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Rhyselle's Library  by Rhyselle 144 Review(s)
LisselindeReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/22/2008
Oh Rhyselle! What can I say, except, how utterly beautiful! Alaita Eru, Alaita Eru, i atar, i ion, ar i aire fea! Praise God, the father, Son, and the Holy Spirit! This story brought me to worship when Alassiel showed it to me. I can truly imagine the valar there, and I can feel my finger in those beautiful scars which Atar wanted left in His body. Thank you! Thank you for being His instrument!

Author Reply: I am so very pleased that this little ficlet touched your heart. I thank Him for blessing me with the words put into my head and fingers, and for allowing me to tell it. Alaita Eru!

AlassielReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/22/2008
Greetings Rhyselle,

I wept with awe and joy when I read this. An Easter blessing indeed! I Heru OrtaniŽ! The Lord Has Risen!


Author Reply: It's really your fault this story happened (well, fault is not really the right word but I can't think of another right now) because it was your fic "Sent Unto Men" that first got me thinking about the incorporation of the events of the life of Christ into Tolkien's Legendarium. And Fiondil's characterization of the Valar was the other part of it.

So thank you for for inspiring me as well!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/22/2008
So, this was how it was done? I think that Atar did indeed approve.

Author Reply: I admit to being nervous as to how this would be taken. But scripture speaks of Christ visiting the dead during the three days before He rose again, and the words came...

Imagine how the Valar must have felt to be once more in the actual presence of Eru for the first time since they left the Timeless Halls... I do have a bunny nibbling on me in regards to that but the words haven't come to me in fullness yet.

I understand from Fiondil that you have been ill this Holy Week. I pray for your recovery and that you may be blessed this Easter, despite your unwellness. God bless you!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/22/2008
I see your Faramir, as with my Frodo, rests best knowing natural light can touch him ever. And such a light to waken to, there lying by his side....

Author Reply: It just seemed right to me that after dwelling so long under the Darkness of Mordor and struggling under the Darkness of the Black Breath, Faramir would crave light in all of its aspects. And the light of love is the brightest, after all. :) Thank you for letting me know you liked this.

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