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History Lessons  by Nilmandra 114 Review(s)
Fan81981Reviewed Chapter: 16 on 7/29/2003
I had to bite my mouth as well to keep from laughing. Now it hurts. At least I got to finish the chapter - it is very early in the morning here and I should be asleep but I wanted to finish this. It was well worth it.

I must say that the little 2nd Age twins are caught fantastically. They are aboslutely adorable. At least Elrond family life is relatively joyful. He deserves it. The little bit with Galadriel was fantastic - one tends to foget how old she is and that she is a mother.

As for the rest of the story - the histroy bit of it. I am not sure what my feelings should be about that. The twins are very vivid and often very cute. But at the back of my mind is always the realisation that Elros is dead. This is just a memory in ELrond's mind. It is a very sobering thought. The often nostaligic tone in these sections just re-inforces the feeling. It is very well-done, the life of the twins and the Age they live in comes through. Elros' love for his brother, his concern all are very touching. I just wish there was some way you could keep him alive.

Are you going to continue this till Elros' death?

KarriReviewed Chapter: 16 on 7/29/2003
Very entertaining, though bittersweet, chapter. The sons of Elrond are as delightful as ever. :)

LevadeReviewed Chapter: 15 on 7/27/2003
Hallo! Tried and tried to leave a review at but..bother! I can leave one here. *G*

Loved Glor's lionish tendency peeking out again for that brief moment, and them teasing him about the clothing. :D

And so it was Celebrian! I should have stayed with my first guess and instinct. *snaps fingers*

Elros trying to fly is too funny. I can so see that!

I feel a bit sorry for the wounded Ranger. It would be so hard to be around elves for long, I think. Their beauty and grace, their long lives and wisdom. It would be horribly hard not to compare yourself to them and find life wanting.

Not to say I want the muses out. ;D Another lovely chapter, Nilmandra! Something tells me Erestor and Glor are plotting though...


FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 15 on 7/19/2003
Well finally I can leave a review for this story. FOr some strange reason, would not let me leave a review for this particular story. I love to read stories that bring to mind events of my own childhood and yours always do! I remember wishing my leg were broken as my sister had a cast filled with drawings and signed by friends. I was jealous. Although no jealousy here, I did find the scene where the adults and child are busily decorating the cast to be a delight! Elros and Elrond, what a pair they were, and you know I always knew Elros was the more impetuous, of-the-moment of the two. Of course he would have to choose being of the second-born b/c with immortality comes too much patience and time doesn't it. And Gil-Galad, another sexy elf hunk. These elf lords drive too many women crazy! Please don't tell me this story is almost over. I will cry. First Journey's End ended, now One Year in Mirkwood by Daw is finished. I just cannot handle it :(

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