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Nerdanel's Sons  by IstarniŽ 3 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 8/29/2008
I can certainly appreciate her desire. I, too, wished a daughter.

Author Reply: Oh, I am so sorry I have taken ages to reply Larner! Thank you for reading and commenting.

My husband and I don't have children, though we had wished for a son *or* a daughter, so I am afraid I am writing from personal experience regarding Nerdanel's desire for a daughter far more than I am with her having seven sons. That takes a lot of imagination for me. I do have lots of nieces and nephews though.

FrejaReviewed Chapter: 4 on 8/27/2008
Oh another lovely chapter! The description of MakalaurŽ's song was awe-instilling. And I really like the relationships you set up between the characters and how the story doesn't take place in a white space but in a true environment with many other people and places.

I'm happy to see that you are still writing on this story.

Author Reply: Thank you so much for your continued reading and encouragement, Freja. I am so sorry I have taken ages to reply to you. I do try hard to set more detailed background for the main characters, though of course that means own characters and places named that are not mentioned in the Silmarillion of HoME. I hope that does not distract from the story.

The next chapter has been posted elsewhere for some time, but I am not happy with it and have re-written it. I will post the new version here soon.

FrejaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/24/2007
Oh another story from you! The FŽanorions are so interesting and their relationship with each other and their parents is lovely to see explored. Their importance in the later ages of ME is undeniable, but the story of their lifes before these events is what makes them "human", for lack of a better word.
I like your idea that Nerdanel was so drained in nourishing the growing CurufinwŽ inside her, that she had not the strength to impart any of her characteristics to him, thus making him so much like his father, that FŽanor even gave him his own name (something that I would probably have expected him to do with the firstborn, though this is likely due to influence from western civilisation). It is not the first time I have seen this idea explored, but you do a wonderful job. Nerdanel's dance with oblivion is vividly described (yet fussy and confused - as it should be from her pov). Her sons' fear for her life is poignant. And FŽanor arrived just in time. *phew*
Oh and the prologue was great as well - her wish for a daughter and wilfull misunderstanding of FŽanor's intention was touching. (Plus I was laughing because I had read the story with FŽanor's seven daugthers! LOL)

Oops, I got carried away! Anyway, I really like this story, and I can't wait to see more.

Author Reply: Hello Freja! I am so pleased you are enjoying these stories! Please don't worry about getting carried away - I appreciate all you have written. :-)

I confess that I don't read any specifically Nerdanel / FŽanor fanfiction at the moment - I haven't done since I started writing about them about three years ago. I want to try and keep my ideas straight from reading Tolkien, and I know if I read other's work I might pick up on their ideas. Saying that, there are bound to be many similarities in the events covered, and interpretations of those events. I do read about the sons of FŽanor in Middle-Earth though. ( And lots about Gondor!!)

The story with FŽanor's seven daughters was written as a result of a comment made by Merry KK on *this* story! ;-) LOL

I will be trying to update at least one of my ongoing stories each week. There is another one still to be posted!

Thanks again for being so encouraging.

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