hidden sapling, healthy in the wild, or deem himself a failure.

Gil-galad's council was most informative about the initial preparations needed to prepare for this war and the forming the Last Alliance. Everyone will have their part to play in it. But, exactly what is the king planning for Celeborn, eh? I have my guess... which I must wait until the next chapter to see if I am right... darn... However, you know already that I am *usually* of the patient sort.

What a wonderful Sunday treat this was to find waiting!

You are so kind not to say that I am a wretched thorn in your side. But, if I just knew what it was I said that got us this chapter to read, I most certainly would say it again. ];}

Author Reply: Thanks, Redheredh. I wasn't anything you said, so much as the last push I needed to remind me that I had some friends out there, maybe waiting for me to finish the chapter. Inspiration is a fickle thing ;)

So delighted you enjoyed the chapter. The scene with Sauron was the only part of this chapter that flowed for me. It wrote itself months ago. I just had to look briefly at his return from his point of view.

I was nervous to write Oropher. I enjoy him a lot, but worried that I'd hit the wrong tone, or that I would get it wrong. It seems to have worked out, though. He'll be back in the next chapter, and I hope I do right by him.

The White Tree thing was another beat I knew this chapter needed, given its place in the LotR mythology, and the way it had already played in the story. I went digging through the books, and when I discovered that the original White Tree that came over from Numenor died in Minas Ithil, it was just too good to pass up.

As for Celeborn's job ... he's not happy about it, I can tell you. But he'll do it.

Thanks for the fantastic review

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