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History Lessons  by Nilmandra 114 Review(s)
TreeHuggerReviewed Chapter: 17 on 8/16/2003
This was an excellent chapter. I was ROFL at the beginning. Glorfindel was "got good" with that one. I would have loved to see the look on his face! I am still chuckling over that one. It seems that the women have won that round! :D

I love the twins interaction with Albast. They can learn about their mortal 'kin' that way first hand. I think they have played a big part in his healing whether they know it or not.

The history section was beautiful and heartbreaking at times. I love the way you write Gil-galad - he seems very patient and very strong. He has indeed been shaped by his own past and experiences and shines forth like a glowing gem. He is wonderfully done.

I loved the part when Elrond merely wanted to help him, placing his hand over Gil-galad's. He was a born healer I believe. He certainly has the heart for it and I think that is what makes a healer, the desire to help and to give a measure of strength to someone who is hurting, whether it is physical or emotional.

ELrond and Elros are wonderful. They each have such different personalities and callings in life. I enjoyed the picture of Elros and the ship. Yes, he is born to sail away. :( I like that he "wouldn't let Elrond fall". That is a very telling statement about their relationship.

You wrote the frenzy of the battle very well. I can only imagine how terrifying this would be. :( Elrond's talent as a healer will come in very handy I fear.

Wonderful! :) You do this so very well!

Elenath sila am le!

Dragon-of-the-NorthReviewed Chapter: 17 on 8/15/2003
Hopefully, this review will not get swallowed by the evil demons on the web... But this site seems to be more reliable than, so there is still hope...

I liked this chapter very well! :-)
The beginning was so incredibly hilarious! LOL - wicked Celebrian! Wicked maidservant! And poor Glorfindel - of course, he must be embarrassed in such a situation! Oh, and how terrible... *Ladies* have pulled that wicked prank on him, so it would be vvery impolite to take revenge... *snickers*
But the more serious part of the chapter was also wonderful! Albast is a great character to show the differences between men and elves - I like him quite well, and he seems to be very good with children!
I loved Elrond's realization that "in these Men Elros still lived" - no, his brother is not gone completely, although he has died long before... That was a beautiful thought!
I also liked the history part very well - you really manage to stuff more and more of the most important information about the First Age into this tale... Just brilliant! Your portrayal of Elros and Elrond is wonderful - yes, they are very different from each other, but it is wonderful that they still love each other well and have a good relationship... The conversation between Gil-Galad and Elrond was very beautiful and moving as well!

So: Once again a very good chapter! I am looking forward to the next one immensely! :-)

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 17 on 8/15/2003
I loved the relationship of Elrond and Elros in this chapter. They are so different and yet loving. You can see pain ahead for Elrond in Elros's choice. And it's interesting to see their different development. Elrond is plainly at an earlier stage than Elros - which fits since they will be elf and man respectively. But Elrond is still brave and smart and loving.

I also liked the interaction with Gil-gilad. I find your Gil-Gilad very attractive. He's a charismatic young king who can draw all these followers to him, including Elrond.

LevadeReviewed Chapter: 17 on 8/14/2003
Oooooooh!! End? End? That's just the worst word in the world, you know. But you realize we'll hound you if you don't write more, so...we shall wait patiently, yessssss, preciousssss....

*snerk* That set-up with Glorfindel was beautiful! Celebrian...SO devious! Does Elrond realize this? ;) And Glor getting flustered was well worth it.

Elrond telling the story to Albast is touching, as is the man wanting to hear it...and his reasons.

The twins, great as always. Love Elrond falling asleep in the crows nest.

I cannot! Believe! You! Ended! It! There!!!

*taps foot* I'll be waiting... ;)

who had more to say, but forgot in loggin in

CoriandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/11/2003
This is looks good, the opening grabbed my interest right away. Poor Elladan and Elrohir! That history lesson sounds boring to me too, but I'm sure Glorifindel will make teach them interesting things from now on. I'm surprise Elrond and Glorifidel didn't think of that of earlier.

I'll be reading more when I get the chance. Great story, thank you!

LevadeReviewed Chapter: 16 on 8/6/2003
Where to start. There is a great deal to love in this chapter.

Elrohir's reaction to his parent's affection versus Elladan is hilarious. Not surprising, seeing that Elrohir learns things from watching and reading where Elladan is a "doer". I expect those lessons will be a bit down the road!

The affection between Elrond & Celebrian is wonderful. It's so nice to see them as loving. Sometimes writers totally forget the twins did have a mother!

Galadriel's words to Elrond were wrenching. It would be hard to be a seer, and see the possible futures. Harder yet to allow them to unfold as they must when it involves your only daughter. You can see why Galadriel is so strong and rather...aloof. Getting too close would only mean more pain.

Elros and Elrond are wonderful, as always. I love seeing the differences, and though the gap between them is widening and sad, even as children, you could see they were going to be quite different.

Cirdan, one of my favourite elves! Love that he gently prods Ereinion to see ...perhaps what he doesn't want to.

All in all, Nilmandra, still a wonderfully detailed tapesty of a family you're unfolding for us. :) Looking forward to more!


GayalondielReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/4/2003
What a brilliant summary of the Beginnings! I particularly love the passage with Elladan and Elrohir's ancestry, that was beautifully put together!

I hate to sya this, but I have the tiniest niggle. In the Sil, chapter Nine, it refer's to the name Morgoth:

"[Fëanor] cursed Melkor, naming him Morgoth... and by that name only was he known to the Eldar ever after"

While of course Glorfindel would know the name, it strikes me that the twins might know him more readily as Morgoth? It's just a thought, and I hesitate to say it, because I hate to critisise a story so well written.

GayalondielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/4/2003
Oh my goodness, I cannot believe I haven't got around to reading this story before! I'm always thirsty for fics dealing with Sil-related issues and this promises to be incredible, though I've only read the first chapter. I particularly love your depiction of Elrond and Celebrían, it's perfect. One so often finds Elrond the strict loremaster in fics but rarely is anything decent written for him. This is just superb.

IthilienReviewed Chapter: 15 on 8/4/2003
Oh, this review is ssssssssssoooooooooooooo overdue, I'm ashamed to even pull it out of my pile after such a long time. But I'm going to put words to page all the same because I have to keep you apprised of just how much I have adored this fic even if I have been remiss in my reviews for it. RL has kept me from keeping up with it, but I am printing out what I have missed and will be reading it soon. For the now, what a better way to post my thoughts than here, on your new site.

Although I am charmed by the twins and all that befall them in this story, I have to say the staying power of it for me has been the history and learning of Elrond's story. Of course I have read of all of this in the Silmarillion before, but it’s a disjointed story there, not nearly all that interesting, and really worth only dozing through (IMHO). You, however, have given it life. And that is not a small thing. I have also read Silmaril fics by other fanfic writeres, and they have been okay, but truthfully, they are tainted for me because I found this bible of Tolkien's to be such a dull read I could never really get past it, and so those other fics held little interest for me. But your story is way more intriguing, and I actually feel like I am learning a thing or two from it of Elven history. I love seeing Gil-galad in this face-to-face, and Cirdan is just as rough and as loveable as I would have imagined him to be. So with that, now you know why I am here and keep returning. Hopefully I can redeem myself a little for my tardiness by fessing up this little fact, and if not promising to be more diligent in my reviews, at least promising I'll keep coming back for more.

FadesintothewestReviewed Chapter: 16 on 7/31/2003
Oh my, I must admit that my heart always aches when I read about Elrond and the choice he made and that of Elros, and then thinking of Arwen and the unknown fate of Elladan and Elrohir. This is one of the reasons I so love Tolkien's work, his world, so complex, that it touches upon the most momentous question of our times. The unknown fate of men, but yet the elves immortality seems tied to a sort of unknown as well, till the end of Arda. Those questions make the heart break with joy, sadness, pain, fear. You capture that well in this story.

Little elflings and the ways of the world. Elladan and Elrohir's curiousity is just as Elrond's sons should be. But the relationship of Elros and Elrond you portray is going to end up breaking my heart, and the way you have painted this story, Elrond's losses mean so much more to me. Elros, Gil-Galad, Celebrian, Arwen. It seems the elves lost much during these times.

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