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Story Favorites
bullet Stirring Rings by Larner Last Updated: 11/20/2014
Five were sent to teach and cajole, but one thought to rule, causing contention amongst the Istari. The making (and breaking) of Wizards. Beta by Fiondil.
Rating: R Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 40 Published: 8/17/2006
bullet Nerdanel's Sons by IstarniŽ Last Updated: 8/26/2008
After a visit to the house in which sculptures of her sons are kept, Nerdanel writes short accounts of each of them, and the manner of their parting from her.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 5 Published: 9/23/2007
bullet Elf, Interrupted: Book One: Glorfindel Redux by Fiondil Last Updated: 12/8/2007
Glorfindel died... Glorfindel returned to Middle-earth... but what happened to him between these two events? Rating due to high angst level and adult themes, though nothing graphic. This one is for Alassiel, the best beta-mom in all of Arda, because she loves my depictions of the Valar, especially Lord NŠmo. MPA 2007: 3rd Place: Undying Lands; MEFA 2007: 2nd Place: Drama (Elves in Later Ages).
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 143 Published: 11/20/2006