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The Tide of Times  by daw the minstrel 18 Review(s)
Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2003
Man, that was great!

Now it is Eilian's turn to play the diplomat. I don't think he quite has the skills of Ithilien or Thranduil. Trying to negotiate with his girlfriend's father is a bad, bad, bad idea. What was he thinking?! Obviously Felas and Solith are not thinking either. They should always have an evacuation plan. A fire is very unpredictable. They are definitely not the leaders that the Oropherions are. One good decision Eilian made was to back away from the planning, knowing that he would only impair the discussion, and letting Vilmar and Siondel handle it. You handled the tension/animosity very well. I could tell there was a strong dislike but they managed to stay civil. Great job!

Poor Annael! It was an accident but who could help from feeling guilty? Eilian made another good decision to keep him away from Legolas for the time being. Eilian's plan is a good one! It will hopefully keep Legolas and Celuwen safe. It may also put them in more danger - moving between the fire and the orcs. I hope for Eilian's sake they are ok, the guilt would be terrible if anything happened to Celuwen when he manuvered to have her safe. I hope for my sake something does happen because I am evil.

Maltanaur is great! I hope he takes care of Legolas when he makes his pledge. You showed his concern both for the youngest and the middle child of Thranduil. It was very sweet.

Eilian's manipulation of the situation may come back to haunt him. He is almost using Legolas to control Celuwen. Not a good habit. He knew exactly how to get her to do what he wanted. I am worried about the outcome. His scene with Legolas was very sweet. His paternal side was definetly coming out, stroking his hair and kissing him goodbye. I love the Legolas angst. It is so fun to watch the poor guy suffer.

Is Celuwen the luckiest elleth alive? She has Eilian wrapped around her fingers and is sponging off Legolas' backside. Suddenly, I want to be her. Her care for the archer was very sweet and tender. I am starting to like her. Legolas is not so out of it that he can't see her care for his brother. I liked how she braided his hair to keep it out of his way. It is always a problem when you are puking.

Great chapter! I will be wondering all weekend what is going to happen with Celuwen and Legolas' flight from the village if the fire comes and how Eilian will deal with the outcome if something happens to her.

Author Reply: "Is Celuwen the luckiest elleth alive? She has Eilian wrapped around her fingers and is sponging off Legolas' backside." You know, when you put it that way, her lot doesn't sound so bad!

I think Eilian is quite good at manipulating people, like his father at his most clever and controlled. Ithilden is more straightforward, I think.

I have a meeting-the-keeper scene in mind for Legolas. We'll see how it comes out.

I'm glad you liked this chapter. As I told Brenda below, I thought it might be kind of flat and that people might feel cheated because it was so short. I guess a naked Legolas makes up for a lot.


Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2003
Where to start... This (so far) is my favorite chapter. Can't say why-- Maybe it's because there's so much Eilian in it! The inner struggle that he and Celuwen are going through separately and together is grueling, but my appetite is as whetted as theirs awaiting the outcome of this rejoining. How hard it must have been on both of them - to love each other but also be so totally devoted to battling Shadow the only way they each know how - Eilian as a warrior sworn to defend, protect and even die for his people, and Celuwen to brave whatever the consequences of she and the little knot of settlers stubbornly holding the line against Shadow by giving up the comfort and safety that would gladly be extended to them by Thranduil if only they would acquiesce. Celuwen is right. What is she going to do? She and Eilian are hopelessly in love, and it is very plain to all (except perhaps to Celuwen's father) that these two are destined to be together. Well, Daw, this is a situation that only you can resolve, so we will leave it in your capable hands.

Orcs? Now? Oh, brother! Eilian is correct. That's all they need on top of everything else that is taking place. I do hope that Thranduil is now beginning to feel the distress of two sons, rather than one, and hastens to add his considerable strength to the war to come against nature and Shadow. Thank goodness Ithilden is holding down the fort at home, as all of our other major players are quite busy at present trying to preserve themselves and the Woodland Realm from further destruction.

I'm glad that Legolas is beginning to mend. Celuwen's gentle ministrations to Thranduil's youngest are making me fall in love with her, too. She seems so lovely inside, where it matters most. I think it was pretty shrewd of Legolas, especially in his dazed condition, to figure out that Celuwen is in love with his brother. I guess Elves must have built-in radar for this type of thing that does not necessarily depend on a blood bond as would exist between members of the same family. Given that they are creatues of such heightened senses, a certain amount of that is to be expected. It is often reported that human twins share this type of bond and somehow sense each other and the other's feelings when they are separated.

Well, I am so ready for the next chapter that I am about to POP! What a great way to start the weekend - a new, exciting, fulfilling chapter from you. Thanks for the great write. Keep 'em coming!


Author Reply: Brenda--

I find I am totally unable to predict what readers will like! I thought this chapter might be too short and that nothing was happening in it. I thought it might feel flat. It's a separate chapter only because, when I had it combined with the previous one, it was too long. And then here you come along and tell me that it's your favorite! You can't know how much that pleases me.

One of the themes I am working on in this story is the tension between duty and personal desire. You can see it in Eilian and Celuwen. I will probably reward them eventually, but they may have to wait a while.

The next chapter intimidates me a little -- orcs, fire, a battle, a settlement whose inhabitants won't evacuate, an injured prince, etc. I am looking forward to digging into it as soon as I finish my Saturday chores.

Thank you for the nice review.


merReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2003
A very beatiful chapter!

Author Reply: I'm guessing you're referring to the care Celuwen took of Legolas and it did feel "beautiful" despite the increasingly dangerous situation around them. He was so sick that he needed a little comfort!

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/7/2003
I really liked this chapter. The settlement leaders are as hard headed as the king and his sons. I can see why they butt into each other whenever they cross paths. I found myself thinking that Solith might not survive the night. If he doesn't then Celuwen will not feel so obligated to stay in the settlement and he is, imo, not making decisions that will not see to his and his family's safety. I suppose I can understand why he wants to stay, but fire and orcs are knocking on his door. Ignoring facts will not make them go away. I wonder if he is not only hardheaded, but unwilling to capitulate to anything Eilian might suggest.
I liked this Celuwen better. I understood where she was coming from in the last chapter (when I was talking ugly about her!)....holding Eilian at arm's length, but your explanation of this was very good in letting us inside her head. And she took such kind and gentle care of Legolas. I doubt she was fooled by Eilian's request to accompany Legolas, but I'm glad she agreed. It was a bit of a revelation for Legolas to realize that she was in love with Eilian...even as woozy as he is. I'm a little concerned for the youngest Thranduilion. That head injury is keeping him down.
I was glad to see Maltanaur. He'll look after Eilian. I can imagine how difficult it was for Eilian to leave Legolas's safety to someone else (and Celuwen's, too) and his mind needs to be on orcs right now. I look forward to the next chapter and seeing where this fire goes...well...all the fires...woods and love. :>) Karen

Author Reply: It is hard to imagine how Eilian must have felt walking away from a bed-ridden brother and the woman he loves while fire is sweeping toward them and hopelessly idealistic settlement elves are in charge of where he is. And now orcs are approaching. I am a little worried about writing what feels like a potentially chaotic next chapter.

Poor Celuwen. Eilian would be as good for her as she is for him, I think, despite what her father thinks!

KarriReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/7/2003
"woo hoo!" says Karri, who has been rooting for Celawen and Eilian to get together every since "When the Shadow...". I do hope they manage it this time. I also hope Thranduil returns soon to do something about the fires.

Author Reply: I think you're going to have to wait, Karri. Celuwen and Eilian need a little peace before they can bond and that's not going to happen for a while yet. But Tolkien did build a few peaceful years into Mirkwood before the War of the Rings, I am happy to say. Thranduil is on his way.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/7/2003
This refusing to evacuate thing just cannot end up well, I think. Good for Eilian to make sure that Legolas, at least, gets out, and good thinking to trick Celuwen into going with him. I'm still catching up with your OCs, but obviously his future father-in-law problems bear watching. The bathing scene with Legolas was extremely...physical. You definitely have me hooked!

Author Reply: If you think it was physical to read, you should have been the one writing it! ;-)

I knew this chapter had OCs all over the place and when I trotted Maltanaur out, I thought about you. He's a familiar figure to long time readers, but he just pops up here.

Glad you liked the chapter.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/7/2003
Part of my honors what Siolith and Felas are trying to do, and part of me says it is but one tiny drop in the bucket in the battle against shadow, and it is not worth risking their lives to save this little settlement. To think they would stay if fire comes is risky, and I am glad that Eilian plans on LEgolas being FAR away if that happens. And that was not bad planning on his part to get Celuwen away too! A little subtle manipulation perhaps, but also honest too.

Poor Eilian, poor Annael - Legolas gets the physical discomfort, but those who love him suffer with him. I was glad to see Maltanaur. Have I ever mentioned how much I like him? Always there for Eilian....

The final scene with Celuwen and Legolas was wonderful. He feels taken care of and soothed and comforted - and he sees that she truly loves his brother. How wonderufl that he can be witness to it - for that may give him little opportunities in the future to help push them together. It also gives him a deeper tie to Eilian - knowing his heart like that - that puts them on more of equal footing as brothers, instead of as the big brother-little brother relationship they currently have. Loved it again. :D

Author Reply: Thranduil, Ithilden, and Eilian are all practical people, I think, and have a practical person's impatience with those who are not, AKA settlement elves. I think Legolas might be a little less practical but I'm not sure yet. I have to see how he grows up.

nanethReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/7/2003
Eilian really reminded me of his adar in his dealing with the settlers. Not much patience for their lack of planning and wisdom, but trying to be calm and get them to understand his reasoning. I think he still needs practice in his diplomatic skills!

Poor Legolas really did get a hard "knock" to the head. You made his inability to focus so real. And now fire and orcs are heading his way!

It was nice to see Maltanaur again. Reminds me that Legolas will soon have to deal with being assigned his own "keeper". That should be *very* interesting.

Author Reply: I've been thinking about Legolas's keeper and how they will meet. I *hope* it will be interesting.

I'm looking at this next chapter with, as you say, fire and orcs, and I'm thinking this could get complicated to write.

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