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Shire: Beginnings  by Lindelea
How the Shire came to be. ("Beginnings" details the journey of the Fallohides across the Misty Mountains into the new land.) Once upon a time, Hobbits lived in harmony with Men, farming the upper vales of the Anduin. They lived so quietly, as a matter of fact, that none of the Great noticed them at all. (The Great are more likely to notice troublemakers than folk doing what they ought.) Times changed, a darkness crept over the land to shadow the hearts of Men, and some Little Folk made the dangerous crossing of the Mountains to the West, while others were driven into the shelter of the forest, where they passed quite a few years in pleasant obscurity once more. It is not always a misfortune being overlooked...
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue4
Chapter  1: Shadow6
Chapter  2: Fear4
Chapter  3: Make New Friends4
Chapter  4: The Fair Folk5
Chapter  5: Night Visitors4
Chapter  6: Difficult Decision1
Chapter  7: A-Journey3
Chapter  8: Winter's Rest1
Chapter  9: A New Start1
Chapter 10: A-journey Again2
Chapter 11: Hobbit Help2
Chapter 12: Fare-thee-well2
Chapter 13: River Crossing1
Chapter 14: Ascent1
Chapter 15: Pursuit0
Chapter 16: The Hunted2
Chapter 17: The Song6
Chapter 18: On Eagle's Wings2
Chapter 19: A Parting and A Meeting1
Chapter 20: A Stitch in Time1
Chapter 21: Snatched from the Jaws2
Chapter 22: The Rescue4
Chapter 23: In the Last Homely House1
Chapter 24: The Ravelled Sleeve1
Chapter 25: First Foot1
Chapter 26: Of Life and Death4
Chapter 27: Ride to Rhudaur4
Chapter 28: Before the Face of the King 3
Chapter 29: The Last Leg2
Chapter 30: Warm Welcome3
Chapter 31: Epilogue8
Chapter 150: Author's notes: Done - 1/284
Chapter Epilogue 2: Chronology1
Chapter Author's Notes: Geographical Notes (revised 1/5/04)2

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