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The Tide of Times  by daw the minstrel 19 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/11/2005
Little Sinnarn is a bundle of energy, you have to feel for ithilden trying to keep him safe.
You can feel how proud Annael's parents are for them, and how time goes past so quickly...

Author Reply: Sinnarn is a bit too much like his Uncle Eilian for Ithilden to be easy with him. But he treasures the kid and does his best by him. And I've always loved Annael's family.

GilraenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 4/9/2004
This is getting interesting... I've been reading your stories in (chronological) order, so this is the first that I've seen Legolas this close to adulthood. Ack! Synia! I loved Miriwen- she's so sweet. I'm glad Legolas has no intentions of seriousness with Syni. This is really enjoyable. BTW, Elves with tack makes perfect sense :)

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/26/2003
A belated review for this chapter before I go on to the next! I think Ithilden was wonderful standing in for his father - he would make a fine King if anything happened to Thranduil (but it had better not!).

Annael's coming of age ceremony was lovely, and very elvish, somehow. I liked Legolas thinking his friend suddenly looked different! But I don't like Legolas' girlfriend - she most definitely in NOT the one for him! I do hope you will remove her soon, but not in a way that will cause too much angst for Legolas.


FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/23/2003
Oh the oath's were beautiful, just how they should have been. I was so very touched by the simplicity of the oaths Annael took, yet there was *so* much power, so much emotion in them. I liked the simple nature of the coming of age ceremony.

I am enjoying reading Legolas at this age, a lot! He is taking on the more complicated characteristics that come with adulthood... wait is that such a good thing for us grown ups? I am now thoroughly excited to see where Legolas will go in this story. What you have done with Ithilden and Eilian as mature characters is wonderful, and now we have Legolas on the cusp.

LeraReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/22/2003
I was so happy when I got the story update alert. Just who does your boss think he is? telling you your work should take priority over you writing? Crazy guy.
It's very funny that Sinnarn is so like Eilien. That's good and bad for Ithildien. He knows his brother so maybe that'll give him insight on how to handle the boy. However he also has to dread what Sinnarn will grow up to be like. Also, Eilien and Ithildien are as different as night and day. Hopefully Ithildien has grown to respect those differences and will be able to respect them in his son. I think he needs to work on saying "yes" to Sinnarn more often, not just "no you can't do that."
I wonder if Ithildien's relationship with Legolas has changed now that Ithildien's a father. Maybe Legolas seems more grown up to him since he has his baby.

The coming of age cerimony was really nice. I can imagine that parents both look forward to and dread that day. While I'm sure they're incredibly proud of their child who's no longer a child, it must be hard knowing that the time has come for him to join the fight in protecting the homeland, and that he'll be placing himself into danger. Anyway I was very touched by the cerimony. Shame on Legolas and Synia for going off to make out! Very insensitive.

I have to say...I really do not like Synia. And not just because she's sort of with Legolas. I don't like her as a person! She seems kind of self-centered and I can see her being manipulative. I also doubt she'd put herself on the line for a friend. Annael's girlie seems really sweet, are she and Synia good friends? I don't think I'd be friends with Synia.

I love your stories. I didn't read them in order and now I'm going back to do that.

LamielReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/22/2003
Oh, I loved the coming of age ceremony! It's perfect! Just exactly what one would expect for Elves. I especially liked the idea of surrendering the right to protection and guidance, but not the right to love and counsel. And accepting the responsibility for one's own choices and actions, and promising to serve the community. It reminds me a bit of a bar mitzvah, but more explicit in the promises. I think Americans need a good coming of age ceremony like this--going to a bar and getting drunk when you're 21 sends exactly the wrong message.

So Legolas has girls chasing him now, eh? Poor guy--it's not even close to what he'd experience if he were to drop into modern earth, but even for an Elf he's pretty darn gorgeous and he's just going to have to live with that. But of course I'm more interested in his weapons training than his encounters of the female kind--I can imagine those just fine on my own. ;)

It is a delight to see a near adult Legolas now--although of course his nephew fills the cute kid category nicely as well. Looks like Ithilden picked up some good parenting tips from Thranduil, eh? Speaking as an older sibling, I would say that the younger kids definitely get some slack from the parents.

Looking forward to some good Thranduil/Noldor tension next chapter (and yay to him for keeping his boot knife--Legolas did the same thing in "A Question of Duty," didn't he?) and more baths wouldn't hurt either. ;)


DotReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/22/2003
Ah, the many sides of Ithilden. I always liked him but I think since you introduced Alfirin to the stories we see so much more of his character. I love when he does his ‘Thranduil thing’ – I had a little chuckle at the line ‘“Esgaroth’s needs are not my concern,” he said coolly’ because it sounded exactly like Thranduil and then I read the next line and realised that others thought so too... then he flicks to being the family man and I love him just as much – it really makes me smile to hear him being called “Ada”!! I guess he now probably realises how tough it was at times for his father trying to juggle so many roles at once.

Alfirin is wonderful as always. Sinnarn is a bit of a handful, though, isn’t he??! Ithilden seems a bit worried that his son will be like Eilian but I don’t think that’s really a bad thing – Eilian has so many amazing qualities, he just needed someone to understand him a bit more and Ithilden certainly seems to have learnt a lot. It’s hilarious the way he forbids anything that Sinnarn might even be contemplating so that the only way out is direct disobedience. That bit about ‘rules’ was quite wise – are you speaking from experience there?!

So Legolas is still chafing a bit at the restrictions imposed upon him? It’s funny that he is surprised that the adults think of children as free. I was wondering as I was reading why he thinks adulthood symbolises freedom. But then, I suppose we all did...

The ceremony was beautiful. I loved the ritual questions. You absolutely caught the essence of that step away from childhood. I particularly liked the involvement of the family – it made it more intimate somehow. As a little side-note, I thought it was lovely that Elowen still treats Legolas as a son!

Annael and Beliniel seem incredibly close. I’d love to see them bond, although I can understand how hard Legolas is finding it as his friend seems to move further away from him. I think our little elfling may find that adulthood isn’t all he thinks it will be...

Alrighty, what’s up with Synia and Legolas?! How unbelievably awkward they are together. At first I thought I didn’t like her but actually I feel a little sorry for her. Isn’t Legolas being a bit selfish leading her on? Doesn’t he remember how much it hurt when Miriwen wasn’t truthful with him? And I can’t believe he didn’t stay with Annael on this of all nights... O.k., I’m finished my rant. Actually, I have to say, you write all the awkward stages of adolescence so well, especially here with hormones gone completely awry!

Oh, and it’s great to see Tonduil here – we don’t get to see enough of him!:)

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/22/2003
If at first you don't succeed...

Ithilden did a great job handling the men of Esgaroth, once again proving his political skills. He backed them directly into the corner where he wanted them. His technique may be Thranduilesque but it is still effective. His tone is a bit kingly and clipped with his advisors, just like his Adar. I loved your interlude with Alfirin and Sinnarn. His concern over his wife's day was very sweet. You have made him a very loving husband.

Handling kids at that age is difficult. Do you rejoice in the discovery of the snake skin or do you go directly to scolding for putting your hand in the hole? Tough one. You don't want to quell his enthusiasm but you don't want him to get bitten either. I probably would have spent a little more time admiring the skin. Sinnarn obviously is missing his Ada while the King is away.
I have a feeling we will see him by the river again.

His beautiful wife slips into something more comfortable, then Legolas comes in, then they get a bedroom visitor. Poor Ithilden, I feel sorry for him. Children are definitely not good for your love life.

Annael's ceremony was great! Elowen's reaction was wonderfully portrayed. It was Major Mommy Trauma. I got choked up for him and for Legolas. The poor prince won't have his Nana to present anything to him at his ceremony. I hope his brothers do. Synia sounds like one of those velcro girl friends - you can't shake free. Why do I think she is going to cause a problem later? I agree with Tonduil. Legolas should not have snuck off to be alone with a maiden he does not care for during such an important event. I guess he is not quite an adult yet.

I think I remembered everything... Looking forward to the weekend. Have a good trip!

brynReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/22/2003
*falls over laughing* Merciful Valar! Ithilden has been utterly cursed: his son is a miniature incarnation of his wildest brother! There's something oddly fitting about that. :) I predict some tense moments between he and the little one when Sinnarn gets older. Much like Thranduil and Eilian.

And speaking of Eilian--where is he? Am I allowed to make requests? ;) Bring back Celuwen, too!!! (Hey, if she doesn't want Eilian, I'LL take him.)

Is Thranduil going to make it back in time for Legolas' coming of age? *lol* I liked the way you wrote his thoughts on Rivendell. He's impressed, but having a hard time admitting it. Stubborn old bat of an Elvish King. I love him to death.

I love the slight arrogance you've given Legolas. Actually, I guess it's more of a cheeky self-assurance. Harmless in nature and unoffending. He seems to be a middle balance between Ithilden and Eilian.

What happened to Annael during his seclusion?

I don't think I care for Synia all that much. She seems more of a "dime-for-a-dozen" type, if you know what I mean. Then again, Legolas appears to regard her in similar manner as well. He's the prince, so he's going to have a pretty girl on his arm, I suppose. (Perhaps he ought to take a lesson or two from Mirkwood's middle prince on the subject.)

I eagerly look forward to more!!!! :)

Camp6311Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/22/2003
So much for getting back to your "real" work, perhaps your boss is one of your readers?. If so, you ought to convince him/her you need a laptop when you travel!

Good opening chapters, I liked seeing Thranduil in a different setting. I don't think we've seen him in any situations where he wasn't top dog, it will be interesting to watch how he handles himself with his peers.

I already don't like Synia, what could Legolas be thinking! He wants fun, but doesn't want to commit his heart. Not very noble of the young elf.

I'm not too worried about Anneal at this point, I know we see him some 500 years later in "A Question of Duty". Perhaps you are going to mess with his mind or perhaps his lady love???

I second the vote on a scene with Eilian in the bathtub... Thranduil in the tub is good, but he's got that married heart. :)

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