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Wood-elves  by daw the minstrel 31 Review(s)
French PonyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/20/2006
I was poking around Wikipedia the other day, and somewhere, one of the articles mentioned something about Oropher and his people having "gone native." I suppose that's accurate, if by "going native," one means leaping in with both feet, arms pinwheeling, yelling "Cowabunga!"

The young folk certainly have quite the circus going on in the woods. All it wants is someone balancing on a ladder while someone else waits to hurl a bucket of confetti over the audience. It's probably a good thing that Middle-earth does not yet have gunpowder, because I can so see Thranduil trying to convince a Dwarf that, really, being shot out of a cannon is fun.

Beliond is certainly the sneaky one, even so early, but he still gets put on report. He'll have many more centuries yet to learn how to be truly slippery, to the point where no one would even suspect him, he looks so innocent. All but his two dear friends, of course, who know him that well.

Author Reply: They'll all have time to learn! Thranduil gets a bit bossier too. And eventually, he even learns to accept dwarves. :-)

You know the most interesting part of this was thinking about what Tolkien said about the languages. It was interesting to me that Legolas calls himself Silvan but speaks Sindarin. That was a nice blending, I thought.

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