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Thranduil's Shadow  by Mimi Lind 14 Review(s)
AaronSecretReviewed Chapter: 5 on 6/4/2021
That escalated quickly!
Wow, what a tender, nervous and exciting first kiss.
It's interesting how everyone wants Luthien save for her promised one.
Forbidden love, rushing to get each other without even courting...
Sounds like my style, I can relate! Hahaha..

Author Reply: Yes, Aerneth is very impatient and Thranduil has not yet learned self-control, at least not in such matters...

AaronSecretReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/4/2021
As I previously said, your writing really helps me understand better the relationships between the Silmarilion characters.

Your work keeps me always so tenderly excited, I can't stop laughing with emotions, even my mother sitting next to me noticed and asked what intrigued me that much.

I like that you captured, unbiased from kink and the usual fanfiction sexualisation, the true emotion of elves, their true canon attitude towards each other, and also, there's this lingering lonely sensation of ...elves dying, or expecting their death, as it has always bothered me how their immortality ceases due to warfare, and this is omnipresent in your work.

They laugh, they have their fights as per character, they are kings, princesses that can't talk to their partner proreply, they are drinking out of a broken relationship, excited to know whose was the mysterious face... but... behind all of this, the Morgoth threat always weighs and makes a sad presence, for it is not peace, and you never know who's the next one to die.

Author Reply: Such a poetic description!
Indeed, this story focus a lot on dying, and mourning, and mental wounds not allowed to heal. Thranduil will become broken, before he can rise... It is not an easy story, neither to write, nor to read.

But even if there is much hardship he must go through, there will be a light in the end of the tunnel.

AaronSecretReviewed Chapter: 3 on 6/4/2021
Wow, wow, wow! I have beenn thinking PRECISELY about this matter these days - what it would feel for a delicate elve to shed their first blood. I love it how you described the feeling the company got when they first had to kill. To be honest, I had to drink a glass of water afterwards. XD
I also like the quote where Oropher seemed taller, stronger than ever.
Breathtaking. Can't wait to read more about it.
I also liked to read about the perspective Thranduil has for the Valar. :)

Author Reply: Yes, I imagine it must be horrifying at first. But then, with time, they much gather so much blood on their hands and it hardens them.

AaronSecretReviewed Chapter: 2 on 6/3/2021
This touched me on so many levels.
What an intriguing tale. I felt as if I were the one in love, hoping that my feelings would be mutual.
Officially my favourite Tolkien fanfiction.
It's a real jewel in literature.
You should be proud.
It feels innocent, genuine, tender, just as elves are.
I feel like crying... also, I feel her own excitement..

In other words, it is a compassion-provoking piece, makes you live it yourself.

Author Reply: Such sweet words. I'm overwhelmed. Thank you! <3

AaronSecretReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/2/2021
WOW The challenging momennt when Oropher hit him and then praised him! This is EXACTLY how I'd depict him. I love it <3 I'm fascintated, deeply touched and I somewhat feel a distant mouring, for some reason.

Author Reply: Glad you agree with my version of him. I like to explore the dynamics between a parent and their child, and I imagine they will have a much greater impact when they are immortal - especially since elves grow up so slowly.


AaronSecretReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/2/2021
WOW! Such knowledge of The Silmarilion. Who has been where, who witnessed what, who lived at that time, who was present in the kingdom, also knowledge of Elven Language. Good job!
Thranduil's cute. I kind of miss it when he becomes a king, more badass.

Author Reply: Aww thank you! I did LOTS of research on this story.

AaronSecretReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 6/2/2021
Your style is very easy to read and follow, diverse in epithets and other means of expression. It is obvious that you are an advanced writer. I am happy I found your work.
It definitely feels like another Thranduil than his late verion, the one I see in the prologue. Can't wait to see how his character develops. :)

Author Reply: Thank you lots! ♡

AaronSecretReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/2/2021
Okay, so far I've had the chance to take only a glimpse at your work but I've been enchanted with the idea of finally managing to read it. Will do so shortly. I like the serious feel of it, and it captures, to me, the real Thranduil's story and persona I've been unsuccessfully searching for in fanfiction that focused on other biased thigs instead.

I will follow up whether this impression will change once I take a more serious look at your work.

Author Reply: Aww thank you for reading and commenting so kindly! I have not been active on this site so I had missed all your comments.
Glad I checked in now!


elizaReviewed Chapter: 18 on 3/10/2021
WOOZA!! You have to give a girl a warning with a chapter like that. I am afraid you are right, I'm not liking either Thranduil or Aernath right now. Chapter was great though, well written and very very emotional. I generally a "happy ending" type of gal so I'm not sure how these two are going to survive this.
Do elves get divorced??

Author Reply: Sorry lol! It will be a happy ending, I've even written it already haha. No I just have to fill in all the stuff in-between! :D

No, I don't think they divorce, but they do live apart for extended periods sometimes.

demeter dReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 3/8/2021
Welcome to Stories of Arda, Mimi Lind. This one has become my favorite of all of the sites I have visited over the last two decades since I had discovered fanfiction. It is still an active site. Indeed, since the real world shutdowns due to Covid-19, a few writers who had not posted as much for a time found themselves at home more and have begun posting again. I do believe, tho, the average age of the authors here has been sliding upwards over the years. I even know of four of my favorite authors here who have, as some here say, "passed the Circles of the World". It is good to have some new and younger authors join here. The thing I have liked the most about this place over the years has been the sense of hope in the majority of the stories. I know of one author with whom I have corresponded who says they "do not believe in any supreme being," and one who says they "are not christian". But the majority of the ones I have read and reviewed over the years write a sense of hope that this world is not all there is to creation, and love and light will endure. Take some time to look around while you are here. And I, in turn, will check out your writings in your other sites. Now, as to the Chapter. Like Mirkwood Maiden, I, too am a Thranduil fan. There seems to be a trend among fan-fic writers to make him cruel, because he was stern with Bilbo and the Dwarves. But in Lothlorien during the Quest, Galadriel comments that Legolas has "lived in joy beneath the trees". Many writers agree that if he had lived with an abusive father all of his life, his life would not have been joyful. But Thranduil was the only elven ruler whose realm lasted into the Third Age WITHOUT THE AID OF A RING OF POWER. So he and his people had to be strong and ever watchful. And, there is not any mention of Legolas's mother in the Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings books. So, people quess that due to some tragedy she either was killed, or injured so badly that she had to sail, like Celebrian. But what if Oropher was the strict, abusive one. The story of The Last Alliance has him and his warriors rushing into a charge before the Black Gates without waiting for support from the rest of the Elves. Which certainly might make him stubborn, or rash, less than wise. It will be interesting to see how Thran turns out as the son of a stern father, and how his wife's personality develops.

Author Reply: Thank you for that! It seems like a nice site with lovely stories. Unfortunately the formatting is not so good when you read on a phone like I do.

About Thranduil: Yes, this! I also donít think him cruel or a bad father, but maybe a bit íemotionally constipatedí... In this story I will try to portray his character growth, and the events in his life shaping the ellon he becomes.
Mostly there is loss behind it, loss of friends, parents, fellow warriors. Itís because he knews loss, heís so protective of his realm and his people. And of his son.

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