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Visitors  by daw the minstrel 43 Review(s)
pipinheartReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/22/2007

This is nice!

Ithilden, is hurt, Legolas trying to get in the action and as always Eilian in the middel to bring back help...

Ithilden, delevering a baby, and in the end her let her and her husban remain where they were living, when he at first was telling her she shouldn't be there. You see Ithilden as stern, overprotective, and kind all in one.

I liked Alitha viewpoint on the brothers, as she sees them.

And Eilian was born in the fores, that sounds just like him...

Great job!

Author Reply: Thanks, Pipinheart.

It took me a while to figure out Ithilden because he's more complex than he looks on the surface. And I'd never before thought of Eilian being born in the forest, but it sounded right. :-)

Alisha BReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/22/2007
I had forgotten how much I loved your stories. The sad truth is that I've gotten away from LotR fanfiction... But there are a few people I continue to follow. You and one other author. Congratulations on that. I'm afraid I've left many many more behind.

Thank you for reminding me about my favorite woodland elf family. It is always a thrill to read one of your pieces about them. I love how you've developed each of their characters, although Eilian is my favorite. That being said, I think this is one my favorite Ithilden short stories, though. I got a kick out of the "It's ill then" comments. Haha, at least I know I'm pronouncing it vaguely correct. I seem to remember you mentioning it somewhere, but I can't find it. How exactly do you say Eilian's name?? I think I've figured out Ithilden. *g*

Anyway, even though my obsession has shifted away from Tolkien's world, I see myself reading your stories as long as you keep writing. (and maybe longer.) Keep up the wonderful work, and as always, I look forward to your next piece.

Author Reply: I think the fandom is dying back, which is probably natural. People have sort of worn out their enthusiasm. I read less than I used to and I'm pickier about what I read, I think because so many stories already look familiar to me. I've read one like it before.

As far as I can tell, Eilian should be pronounced "ay-lee-un." So it's close to "alien." An irony Thranduil takes note of. :-)

Thanks for your kind words.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/22/2007
Very enjoyable! "It's ill then" Loved that little bit especially out of all the absolutely wonderful pieces of business you put in! Don't know why exactly, but it is... ;)

And Many Happy Returns to Dot! Who is definitely the best reviewer in the land!

Author Reply: Thanks, Redheredh.

I actually enjoyed writing that "It's ill then" part too. It was fun to decide what these guys would look like to an outsider.

All of us who get Dot's reviews should write her stories often, I think.

Selene AduialReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/22/2007
I just love your stories.
The way you portrayed the three brothers from Alitha's POV was just plain funny. Legolas acting like any adolesent would, and Eilian's commentary to Ithilden's actions *grin*
The goats are hylarious, even if they are just being themselves.
Ithilden really hates it when things get out of his control doesn't he.
I would love to see them check on his little namesake sometime in the future.

Author Reply: Thank you, Selene. This story was fun to write. I like experimenting a little in stories and using an outsider's POV was the experiment for this one.

So you're another vote for Ithilden checking on his namesake? I may just have to do that some time.


obsidianjReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/22/2007
Aww, how cute. I loved to see the brothers Thranduilion in action. I loved Eilian's running commentary on Ithilden's actions.

Author Reply: Thanks, Obsidianj. Having Eilian comment on Ithilden's actions turned out to be very useful to me as an author, plus it was fun. Glad you liked it.

ziggyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/22/2007
Just got to read this again about 14 times to really appreciate every word!! Oh what a treat to read this. I love seeing the brothers together like this. ANd the way you reveal them rather than tell it all in the first paragrapgh is so engaging to read.I agree with the KArenator - love to see Ithilden return to check up on his namesake- wont he be surprised to find a little human running around getting mucky and called Ithilden. Surprised and not entirely sure how he should react perhaps?- love to read his reactions and Eilian will enjoy it so!
Alitha is a great character too- plucky and beautiful in her love for her husband and child (what will he think to come home and find elves taking care of his family?) You give him character even though he is absent, he is clearly a good man and kind - Alitha loves him and he wants to do well for his family.

But even that animals have characters - Mama Pig giving Alitha a warning, and yes, I agree with everyone else, the goats are hilarious- so nosey! Watching all the excitment - goats are like that.

oh- star-shot eyes.....breathtaking! Strangeness and beauty- fey Mirkwood elves- even Ithilden appears so to a human. The way you describe him through Alitha's eyes- the stony face just being the way elves appear, makes me think of a beautifully illustrated Mabinogion I had as a child.
ANd then they gradually become less strange and more like the bickering and teasing brothers they are. Hm -hm, and very sexy too I might add. All three of them in a confined space ..phew.... must stop. 'As if she had always been under his command..' - love it. ANd Eilian's assessment of Ithilden as a force of nature- lol!! And as always, so much in this to make me chuckle. Thanks again as usual for a rare and beatutifuly written story.

Author Reply: Eilian was bad to suggest naming the baby Ithilden! LOL.

Working with Alitha's POV was fun but challenging. I got interested in her, which always seems to happen when I take a character's POV. So I think the start of the story is a little slow but I could't bear to cut out that part about her and her husband cuddling together and dreaming of the future. But then once I got the brothers Thanduilion on the scene, I had trouble staying in her POV. Fortunately my beta prodded me along. Andas you say, using her POV allowed me to show my usually familiar characters as alien, which I really enjoyed doing.

Thanks for your kind words, Ziggy.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/21/2007
I loved this story the first time I read it. I still do. It's such fun! I love seeing the Brothers Thranduil through the eyes of an outsider. I'm still laughing over Alitha thinking Eilian was saying, "It's ill now". I suppose in a little while, Ithilden would agree things had gone ill.

Ithilden is such a wonderful character. Well, they all are, but he's so ripe for being caught in situation out of his control and desperately trying to regain his command of events. He pulls off the 'birthing' with the proper authority, even if he really is out of his league. Leave it to Eilian to point out his older brother thinks he's in control of Arda.

Legolas was perfect. You captured his age with the ease of a mother who's had a kid redefine directions according to his whim. The 'fine-line' obedience of disobedience.

Ithilden kept his gaze on the slit of space between the shutters.

"Get away from the window."

The boy backed out of his brother's reach, his eyes too keeping watch on the night.

"I said get away."

"I did get away." Legolas took another step backward.

That's just one of the many wonderful Legolas and brother exchanges.

The goats gathering around to watch the action was a hoot.

I love this story. In fact, I love it so much, I'd like to see Ithilden return to check on his 'friends' and his namesake in the future. I spent yesterday afternoon trying to determine how old Little Ithilden would be when Sinarn was born. Too bad Ithilden couldn't return, whip out his wallet, and drop a portfolio of baby pictures to show Alitha. But he could return to see how they are. Right? :>)

You know I've always loved your writing, but you just get better and better. I know you say you cringe when you read some of your earlier stories, but I still love them. Your talent has always shown.

Happy Birthday, Dot!!!

Author Reply: Oh wow. How old would he be? No more than 10 surely. That would be fun!

It's just irresistable to tweak Ithilden. His brothers can't stop themselves and neither can I!

And Legolas was entertaining, at least to me. Of course, I don't have to live with him and I'm not responsible for his safety. Something tells me he'd have been more docile with Adar, who puts up with no nonsense.

Thank you for your kind words and also for your help on this, Karen. You see how much readers enjoyed watching the baby "christen" Ithilden. :-)

GwynhyffarReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/20/2007
Oh Ithilden, you're so sexy when you're being so... commanding. :D I loved Eilian and Legolas giving the running commentary about him while he was standing right there. I could practially feel him bristling!

I loved this picture of the brothers together - you did a great job showing that brotherly relationship between them rather than everyone playing their part in their various duties. ... I hope that made sense!

Author Reply: He's commanding, has an owie high on his thigh, and is in danger of having a woman remove his leggings. It's a birthday present for Dot. What can I say?

I think I know what you mean about them being brotherly. They were on vacation, in effect, on their way home from visiting the relatives and sniping at one another like siblings. It was a ton of fun to write.

DotReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/20/2007
Iím still smiling!

This is one of your best yet, daw. I loved everything about it. What a fantastic job you did with POV! Alitha is quite a character. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the brothers Thranduilion through her eyes. It would be interesting anyway to see them from an outsiderís perspective but she sees things another person mightnít and boy was it fun. The scene-setting was just lovely. It seemed quite a cosy, peaceful place, with the only unpleasantness the pain she was experiencing and even that was outweighed by the joy at what it meant. And then an intruder appears. A dark-haired, serious-faced intruder :-) Ok, Iíll keep the over-excited squealing to a minimum if I canÖ I love the description ďstar-shot eyes.Ē Actually, I love all the descriptions in this. Iíd better say that now incase I forget later. Theyíre subtle but really add to the piece. I can tell youíve been practising your writing ;-)

So outlaws, huh? I can see that it must be a handy way for the Master of Laketown to deal with law-breakers but thatís not much consolation for the elves if they end up in their woods. ďAnd if the Elven King's warriors have allowed outlaws to roam here, then their control is mighty poor." LOL!! Clearly, she has no idea who sheís talking toÖ And luckily for her she was saved by pain. Yes, I did mean luckily.

He flung the bucket aside and had an arrow in his bowstring before she had time to blink. No, really. I swear Iím going to try not to get all fangirly on you. *moans*

I laughed at how Alitha instantly obeys Ithilden, how itís an automatic reaction to him. And yay, look at who the newcomers are! One of my favourite parts is when sheís trying to interpret what theyíre saying to each other through watching their gestures and listening to their tone of voice. It sounded like, "It's ill then," which Alitha could only assume meant, "Move, you stubborn ass!" ROTFL!!! Brilliant. And sheís really not far wrong either!

If she'd tried to help the tall elf, she'd have fallen over on top of him. *clamps mouth shut*

Iím still chuckling at the fact that the goats crowded around to watch the excitement. I think it just really drove home what an odd situation they were all in. I mean, she had just been pottering about and now she has three elves in her room and arrows being shot at the window.

"Come near this window, and tomorrow we will take you straight back to Aunt Glilan's so she can pinch your cheeks and ask you if you have a little sweetheart. LOL. So thatís where theyíve been. Poor Legolas. Heís a pretty good assistant, though. And so gentle with Alitha when sheís in pain. I love how wide-eyed and smart-mouthed he is. You can tell his age pretty easily! And Eilian doesnít help matters either! Ithilden must be wishing he was in charge of a bunch of warriors right now instead of stranded there with his two cheeky brothers. Brothers, Alitha thought. They have to be brothers. That made me smile. Only brothers would be as close and yet as impudent as that. It must have been very bizarre to watch Eilian and Legolas wind Ithilden up like that. (And see, I didnít mention anything about taking Ithildenís leggings off.)

I liked the discussion between Ithilden and Eilian as they decide what to do. It was a nice glimpse of their usual conversations.

"The baby is coming." Hmm. Thatís rather inconvenient. And Ithilden not only ends up having to deliver a baby, which Iím sure he didnít plan on doing, but had to send Eilian out on his own, which he didnít want to do, and had to let Legolas keep watch, which certainly wasnít what he intended. But things donít tend to stay beyond Ithildenís control for very long :-)

"Not with a person, but with animals, yes." Aaaw! I love how you did that.

"Eilian, on the other hand, rushed into the world so eagerly he was born in the woods. Our father nearly fainted, or so our mother always said." ROTFL! Funny on so many levels. And rather indicative of the relationship between Eilian and his father for, well, ever, I suppose.

And wow, the tension when the baby decides itís time to arrive and thereís a battle outside the window! That was excellent. It was so much more exciting for trying to make it out from whatís getting through to Alitha. Fantastic.

"Get away from that window before I throw you in the pen with the pigs!" Ithilden cried.
Legolas backed away. "I would just climb out."
Ow, ow, my sides. Thatís hilarious. Ithildenís so frustrated by now and Legolas is being entirely too logical and argumentative in the way that only adolescents can.

And then the baby peed on Ithilden! Oh my God! Talk about disrespectful! Iím torn between being as horrified as Legolas and really wanting to laugh. I was so happy for Alitha, though. It might not be how she wanted it to happen, but she has her son in her arms now. LOL at her thinking how foolish Ithilden is for not realising that her beautiful baby was surely the most important thing. Now Eilian, he knows what matters! What a charmer that elf is. Though Alithaís obviously won Ithilden over if heís making Todith speak Common. How rude not to :-D But ouch, Todith got reprimanded in front of her. Itís a good thing sheís more interested in the bundle in her arms.

Tell the master they belong to him and if we find them in the Woodland Realm again, we will turn them loose in his house in the middle of the night. *grin* Have I mentioned how much I love Ithilden?!

Iím still laughing at how Eilian and Legolas discuss Ithilden when heís right there. They must be feeling very, um, brave. Eilianís commentary is priceless.

"They are within the correct distance from the edge of the forest. You will guard Mistress Alitha and her son until her husband returns. Is there anyone in your patrol who has helped his wife deliver a child? If so, he will stay in this hut." Hurrah! Go Ithilden! Have I mentioned how much IÖ? Oh wait, I think I did. It seems that ďMenĒ arenít so easy to dismiss when heís dealing with an innocent woman whose child he helped deliver.

I just want to hear you tell Adar about it." Me too! Though I bet Thranduil will see right through his eldest son once he gives him a chance.

"He really is beautiful." He bent to kiss the baby's head. "Take care of him, Mistress. The world is a hard place sometimes." *melts*

And really, Ithilden was a lovely name for a boy. Oh yes. Just wait until I have kids.

Thank you so much more than I can say, daw. *blush* I absolutely adore this story and I really treasure the gesture. Iíll be having some sweet dreams tonight too :-)

PS: Mae govannen to Ithilden too!

Author Reply: Now see, this is why everyone you review owes you a story, probably on a monthly basis at least. You are the most generous and rewarding reviewer I know, and that's saying something at SoA, where the reviewers are so perceptive and smart.

You know descriptions don't come naturally to me, but you're right that I've been practicing. One of the fun parts of doing this from Alitha's POV was getting to describe things about the elves that look normal when they're the only ones around. Why comment on beauty or grace, when everyone is beautiful and graceful?

I put in the parts about falling on top of Ithilden and removing his leggings just for you, Dot. :-)

wide-eyed and smart-mouthed

What a good description of Legolas at this age. He talks big (he thinks) but the adult world is more than he can cope with, even though he doesn't know it. Still he's a good kid, gentle and affectionate, and he loves babies. My theory is that all elves do.

Having Eilian there to interpret and comment on Ithilden's behavior was very handy, I have to say. It save me a world of trouble as an author!

I'm so glad you liked it, Dot. I loved writing it and shaping it in a way I hoped would please you. May all good things come your way this year, including dreams of handsome, domineering elves.

HalethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/20/2007
There's nothing I can add to what everyone else has already said. I really enjoyed reading it.

Author Reply: Thanks, Haleth. You added what matters to me. :-)

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