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The Tide of Times  by daw the minstrel 19 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 9 on 10/11/2005
Kinda sad...Siondel was a good father and his death was a hard blow... Annael was heartbroken but Legolas was there by his side.
Eilian tryed to convience Celuwen to stay but even as they love each other she will not bond with him. A hard choice that is for them...

Author Reply: I still feel terrible about killing Siondel.

Bodkin just posted a story on this site in which she borrowed my characters (with my permission) and wrote about them all being reunited in Valinor. Thank Eru, Siondel was there.

mistry89Reviewed Chapter: 9 on 2/1/2004
I said I would comment later in the series - well, this is it.

As with all of your stories, there is a mix of action, character interaction, "forwarding the story", but underlying all is the slighlty melancholic almost-not-quite-lump-in-the-throat and the nearly-prickling-tears-behind-the-eyes feeling that is so very approppriate for JRRT's elves. The end of ME for them is approaching and for those who delight in it (elves, not readers!), it must be its own kind of Long Defeat (ta, Galadriel!). The almost-bittersweet tone comes through even the happy little interludes (Legolas as an elfling being ..... a young naughty, curious,troublesome being!) and they highlight the more obviously sad, tragic, or dangerous events.

In this chapter it is Elian and Celuwen with emotions at odds with duty, honour, and fate.

You manage to maintain this tone without descending into maudlin drippiness and have captured Thranduil for me best so far of all the fanfic authors I have read - some avoid the mistake of making him too a-too-hard-conveniently-bad-tempered-elf, and acknowledge that he has problems with his own race (as well as Men & Dwarves), but you are the first to acknowledge the problem with Galadriel, and that was a biggie, so I've been looking for someone who writes that (at all, let alone well!). All JRRT readers have their own bits of canon they feel shouldn't be tampered with - Thranduil and Galadriel are too often addressed in ways I wish they weren't. I don't dislike stories where they are ooc, as long as there is a reason, and as long as 99% of the stories aren't they same, it just seems to become a new kind "accepted canon", and *that* bugs me!

All that said, a well-written story drags you in regardless of the reader's own (believed) preferences .... I never suspected I would enjoy "toddler" Legolas, but I did, and I thought that very sad toned (ala Nancy Springer's The White Hart et al) books were left behind in my (very long ago adolescence -LOTR- excepted). Perhaps I can cope with a little melancholy after all! I'm sadder still that I have nearly reached the end of this story arc - thank you.

Author Reply: I think that Tolkien is rather melancholy. There are no completely happy endings. Everyone loses as well as gains.

I thank you for reading all of these fics. I have been swept up in writing them, so I know there are a lot. But if I dragged you in, despite yourself, then I am pleased.

ArbelethielReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/15/2003

Iím in mourning. Siondel is dead :( We hadnít seen much of him, but I rather liked him, his kindness for the recently orphaned Legolas, and his love and strict parenting for Annael (and Legolas too, occasionally :) )

I feel more and more frustated with the settlersí refusal to leave, though I can understand their side of the argument. Iím really glad not to be in Thranduilís shoes.

Iíd really like to see Eilian and Celuwen happy together, but I donít suppose it is going to happen any time soon. Well, Elves have all the time in the world, but I suppose that when you are young and in love, sacrificing your own happiness to do your duty may not always seem quite fulfilling.

I like cocky!Legolas. Typical young male. His pride hurts at least as much as his foot :)

Another great chapter, thanks. (Though I could have done without Siondelís death)


Author Reply: Siondel's death has left me very sad, even though I was the one who wrote it. I love Annael's family. They seem so domestic and normal. I have been really depressed as I write the next chapter and I think it's because of Siondel.

However, things will get better for all these characters eventually. And Legolas amuses me endlessly when he acts on that young male need to protect his ego above all else!

I need a more light hearted story to write!

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/14/2003
You did kill Siondel! At least it wasn't Celuwen. Well, it leaves a nice position open for Eilian if he decides he wants to bond with Celuwen and stay at home. Now the ball is in his court. His heart must have been in his throat when he saw the two wrapped forms. It must have been a great relief to know they were safe. I liked how you described his reaction. Gorge rising in the throat of a seasoned warrior show just how distraught he was over the entire situation. His confrontation with Siolith was very well written. You could feel the tension. My favorite line was: "I suspect that you will find that is truer than you would like." I am glad Celuwen is so independent. I guess Eilian's not.

If I were Legolas, I would be quiet about falling off my horse as well. Celuwen has not given up her job as protector, has she? His light hearted exchange with his brother was nice in an otherwise angst ridden chapter. You handled Eilian's informing Annael about his father's death very well. I like how he took him aside for the conversation. He must have been completely devastated.

Celuwen and Eilian are always at odds. I haven't given up on them yet. It will be hard for both of them to continue to deny their feelings. Eilian's care of Legolas was very sweet. The younger prince must be overwrought between his injuries and his worry for his friend. It was sweet that he teared up thinking about the ceremony. I am glad he doesn't want anyone to stand in his Naneth's place, she cannot be replaced. Eilian won't be there? I would think he could take a break for such an important ceremony. Legolas is going to have to accept he will not be in the Southern patrol just yet. It is not good to argue when you are drugged into submission. I know how he feels, Nyquil kept me from thinking straight last night.

Author Reply: I think of Celuwen as being very "self-possessed," meaning she is not only poised but also very much owned by herself, if that makes sense. And I think that that small remoteness is part of what attracts Eilian to her. She is a challenge and a bit of a mystery to him. But it also frustrates him because he tends to believe he should have what he wants.

Eilian let Annael refuse a sleeping draught but he had no intention of letting Legolas do it! This is still his little brother and big brother thinks he knows best.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/14/2003
I liked seeing so much through Eilian's eyes. He is very sensitive and sees much. Poor Annael - now he must bring his father's body home to his mother. I love how the home guard warriors kept watch with him - for you know they will also watch over their captain's son.

I am glad Legolas likes Celuwen. She is a likable person, she took good care of him, and she loves his brother. Lots of good reasons for him to accept her. I think Thranduil would like her too, although they would both have to hold their tongues when it comes to discussing her stubborn father!

And Legolas is hurt again. It is going to be hard for Eilian to watch them all go home as he returns South. I am sure he wishes to be there for Legolas and for Annael - I guess it will fall to whomever is in command under Siondel to present his body to his wife. Or maybe Ithilden. Oh, how sad a homecoming next chapter will be.

Author Reply: When I reread this chapter, I felt really sorry for Eilian. He IS very sensitive and pain was coming at him from all directions here. Maltanaur was the only one who still seemed to be on an even keel, and thank goodness for him.

Annael will have many elves to watch over him and his mother, I think. The Wood-elves are a clannish lot and they take care of their own.

Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/14/2003
I am stil grieving and cannot move past that yet to give a decent review. Please excuse me this time around.

Author Reply: Now I feel bad. :(

Think of it this way: Siondel's own father was one of the first of Thranduil's warriors to be killed when the shadow returned to Dol Guldur. So Siondel is in the Halls of Mandos with his own father. And Annael and his mother will comfort one another and he can bond with Beliniel and maybe there will be grandchildren!

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/13/2003
I feel that since I'm an outsider at a family funeral, I should be offering condolences to everyone!
I liked your contrast between the concepts of responsibility and blame. The glimpse into Eilian and Celuwen's relationship was revealing - he is still such a guy, wanting a relationship, but on HIS terms! I really feel for her since it's obvious she really does love him, but I'm glad she's holding her ground for now. Lovely brotherly scenes with Eilian and Legolas (but no bathing)

Author Reply: I can only take their clothes off so often or it starts to look suspicious!

Eilian is, indeed, such a guy. He needs to stop trying to manipulate her because she's too smart and too independent. But she also loves him. They were childhood sweethearts and she is totally a goner.

I always enjoy doing the brotherly scenes too.

You updated! Yes!

JustMeReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/13/2003
I was really sad that my worst fears were confirmed and it was Siondel that was killed in the battle. I really feel sorry for Annael. The death of a parent never comes at a good time, but now that he has just entered adulthood it will be especially difficult for him. He will now be the "man of the family" and Ithilden may have no choice but to post him to the Home Guard. I also felt sorry for Eilian on several fronts here. First of all, he is feeling responsible for Siondel's death. I suppose this is only natural as he was in command of the battle, but there are just some things that can't be controlled. Speaking of not being able to control something, how about that temper of his? Getting into another argument with Celuwen's father was probably not his best course of action, but under the circumstances and with emotions running high, I suppose it was bound to happen. And of course the big reason I feel sorry for him is because of his situation with Celuwen. But, I do think that they have made progress. They have both admitted that they love one another and Eilian has even suggested that they be bonded (or would that be bound?). That was a big step forward for these two. Nothing would make me happier than to see these two "get together". They seem so well matched. You should take that as a compliment as these characters are your creation and they have such depth that we are all drawn into their "lives".
I hope that Legolas is able to help his friend Annael through this difficult time. He has been through this and may be able to at least offer a shoulder to lean on. I wonder if Ithilden will also post Legolas to the Home Guard if he decides to put Annael there? Legolas is sure to be disappointed that he will not be put in the Southern Patrol - Eilian made that pretty clear to him - but after this accident he will probably be lucky if his Adar lets him out the front door for awhile!

Author Reply: I think Annael needs to be home, yes. His mother will need him. But that does give him a chance to bond, which will comfort him somewhat. And maybe his mother will want a grandchild. :)

When I was writing this chapter, it seemed to me that Eilian just went from one burdensome situation to another. The poor guy. He needs a LONG vacation.

And I AM complimented that you care about these characters. Indeed, I'm touched.

DotReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/13/2003
What a sad chapter. I thought you handled the aftermath of the fire wonderfully. So much bleakness and despair in the place of anger and determination.

It was heartbreaking the way you let us know who had died Ė ďthe Home Guard warriors who would soon be following them at a slower pace, burdened by the body of their captainĒÖ

I really liked the way most of the chapter was based on Eilianís thoughts. It was such insight into his character. The scene when he encounters Solith was so emotional. There was a really strong sense of Eilianís anger at what he must see as needless sacrifices. Solith really seemed to be torn between the beliefs he holds so strongly and the knowledge that elves died that day due to his choices. He and Eilian will probably never reconcile. They both love Celuwen too much.

I could hardly bear to read the piece with Annael tending Legolas, knowing what news would be brought to him. Heís such a wonderful character, strong and genuine, that it makes it so much worse that such a thing has happened. I donít even want to contemplate the reaction of his poor mother. Iíll actually miss Siondel Ė he was such a realistically drawn character, always such a strong figure in Annaelís life, always willing to open his home to Legolas and look after him and always there when the three elflings were up to some mischief!

Legolas has really warmed to Celuwen. He seems to be feeling well enough to make smart remarks too - ďI had the wits to ride off with a pretty maidenĒ. Ouch. I wouldnít have thought thatíd go down well with Eilian!

I know Iíve said it before, but I do love Maltenaur! Heís probably the one steady presence in Eilianís life and always by his side when heís needed. Such selflessness.

Are Celuwen and Eilian going in circles again?! I hate to see them so miserable. I loved the look at Eilianís range of emotions during their conversation. He canít seem to stop himself from saying hurtful things whenever she tries to explain her feelings, but then I suppose itís probably true that the ones we hurt the most are the ones we love. *sigh* Sometimes I think Celuwen is too sensible for her own good!

Iíll admit that I got a little teary at the image of Annael holding vigil by his fatherís body, surrounded by warriors. What a horribly difficult thing for him to have to do. And didnít Siondel keep vigil with him for his coming of age? Maybe Iím wrong, but itís just such a sad thought.

Iím glad Eilian decided to be truthful and blunt with Legolas about the Southern patrol. He might want to brace himself for Legolasí reaction, though, once heís recovered a bit more!

Oh, final thought Ė I think Legolas is right not to want someone to stand in for his mother. Thranduil would probably like that, do you think? If I didnít think itíd be so upsetting for her Iíd suggest Annaelís mother, after all she has taken care of Legolas in so many ways since he was young.

Anyway, Iíll stop rambling now. Will they be home soon so? And did Thranduil get lost, by any chance?!:)

Author Reply: I suspect that Solith and Eilian will never get along well. Although you never know -- elves live a long time! Eilian's manipulation of Celuwen was always fated to come back to bite him. She's more adult than he is in lots of ways, which is why his family thinks she would be good for him. Although, I shouldn't be critical of Eilian. He is carrying a heavy burden in this chapter and is heading back south.

I was grateful for Maltanaur's presence in this chapter too. He was the only character who wasn't deep in despair.

Siondel did keep vigil with his son and I thought the whole thing was very painful and sad. I wanted this story to be about the end of childhood innocence and it turned out to be Annael who really caught it in the neck.

And I actually considered having Annael's mother stand in for Legolas's! She was him mommy when he was little really - kissing his hurts and making them better. But she is in pretty sad shape right now.

Camp6311Reviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/13/2003
Thanks for being so diligent about updating quickly. It had to be Siondel, no other Home Guard warrior was named in the previous chapters. At least having a few days to contemplate Siondel's death took the sting out of it when I did finally read about it. I feel for Anneal though, and what's his mother going to do, fade, sail West, stay with her son? Is he going to loose both parents now?

What a heavy chapter this was with so much guilt and grief resting on everyone! Hopefully some of the new growth and new life that occurs in a forest after a fire will spill over to the people of Mirkwood too.

Author Reply: I am hoping that this chapter was the bottom of the emotional barrel and things will get better, although I am thinking I might have to write about Siondel's funeral. :(

Annael's mother is strong. I think she would want to stay for her son. But this is going to be hard. They seemed like a very loving couple to me and her life seemed to center on her family.

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