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A Diplomatic Coup  by Nilmandra 12 Review(s)
French PonyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/30/2006
That Celebrķan! What an imp she was! No wonder Elrond liked her. She has that fearlessness and joy that he would have had nearly batterd out of him by wars and abandonments. Trial to her parents though she might have been, she also has a real talent for diplomacy, and some formidable people skills. Definitely a first-class lady, even as a young'un.

Author Reply: Definitely a first-class lady, even as a young'un.

I love having the timeline of Imladris, but a clean slate to write about it in the early years. I saw her as someone who completely bought into Imladris as the Last Homely House, and she would need a genuine love of people to do that. And hey, drinking and singing with the dwarves is good diplomacy! Thanks, glad you liked her.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/30/2006
Nobody does Celebrian like you do. You've really brought her alive for me. And what I like best in this story is the way she's so eager to meet the dwarves, the way she sees commonalitites rather than differences. What a wonderful trait.

I also like the stuff about the gate. Celeborn must be fit to be tied.

Author Reply: I sort of developed Celebrian as a not too introspective person, but yet she has a lot of insight into people and genuinely loves people. Makes her a good complement to Elrond. I am glad you like her.

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