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The Tide of Times  by daw the minstrel 19 Review(s)
Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/13/2003
I knew it was going to be Siondel, but I wish it wasn't. Poor Annael. I liked how Legolas stayed with him until Eilian made him sleep. Legolas feels terrible for his friend, especially as he knows himself what it is like to lose a parent.

I was wrong on one thing - I thought the settlement would be destroyed, and Celuwen's parents killed. Then she would blame Eilian for making her leave, and that would be the end of their relationship. (Can you tell I love angst?) I'm glad the village survived, even though there was loss of life, but I think Eilian was right in what he said. They have to leave and live elsewhere.

Poor Legolas, his foot - will he be able to dance at his coming of age?


Author Reply: You are a glutton for angst! I thought I made this chapter pretty depressing as it was. But then you are the one who has the twins suffering greatly now, so I should have known that you would want more!

Elves heal quickly so I think dancing might be in the plans. :-)

nanethReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/13/2003
Another touching and wonderful chapter. The Brothers Thranduilion certainly excel at feeling guilty, now even Legolas is doing it. Legolas feels that he has failed Anneal, Eilian feels that he has failed both Siondel and Annael. It is *so* time for their Adar to get home and give his sons a good hug!

Eilian's thoughts about the young Home Guard warrior and the "even younger face of Annael" certainly reflects on how tired and worn down by the Shadow he has become. Maybe it's time for him to spend some time at home even if it isn't time for his leave yet.

The self-righteous Solith will probably never change his views. I suspect a royal decree will be the only thing moving him out of the area.

This very touching chapter also gave me two great laughs. The scene with Annael trying repeately to "pick" info from Legolas about his injury and Legolas giving only one word responses was great. But the most priceless line of this story is surely from Legolas..."I had the wits to ride off with a pretty maiden so that puts me one up on you." What a "hoot"!

Great job as always. Can't wait for more, and more, and more!

Author Reply: Maybe feeling guilty is a predictable side effect of being raised to feel responsible. Thranduil certainly wants them to fulfill their obligations and care for his people. But he surely wouldn't want them to be beating themselves up! He does need to get home. Next chapter.

One of the things about the agelessness of Elves is that they have to keep fighting the hard fight for years longer than Men do. It must be very difficult not to get worn down. No wonder so many of them are fading.

I always like the joking between the brothers and I'm glad you do too!

JebbReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/13/2003
I was right and am so sad for Annael.
As for Eilian and Celuwen will they ever find happiness together I wonder
a beautifully unhappy chapter that had me reaching for the tissues
thank you

Author Reply: Yay! I made you cry! Is it wrong of me to be glad for that?

It was only as I was proofreading this chapter that I realized how unhappy it was. No one had a good time. Everyone wound up sad. Things should get better by fits and starts now.

Antigone_QReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/13/2003
Poor Annael! I thought it would be his father, although I am still sorry.

(Insert rueful shaking of head here) Oh, Eilian, Eilian how could you be so manipulative? Well, that's the flip side of reading people really well: you then have to decide what you are going to do with that knowledge. Luckily, Celuwen doesn't seem easily fooled. I'm getting a little frustrated that neither seems to be actively seeking any kind of comprimise - they are bright people; they ought to be able to work something out. But I will wait patiently for something to occur to them. Fate and author foreshadowing seem to be on their side.

Tell Legolas I hope he gets well soon!

Author Reply: It's really hard to admit, but Celuwen's father was right that Eilian manipulated his daughter. He needs to stop doing that.

Legolas is getting better, although he will be laid up for a little while.

FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/12/2003
I knew it was Siondel who died, but I wished it weren't, oh how tragic, poor Annael! I wanted to squeeze the settlers necks myself. Maybe Eilian is a character after my own heart b/c I was rooting for him to just twist their stubborn selves into seeing that just maybe this time, he IS right!

AI AI, Celuwen, she drives me crazy... oh poor Eilian what a wreck he must
feel like. I understand the reasoning for her argument, but I also do not agree with her and her father's that the settlers should stay. Stubborness is good to a point, and when it costs the lives of three Elves, I think no more! Both Eilian and Celuwen are sacrificing much, but they do not have to sacrifice there love! No b/c love is the fiercest victor, enemy of Shadow there is! Oh dear, I am so involved with these characters!

I love that you bring these characters so alive that I can speak of them as if they were real. I have so much invested in them, I find myself getting very emotional about the decisions they make!

Author Reply: If you are speaking about these characters as if they were real, then you are a reader after my own heart. Secretly, they are very real to me too. I am already feeling bad for Annael's mother. I keep seeing those scene of Legolas in their cottage as an elfling or of the time that Legolas and Annael came home drunk and Siondel deliberately made them ill the next morning. Wah!

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/12/2003
What a moving chapter. Gosh, I imagine we are all grieving for Siodel and with his family. Annael was so strong, but....I'm with was just not right for him to lose his adar when he had just come of age. War is such an ugly business...and no one ever seems to learn anything.
I'm glad Celuwen's parents survived. The settlement took a hard hit, but I guess they're so hard headed that they will stay and stay until there is no one left to hold down the fort. I wasn't surprised that Celuwen went home. She has some valid points about Eilian being away all the time and in danger. I can understand her position, but Eilian wants what he wants. He's nearly a human male here. At least, they finally admitted to each other that they are in love.
I know Legolas was hurting for his friend and feels like he's failing him by not being physically able to stay with him. And Eilian feels responsible for Siondel's death. I'm glad Maltanaur was around to lend some strength and reason to Eilian's hurts.
The dynamics of where Annael and Legolas will be posted has changed. I suppose now Ithilden will keep then at home for a while? Annael will probably need to be close to his mother for a while anyway.
I had been wondering who would stand in for Lorellin in Legolas's coming of age ceremony. I suppose Thranduil and Ithilden could send him off. I hate that Eilian will miss it. He would have been the more maternal choice. Of course, it might just be unthinkable to an elf to have a male stand in for a female's role...or female for male.
Very well done, daw. It was a sad chapter and one that told us so much about what was going on with everyone.
As soon as the memorial service is scheduled for our favorite Home Guard captain, do let us know. I'll take a cake by to the family.....sniff....Karen

Author Reply: I felt bad for just about every character I was writing about in this chapter, with the possible exception of Maltanaur! I have always been fond of Annael and have thought of his family as a good example of a supportive and loving home. So this was hard to do to him. His mother is going to be devastated.

Siondel's death does seem to solve Ithilden's problem of where to place Annael and Legolas, doesn't it?

IthilienReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/12/2003
Coming out of lurker status to let you know that I have really been enjoying this tale. I practically leap to the pages when I see your update note. I apologize for being remiss in my duties as a reviewer though. No excuse will do, so I'll just ask for forgiveness. In any case, you have a wonderful writing style and such beautiful grace with words. Add to that an enthralling story, and we have a really great mix. I think Celuwen is one of my favorite OC's in fanfiction. What a strong female character you have drawn! Keep up the great work as I quietly sink back into the shadows. Although I will pop out for a moment more so that I may ask for more soon please.

Author Reply: Now I'm really flattered. I know people are busy and if they write stuff for me to read, I don't mind them not reviewing at all! But I am pleased to hear from you. I kind of like Celuwen too. What I've been trying to do is think about a completely adult person might act (in other words, someone not like me or anyone I know!).

nanReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/12/2003
I have never actually reviewed your writing before, mainly because the other reviewers always have such interesting and intelligent comments to make. All I can seem to say is: WOW, I love it. Please write more. Gush Gush Gush!
I eagerly await each new chapter, and have read all your stories several times. You have truly created a world that stays with the reader long after the last word has been read. Thank you.

Author Reply: "Gush Gush Gush" may not seem profound to you, but believe me, it's poetry to a writer! I am so pleased that the world I created stays with you. I think about these characters a lot, often when I'm supposed to be doing other things. They are very real to me, which may say something about my psychic health!

KarriReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/12/2003
*sniffle* Poor Annael! I figured you were going to kill Siondel, but I was hoping you'd change your mind. Glad to see Legolas is recovering well, though. Can't say I feel much for Celuwen's father though. Its very aggravating when people's stubborness cost other people's live. Its a bit unfair of him to ask the warriors of Mirkwood to give up their lives to defend his pride, I think.

Author Reply: Poor Annael. I know. He is coming of age with a vengeance. I felt bad about it, but I think that life in Mirkwood is dangerous and the reality would have been that people died. It's hard to sympathize with Celuwen's father. I have to work to keep giving him halfway reasonable arguments!

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