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The Tide of Times  by daw the minstrel 18 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 7 on 10/11/2005
I don't like Solith, he seems selfish and hard. Putting water on the cottages could work, but thats risky to chance.
Legolas is awake at least. Celuwen loves Eilian but why does she subject herself to the pain, she says she wants to fight the shadow, why not together....

Author Reply: Solith is not a likeable character.

I think stubborness is a characteristic of wood elves. If it weren't, they wouldn't have lasted as long as they did.

LamielReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/10/2003
Not only naked, but also getting a sponge bath?! My goodness, daw, you improve by leaps and bounds! Although I don't know if everyone would consider it an improvement. But certainly you have the whole-hearted approval of every red blooded female reading this fic.

It must be difficult for Solith, having the son of the king as an unwelcome suitor. Although he certainly seems stubborn and determined enough to handle it. He reminds me of Thranduil, in a small way--so certain that he is right, and ready to sacrifice in order to preserve what he thinks is important. Although I'm with Eilian on this one--that kind of risk, for a few homes that can be rebuilt and have only stood for a few hundred years anyway--seems pretty crazy. But then I've never had my home threatened like that. Pray that none of us ever do.

Upon re-reading that last scene (after recovering from the sponge-bath visualization) I see that Legolas and Celuwen are approaching some understanding, too. And my, he is perceptive! Ah, spring, when romance blooms among the forest fires. Speaking of which, there are Orcs coming too. I see more action in the next chapter. Which I will read soon. Must get to chart rounds now.

Thank you again for another wonderful chapter!


Author Reply: Some of Celuwen's chores didn't look too bad, did they? LOL

I don't think Solith is unduly impressed by Eilian's status as the king's son. Wood-elves are not big on rank, I think. I've been trying to make Thranduil's situation regal but still more down to earth then we sometimes think of royalty as being.

Legolas is softening toward Celuwen, which is a good thing. I think it would be important to Eilian to have them get along.


Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/9/2003
I liked this chapter, but I do feel worried about Legolas - he is unable to concentrate on a conversation, and is still being sick. It's bad news for him if he has to be evacuated, as I'm sure will happen. I hope both he and his carer will be all right, and that the settlement will survive - I foresee angst ahead if it's burned down, with or without Celuwen(?) And what will Thranduil do when he finds out about his son and his forest?


Author Reply: Legolas is gradually improving though. Thranduil should be able to take the fire in stride. The Elves usually let them burn. But the settlement and his son(s) are another question.

FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2003
Arghh, those settlement Elves are sure a stubborn crew. Sólith and Félas are being mightly selfish. It is a hard thing for them to admit, I'm sure that there homes are not the safest for their family. They have to see that their king only does what is best for his people. I see where Celuwen gets her stubborness too. It seems that what they think is standing up to Shadow is actually self-defeating and going to lead to more heartache than there needs to be. I am ready to march over to Celuwen & have a talk with her, after all the greatest love in Middle Earth has been born out of the greatest sacrifice and courage to be together despite insurrmountable odds. Celuwen, here I come!

Author Reply: Celuwen is making tea and scones and awaits your arrival!

Actually your comparison to Aragorn and Arwen gave me pause. I feel very presumptuous comparing my characters to them but when you think of it, they didn't marry until after the shadow had been driven away. I'll give you a clue about when a comparable time is for Eilian and Celuwen: Tolkien left a tiny window of peace in the sad tale of Greenwood the Great's transformation into Mirkwood. I think they might take advantage of it when it arrives.

LeraReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2003
Another great chapter. Maybe I'm just slow, but couldn't the elves in the settlement soak their cottages and then leave? And if they're expecting the fire to get that close to their homes, where exactly are they all planning to be? Huddled inside their watered down houses? The whole plan just seems really risky. If the fire is strong enough to jump the break, it doesn't sound like they'll be able to control it once it's in the settlement.
Maybe there's more to it than the pain of having to rebuild their cottages. Maybe they see evacuating as failure, almost like admitting they were wrong and that where they're living really is too dangerous. Pride. Oh, good grief,let's all just pray for rain.

Poor Legolas is still sick. Throwing up is the most awful feeling! Celuwen seems to be a wonderful nerse, though. Poor girl. I really admire her, doing what she truly believes to be right, even though it's not necessarily what she wants. Although I think she does love the woods. Just like Eilien thrives on danger, not necessarily battles. Oh, I want them to be together so bad! But I don't see how it's ever going to happen! These characters have become so real to me! Every bit as real as Frodo and Sam and Gandalf and Aragorn...
Thanks for making my day!

Author Reply: That's a good idea about the Elves leaving the settlement after soaking the houses. But I need them there, so what's a reason why they can't do that? Hm. They need to put out small fires as they start. How about that?

You honor me by saying that my OCs have become real to you. I, too, want Celuwen and Eilian to wind up together. I have this vision of him with a daughter whom he spoils rotten! I think they're in a bad situation now though, so I wouldn't count on them bonding any time soo. :-(

ArbelethielReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2003

I share Eilian’s frustration. I don’t think there’s anything material that is worth a life, any life, and the obstinacy of the settlers is really maddening. They built a home for themselves here, they can do it again, but only if they’re still alive. And of course, the fact that Celuwen is one of the settlers make things all the more akward for Eilian.

I like Celuwen a lot. She has the poise that is lacking in Eilian, and she would probably be a good influence on him. I also think she would get along with Thranduil very well. She has many of the qualities he appreciates: loyalty to her family and her community, a sense of duty that comes before her personal comfort. Besides, she would probably be able to smooth out the relationship between Thranduil and Eilian. Now Eilian and Sólith...

Legolas can be very perceptive about people, as long as he is not involved personally. I wonder what he will do with this knowledge. I dearly hope he won’t try to “help” them. They are old enough to resolve their problems on their own, and he would only create difficulties, even with good intentions.

Another wonderful chapter (except that there was no Thranduil :( ). Thanks,


Author Reply: That's a really nice analysis of Celuwen, I think. I suspect that Thranduil would like her if she makes Eilian happy. I think she might also make Eilian a better person, and that would really make his father happy.

Thranduil is on his way home, but it's a bit of trip! He'll be along soon, ornery as ever.

tigerlily713Reviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2003
What a lovely chapter. The tension between Eilian and Celuwen was very real.
The last little part, where Legolas wonders if Eilian is aware of Celuwen's love, was very sweet. Well done, Lily

Author Reply: Eilian and Celuwen have a way to go yet, I'm afraid. But I find their love touching. It seems to me that Eilian needs someone to love him, that, despite the love of his family, he's lonely. And they have loved one another since they were children really. Ack! They have to wait anyway.

Antigone_QReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2003
You update so quickly, Daw - I didn't get a chance to review the last chapter...or rather, I did, but my computer ate it and I didn't have the energy to type it over again just yet.

One of the things that struck me in chapter six is how much Eilian and Thranduil are alike. I finally saw this when Thranduil gets tired of the council blathering on and gets really worried about his realm and Legolas, so he jumps up and gets ready to go home. Then somewhere near the bottom of the chapter Legolas opens his eyes for a second, and Eilian gets worried and jumps up to go pound on the healer's door. I KNOW you have pointed out before that both father and son have a strong sense of family ties and an impatient/stubborn streak, but up until now I had focused on their differences.

By the way, I liked the scene where Gandalf is folding Thranduil's clothes while he packs. That was very Tolkien-wizard-y, to me.

Interesting to see what Eilian looks like when taking charge. In general, he seems to have good sense about people, and usually very diplomatic. I bet he and Ithilden work very well together - when they agree.

I begin to admire Celuwen more and more. I can see how she might feel as if bonding with Eilian was unwise. But she and Eilian are both so caring, I can't help but feel as if what they really need is a cottage full of Elflings to cuddle (You could precede this by a nice steamy story line, of course ).

I admit it. I secretly like hurt/comfort stories, and therefore, I really loved this chapter. And I guess you can't go too far wrong with an unclothed Legolas.

Author Reply: When I wrote about Gandalf folding Thranduil's clothes, I was thinking about the scene in FOTR in which he folds Frodo's clothes and Frodo takes each carefully folded garment, shakes it out, and stuffs it any old way into his pack! Leave it to Gandalf to want to help.

"she and Eilian are both so caring, I can't help but feel as if what they really need is a cottage full of Elflings to cuddle" -- that is so right on! I can imagine him doting on his kids' every move.

Nakes Legolas is always good. I have finally gotten him to an age where I can say that without being arrested.

DotReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2003
Ai, Sólith! I was wondering if he’d turn up. Looks like he hasn’t mellowed towards Eilian, anyway. Eilian may have argued with him but I thought he kept his temper well under control considering his anxiety about Legolas and frustration at these elves’ determination to remain in the settlement. I don’t know anything about fires but Sólith’s proposal didn’t seem very reliable. I can understand their desire to live in the settlement, but like Eilian I can’t comprehend why they would sacrifice their people in order to save their homes.

Poor Annael. He clearly won’t be reassured until he sees that Legolas is well. And I’m glad to see Maltanaur is still looking after Eilian!

It was rather, um....sneaky of Eilian to aske Celuwen to go with Legolas. It’s playing on her feelings a bit – I mean, she could hardly refuse to look after his injured brother. Still, I’d say she knew exactly what he was doing and the fact that she didn’t argue shows how much she really does want to do this for him.

I love watching Eilian with Legolas. Out of all his family, Eilian is probably the closest to a mother-figure that Legolas has in many ways. He was so gentle and reassuring in this scene that it brought tears to my eyes!

Orcs?? After all this I imagine Eilian will be too glad to get back to the Southern Patrol....!

Celuwen seems to be making herself miserable. I can see why she tried to distance herself from Eilian but it seems to me that if they bonded and something did happen to Eilian she might be better able to deal with that than this constant misery. Of course, it does seem selfish from the point of view that he could just as easily lose her in these dangerous times but if he’s willing to take that chance then perhaps they should. I guess I just think that any happiness is better than none. They surely can’t spend the rest of their lives avoiding each other. Their duty does mean that they have different obligations but this is probably true of many in Mirkwood and at least their ultimate goal is the same. A tough one. Like I say, I really can’t wait to see what eventually happens to these two!

I really liked the scene with Celuwen and Legolas. She’s wonderful with him, and it must feel good to him to have a caring female presence. I knew he didn’t remember the events after his mother’s death but it must be strange to find out that his brother was so worried about him. It’s also interesting that Celuwen feels she can understand Legolas’ feelings that time at the dance. She’s so right about Eilian being loving. He seems to have a magnetic personality and those he loves feel immediately possessive of him. She and Eilian really need to talk – her feelings must be very transparent if even a sick and injured Legolas can read them!

This was a great chapter – you do such a good job with emotional turmoil!:)

Author Reply: Celuwen's father is about as stubborn as Eilian's. The two of them should make for interesting family gatherings if Eilian and Celuwen ever do bond. I too think of Eilian as maternal toward Legolas. Poor Annael indeed. :-(

JustMeReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/8/2003
We get a look at Eilian being a little manipulative in this chapter. He will go to no lengths to make sure that the ones he cares about are protected. I hope that the two he is so protective of realize how lucky they are. I wish that Celuwen's father was a little more receptive of Eilian. The two of them simply have a different view of what is important to them. And they also have a difficult time accepting an opinion that differs from their own. They are actually very much alike in that respect. I suppose that is why they don't get along very well!
We also get a chance to see into Celuwen's mind and heart. I understand why she hesitates to let herself get close to Eilian. But at least now we know how she feels, and that she would indeed be a more than worthy match for Eilian. I think that Legolas would make a powerful allay in getting these two together. I can just imagine him playing matchmaker (somehow the vision of Legolas dressed as Cupid pops into my mind!). Anyway, I will be waiting anxiously to find out what happens when the fire reaches the village!

Author Reply: Eilian is a little manipulative, as you say. I suspect he thought that Celuwen would not go to safety on her own account. I usually don't like adults making decisions for one another, but I can understand his need to protect her.

I plan to deal with the arrival of the fire in the next chapter, although I just looked at my outline for it and it's complicated and long. This should be fun!

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