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A Diplomatic Coup  by Nilmandra 12 Review(s)
Lady SarumanReviewed Chapter: 1 on 11/14/2006
Woah, that was FUNNY. Whoever knew that a "nighttime escapade has turned into a diplomatic coup"? But then again that's what makes your stories so good: the twist and the humor.

And frankly, Celebrían is lucky there are no dwarves near Imladris or else she would have given her sons the idea to do the very same thing their mother did. XD

Anyways, I'm making this brief because I haven`t had the time to go on this site for over five months...........>< and plus I need to finish the last few chapters or so of History see yaz =)

-Lady Saruman

DotReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/13/2006
I think I smiled from the start to the end of this story! I love your Celebrian. She’s so bright and vivacious and clever.

I really liked the opening – now what has Arwen done?? – with the closeness of the family and little hints about their personalities like Elladan’s naughtiness being so different to the subtle mischief of his brother. But of course, what I really loved was the Celebrian story.

You did a wonderful job with the setting. I can just feel the sense of celebration in the air and the barely-suppressed excitement of Celebrian and Narusel. I’m not sure Celeborn would be too pleased with how his daughter is putting her tracking lessons to use! I love the idea of the young dwarves having a good time together. Young people of any race are all the same. And these seem like a friendly, polite lot. LOL at her dropping into their midst and joining in the jig! Fair play to her for tasting the ale. She’s willing to give anything a shot, that one. The dwarves seem delighted by her – I suppose they appreciate how she joins in and especially the fact that she’ll speak their language to them and has such an interest in their culture.

I cheered when she requested the walking song – hurrah, at last we see the story of how she learned it!! And you’ve given such depth to the song. To be honest, I’d always pictured it as more along the lines of “99 bottles of beer”… ;-) It sounds really fun the way they all play their parts but it seems an important part of their culture too. And it’s about time something embarrassed Celebrian – I grinned at her blushes at the more intimate parts!

She chose for her lover the brave captain with bright sword, but she had him lay down that sword and take up pen and book when the battle was over. Oh! Oh! I know someone who might fit that description!! And I howled with laughter at the thought that she might have accidentally pledged herself to one of the dwarves. Wouldn’t adar be pleased then!

It was a very poignant moment when she realises that these dwarves will no longer be around when she does meet the one she wants to pledge herself to. And it was a very insightful glimpse of their differences when Dai explains that they can’t wait for times of peace to bring children into the world. It must give Celebrian a new perspective on her own people, on her parents.

Of course the gates were closed! It must have been pretty frightening to find Celeborn and a couple of armed warriors on the other side, though. I love the whole part about the passwords! Dai seems a bit insulted at first by Celeborn’s question. Luckily he seems a pretty easy-going dwarf. So the passwords could depend on who’s saying them, eh? Hmmm. That’s far too intriguing an idea for Celebrian to resist!!

I really felt for Celebrian in her obvious sorrow at any worry she had caused her parents. It really was just thoughtlessness and her honest regret made me hate to think that she’d be punished! But Celeborn and Galadriel seemed to know just the right thing to do. I was even a bit teary at the thought of Celebrian’s parents coming to watch over her as she slept! She’s probably a little too trusting and it must be hard for her parents when they know what a dangerous place the world can be – but how do you shatter the innocence of such a beautiful, friendly, spirited daughter? Oh well, for now she’ll enjoy the extra responsibility she’s given and learn a lot too that will be valuable to her in the future.

Oh, I just loved the idea of the token! She’s obviously made a great impression on the dwarves. It reminds me of your tale of a young Arwen on her first diplomatic mission! I really like the thought of such friendliness between Celebrian and the dwarves and I imagine that she’s received an extraordinarily high honour from them. But part of me is just tickled by Celeborn’s reaction! Now whatever happened to that chest, I wonder?!

And I want to know what happened when Celebrian tried out the password! Do I suspect that even her parents don’t know that answer to that one? Even if they do, it’s bound to be a good story!

This was such fun. I loved it the first time I read it and I’m going to bed with a smile on my face now after reading it again. I promise I’ll catch up on HLIII as soon as I can. In the meantime, I’ll be chuckling to myself at the escapades of young Celebrian :-D

Author Reply: I really had fun writing this - I love writing from Celebrian's pov now that I have a good feel for her. I love that she loved Elrond, in particular - someone so different than her, that together they made a wonderful complementary pair - together they were great.

I do not know how much her parents know about her adventures.. i think they're still learning things now, LOL.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/5/2006
What a lovely tale! A nightime escapade, ale and singing with the nieghbours and a stern Celeborn waiting at the other side of a surprisingly closed door! The amazement of the giirls was so amusing and Celeborn was very convincing in his irate lord and worried father's role.

This Celebrían is such a delight! So curious and light hearted, and so full of joy in life! That was a peaceful time after all! I do hope we will hear more of those times!

Author Reply: Celebrian is pure joy to write. She is much like I wish I could be :D Glad you liked the story; I am trying to cajole her into telling me the story of her trying out that password next.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/2/2006
I do like your Celebrian and I see she is still the outgoing (dare I say 'hoydenish'?) young lady who got into trouble for fighting with an ellon at the fountain and trying to teach all the other youngsters to fight orcs! (Did that happen before or after this story? :-/)

Well anyway, her rendevous with the dwarves was great - she's already quite the diplomat it seems, and this of course explains exactly where the walking song came from! LOL I loved it that it never occured to her the gates might already be shut - but the best part was the mystery of the password to open the gates! That would make for another interesting story, wouldn't it?? Huh? Don't you think so? *Hinthinthint*

Aside from Celebrian's adventurous nature, I also like that she recognizes she did wrong and is quite prepared to take her punishment (even to the point of turning down Dai's gift because she had earned it through disobedience). A strong elleth already! Loved the argument between Celeborn and Galadriel as to whose side of the family their daughter takes after! *g* This was a great story - I'll read any and all Celebrian stories you feel led to write, Nilmandra! :-)

And Happy Birthday, Bodkin!

Author Reply: I love the idea of an irrepressible Celebrian. :D She is a little bit older here. And you better believe she tried out that password! She is willing to make a deal with me - she will tell me what happened after I have Elrond safely in her arms again. Of course, she says if you have a birthday comng up and care to share when it is, she will deal more. :D Gotta love elven muses. :D

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/2/2006
It just tickled me to see Celebrian sneaking off to hang out with the Dwarves. It was lovably and delightfully irresponsible of her. I liked how interested she was in the peoples and places of Middle Earth, too, even when many of her people were turning their thoughts westward. The songs were hysterical, and I smiled when she described the type of husband she planned to have. I guess we know that when she sets her sights on something, she isn't easily swayed! Interesting that the dwarves seem to have hidden a back-door password in the gates. Very clever, those Dwarves. This was a riot, Nilmandra! I loved seeing Celebrian as an irrespressible and slightly out-of-control teenager. I almost hated to see her get punished.

Author Reply: I like the term delightfully irresponislbe to describe Celebrian. Her life has been in a time of peace - and no dwarves now live who know of those wars and bad times. So that makes for a little more openeness and fun. I had fun writing this. Too bad I can't write verse, as the walking song would be hilarious to set into song.

She survives her punishment, though I'm sure she is well tired of her mother's presence after a few months of that close contact!

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/1/2006
This was delightful! I hope you find the inspiration to expand on this little episode! I like Dai and really hope the friendship between Celebrian and him becomes a legacy for both families.

Author Reply: This was fun to write, and there certainly is a lot of room to do more! Glad you liked it. :D

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/1/2006
Oh, Nilmandra! Thank you so much - for the good wishes and for a fantastic story!

Celebrian is just such a great character. I love her strength and her warmth and her honesty. And her love. But then - she had excellent parents, who encouraged her to be fearless and confident while at the same time considering other people and respecting their point of view. And encouraging her diplomatic skills!

It was great to hear the story of The Dwarves' Walking Song ... And Celebrian's verse - very farsighted of her! Mind you, jumping into the middle of a dwarven gathering was a little reckless! Good thing she and Narusel were recognised and absorbed into the group without any nasty blade-related accidents. I don't think Celeborn would have been too happy if his daughter had been returned with damage.

I like Dai. I'd love to hear more about him at some time. How did he get to know Celebrian in the first place? And how did they develop such a good friendship? Because Celebrian has definitely ended up a dwarf friend - and negotiator here. And even Celeborn seemed quite pleased at the outcome! I suppose even Dwarves aren't that bad if they're devoted to his daughter.

Fascinating about the gates. (Although Celebrian's sheltered life has been very sheltered indeed if she expected them to be open waiting for her to come home!) I wonder if all dwarf-made gates everywhere are openable by dwarves ... Although I suppose the connection might dim over time, or Gimli could have got the fellowship into Moria without all Gandalf's head-scratching. Or perhaps he could, but didn't want to let on to a well-kept dwarven secret ...

And I'm not surprised that Celeborn and Galadriel were displeased with their daughter! She understood what she had done though - which is always a plus when dealing with the young! Denial of any ill-doing is infuriating - and everything becomes an exercise in power and resentment.

I just love the childhood reminiscence - and I also love the family interaction. Elrond and Celebrian manage to be great together even when they are just sitting on a sofa! Celeborn and Galadriel, for all their star status, make great foils for them - and the twins are adorable. I love the thought that Elladan's mischief was obvious and that Elrohir was rather more subtle. And the hidden story of naughty Arwen! Just such a wonderful family. With so much potential for more stories - this is chock full of references that could be expanded to give even more pleasure to the reading public.

Thank you, Nilmandra. This is a delightful story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It made coming home feel much less traumatic!

Author Reply: Thanks, Bodkin, I am tickled you liked this! This is to me why we write fanfiction - all these little gaps left for us to play. I am glad you liked young Celebrian - she is really innocent of evil - there has not been war since the War of Wrath - nearly 1700 years earlier - so the dwarves are inncoent of it and so are many of the elves. They're curious, and it seemed reasonable to see some friendships among the young generations, since these two gropus seemed to get along like had seldom happened among their peoples prior to this.

And yes, I love all the little plotbunnies that were birthed with this. What did Arwen do? How was Elrohir more subtle of mischielf? Did the gates open for Celebrian, as daughter of lord of the city? Did she ever use her token?

I am glad you liked this... I don't know that Celebrian has nearly an adequate fanbase, but we can be founding members. :D

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/31/2006
What a sweet story, of a time just at the edges of the return of Shadow, when a certain amount of innocence was to be expected. I loved the way Celebrian took her punishment--without a lot of whining and moaning, but accepting it as her just due.

Author Reply: There had been a long peace, and who was to know that Sauron had risen to power again? None of the dwarves and only the older elves remembered those days. I'm glad you like innocent Celebrian. She just loved life, living as an innocent of the Eldar. Dwarves had to be fascinating to her!

Glad you enjoyed. :D

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/31/2006
I loved this tale of young Celebrían's nocturnal escapade - did she really think her parents wouldn't miss her or worry? And did she really think the gates would be left open?

The description of the dwarf campfire, the singing and dancing was very atmospheric - I could feel as if I was there (and wish I had been!) Celebrían's entry on the scene was quite spectacular. She's lucky she wasn't met with an axe.

As she retells the tale I like the twins' amusement and questions - what did happen to the mithril box? I particularly like the idea of passwords that only work for certain people. Presumably it would work for E&E as well (if the gates still existed, that is!)

Author Reply: Well, it was the harvest celebration! People were out and about, going in and out the city gates. Actually, I did think about that and purposefully made her very innocent of the world since there has been a peace for nearly 1700 years (since the War of Wrath and sinking of Beleriand). She and most of the elves there have never known war, and none of the dwarves. Their mindset would be different.

But it was great fun to write Celebrian like this. Irrepressible, she is! And lots of room for more stories, of course. :>)

GwynhyffarReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/30/2006
That was great! I loved Celebrian sneaking off to party with dwarves. LOL And of course Galadriel is never wrong. :D

Author Reply: I love writing stories like this - I can just see my version of Celebrian partying with dwarves - sipping ale and marching along to the walking song. I'm sure she entertained many with it over the years. :D

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