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Visitors  by daw the minstrel 43 Review(s)
Asms2Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/7/2016
This story is excellent!

It was creative of you to write in a human POV. It provides an interesting perspective and some humorous moments. She nick-names Ithilden Stubborn-ass, haha!

The brothers’ interactions are great! It’s fun to see them interacting without keepers, wifes, ect around. A different dynamic to have just the 3 of them working together. And the dialogue is outstanding!

"Get away from that window before I throw you in the pen with the pigs!" Ithilden cried. Legolas backed away. "I would just climb out." –haha!

Ithilden found himself in quite the frustrating situation here, in that he couldn’t be everywhere at once. And he felt responsible for everyone. It was entertaining to watch him process things.

I found this one really enjoyable:)

Author Reply: I'm so glad you liked it.

Until I started writing, I didn't realize how powerful a tool POV could be. She gets to notice things about elves that seem commonplace to them, for instance. And watching her work out their relationship and even their names was fun.

Legolas is also at an age I like here, smart mouthed and vulnerable.

And Ithilden, who likes to think he controls everything, was being driven to distraction!


endorearwenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/15/2013
Be still my beating heart!! I'd happily trade places with Alitha if it meant I could stitch that wound! ;-) This story is absolutely perfect in every possible way for my tastes! I loved the interplay of the brothers, so familiar, so warm, and always so loving! My poor, Ithilden! You can just imagine how much I revel in seeing him off-kilter and thrown into the most unexpected of circumstances - really, how does one avoid a newborn's relief? and, of course, he would sigh when he realized the Mistress was in labour! (Woe is me...) I think this story, of those I've read to-date, is where we get to see how very much like Thranduil Ithilden is - iron fist sheltering a tender heart! Ah... My hero... There will be sweet dreams tonight! (hearts and kisses again if I could figure out how to do them on a keyboard...)

PS - I understand what you were saying about writing the magic in the last story. Like you, I'm very practical in a lot of ways and there isn't much 'magic' in my world. However, you did a fine job of writing it in that story so kudos for having a great imagination and a 'way with words' that allowed it shine when it was needed!

Author Reply: I thought this might be your kind of story! I wrote it as a birthday present for Dot, who is the original Ithilden fan. That's why I located Ithilden's wound where I did and put in that Alitha might fall on top of him. LOL. That was fun.

I'd been keeping a list of possible things to try in my fanfic and this one was "the three brothers from the POV of an outsider." So Alitha was it. And then POV worked its magic and I started caring about her. Don't you find that being in a character's POV makes you care? So then I got to have her try to figure out what they were saying and what their names were and so on. It was challenging and, as I said, fun.

For a guy who likes to have things under control, Ithilden was having a bad day.

JastaElfReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/7/2008
Maybe I reviewed this at In any case, I review now... I love this story. It is SO well characterized and plotted; I love Legolas's reactions to just everything! I wish he'd gotten to bathe the baby too... maybe he goes back to visit someday soon? :) Just to make sure no more outlaws are around, of course? And... you know you want to write a story where somehow they find out the kid's name is Ithilden... :)

Just a wonderful story. Thank you!

Author Reply: Thanks, Jasta. I had a lot of fun using this outsider's POV because she noticed things the elves were accustomed to and so wouldn't comment on. And I hardly ever get to show all three brothers at once, especially with Legolas at this smart mouthed, vulnerable age.

Maybe they do have to go see baby Ithilden some day. :-)

PandoraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/15/2007
Such a lovely story!!!! It really took my heart away! It was such a delight to read!

Author Reply: Thanks, Pandora. I had fun writing this one. Ithilden likes to be in charge and he was having a bad day. :-)

esamenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/12/2007
Alitha's eyes darted from his green and brown garb to his pointed ears to the elegant bones of his face. For a heartbeat, she looked up into his star-shot eyes; then she flicked her gaze away and swallowed. Not a man. An elf.

Oh, what a glorious sight to see . . . "star-shot eyes" . . . (sigh).

There are no hunks in the world that compare with Lasgalen's three handsome princes! I read the whole fic and then went back and immediately read it again. Thank you, thank you for writing this! I will probably have to re-read the whole saga now.

Happy typing!

Author Reply: Thanks, Esamen. I had fun taking an outsider's POV in this one because I could write about things like grace and beauty that the elves take for granted among themselves. I'm glad you like it.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/10/2007
I am catching up with reading...this was awesome! I loved the POV of the woman. And poor Ithilden! How could that have been worse for him--Legolas with them when they were in danger, having to depend on Eilian to get help and then delivering a baby! I absolutely loved it!

Author Reply: Thanks, Elliska. I had a good time writing it, heaping every frustration I could on poor Ithilden's head. He's undaunted though. You have to love the guy.

IdhrenielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/9/2007
Oh my... what a lovely fic! The interaction between woman and elves (the three most lovely elves out there!!!) was very, very nice! I love this line "It's ill then" ahahah!!!! Since the begining I pictured that the elf at the door was Ithilden!
Thank you for the nice reading!

Author Reply: You're good to guess Ithilden! This was a distressing day for him, but he managed all right, bless him. Glad you liked it.

terrybReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/3/2007
I am always delighted to see a notice that you have posted a new story. I like Ithilden aka 'stubborn ass.' He's such a grumpy gus and Legolas is, as always, adorable when he's determined to help. It's fascinating to realize after all this time that both Legolas and Eilian both find ways to get around what they're told to do, but one is more tentative and subtle about it than the other.

Poor Ithilden, to be not in control of events, right down to his rebellious little brother.

Author Reply: Thanks, Terryb. I'm afraid I really enjoyed piling on the problems for poor Ithilden, who so likes to feel in charge. And the thing is, depite everything, he still thought he was! LOL.

ponypetterReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/1/2007
Even though I didn't catch the "It's ill then" line, I still managed to figure out this HAD to be the three brothers.

I'm most curious to find out how on earth Legolas managed to be with them so far away from home.

Author Reply: Oh you're good if you missed that line and still figured out who this was!

The three of them were off to visit their mother's relatives. It's in what's usually a safe part of the forest and there were two warriors (Ithilden and Eilan) so things should have gone okay, but it turned out not. :-)

perellethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/1/2007
Boy, Do we love Ithilden! Do you think Dot would mind sharing?
Ehem. I had such a great time last week end reading this! The three of them! IT was great fun, and also I loved the quick pace you set to everything. Not an unnecesary wrd ( not that there are any in your tales, anyway) everything perfectly clear, the rythm great and the hilarity and seriousness meddling as in life.

Apart from the chance of setting Ithilden quite away from his comfort zone, the contrast between pregant woman and graceful elves was really, really wonderful. I cannot tell what I liked best, but I really enjoyed it very much. We do miss these guys, daw! :-)

Author Reply: I miss these guys too when I'm not writing about them. It was fun to show the three brothers from a stranger's pov.

The one we really miss is you, Perelleth. You need to get an internet hookup.

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