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Notes_From_the_Field  by bryn 12 Review(s)
CitrineReviewed Chapter: 4 on 9/8/2003
*Crawls to keyboard* Ahahahahahaha! *gaspgasp* This is the funniest thing I've ever read! I'd have more to say, but I really must to go the ribs are killing mee..he..hehheheheheheheeeeee...! *thud*

LamielReviewed Chapter: 4 on 9/8/2003
"The Elves did not appear to favor lice or tick consumption even when researchers offered the insects." Mwahahahaha!! Oh, so glad to see the research department is ready with their final report. It's been a long dry wait for it.

Lovely theory on Elvish attunement to nature, and the plants' response back. Poor Zippy!

They prefer not to stray from their original habitat, "much as the rabbit" (!) "Dirge-esque songs of mourning" accompaning the migration, and the comparison to lemmings! I can't quote any more, I'm laughing too hard.

I readily sign my name to the petition lobbying for the painful death of all Mary Sue species, and stand ready and willing to lead hunting parties in pursuit of them. Also please note that my own Mark I and Mark II LEGOLASes are alive and well, and my Legolas muse shows good signs of recovery now that he's almost out of Moria. I note that JastaElf's Legolas muse is still in dire straights, however, and Irena's has been in considerable distress for over a year now. Some form of ticketing or strongly worded note may be needed to get these authors to hurry up and update, already. The marinus stiria department could come along a wee bit faster too, now that the SRDM has vacated the playing field, at least for the moment. Hmm, I think Ithilien has a bullwhip that might be useful.

Brilliant, funny, very creative work as always. Very, very well done. And I wouldn't grieve too much for Phoebus just yet. If he really is Thranduil, I think those poachers are gonna get what's coming to them.


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