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Wood-elves  by daw the minstrel 31 Review(s)
k_lara7Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/24/2006
I think the keepers might have broken their promise not to tell the children of youthful follies.

Thranduil must have chosen these Silvan elves to be keepers since they already knew what kind of trouble Thranduil was capable of. Now we know where Thranduil learned those colorful words Beliond also teaches Legolas.

Author Reply: K_lara! How nice to see you at SoA.

Thranduil would be most unhappy if he thought his sons knew about this little episode, especially Eilian. If he did know, it would be fun to watch Eilian haul this tale out at the dinner table.

Glad you liked it.


meckinockReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/23/2006
Oropher is so powerful and graceful he just leaps off the page. It's hard to imagine Thranduil being overshadowed by anyone, but Oropher here comes near to stealing the show! This is wonderfully entertaining - I love seeing the Three Elfketeers in their impetuous youth - and also sneakily insightful, tracking Thranduil's transformation from outsider to insider. The captain is a wonderful character, with his stiffly braided locks and snobbish attitude towards the Silvan elves. I love Beliond's cheeky remarks. Good practice for him. The encounter with the dwarves was wonderful. Not only outstanding descriptions and suspense, but the humor! I loved how Beliond and Maltanaur thought Thranduil was going to go all humorless-Sinda on them, only to score the coup-de-gras with the beard-slicing. The deadpan "He means me, sir" was brilliant, as was "He slipped. He is sorry. It will not happen again." Poor Laegcened. but my favorite line of the whole story was Thranduil's "My adar says you cannot govern wood elves, only serve them and lead them" Bravo, Thranduil. There goes a king.

Author Reply: Thanks, Meckinock. When I started this, I thought I'd have more of Oropher in it because he's an intriguing character. He must have been a charismatic leader. But it turned out to be more fun to show Thranduil becoming a wood elf. And you're very good at picking out the lines I liked too!

nessieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/22/2006
For a moment, I thought you were writing about the Thranduil-tossing-seven-knives-at-once incident that Beliond let slip about. But this was just as good and exciting! I'm soo glad you chose to write these three together! I've been waiting for something like this forever! Now, are Beliond and Arriel already bonded here? I also thought Nithron was a friend of theirs, but perhaps he is not as close as those three. Maybe sort of like how Tonduil is to Annael and Legolas, and Turgon too.

I was pondering something awhile ago and something occured to me...Believe it or not, I was wondering which suitor of Loriel's would cause Eilian the most grief...I came up with Amdir. It would be Eilian's worst nightmare, I think.

Anyways, I LOVED this! It's nice to see them as young Elves, and I like how you portrayed that Thranduil seems older in years compared with the other two. Always love to hear from you! Can't wait for your next story (whenever that may be)!


Author Reply: I figured we needed a suprise rather than the 7 knives. You know, you're the second reader who's mentioned the 7 knives, and while I knew I'd said Thranduil tossed a lot of them, I'd forgotten just how many!

Beliond and Arriel aren't bonded yet, but they will be. She's good for him. I'd forgotten about Nithron, to tell you the truth. I don't think he was part of this same band for some reason. At least, I haven't written him that way.

Amdir and Loriel? You are a wicked, wicked reader! Watching Eilian deal with his daughter's suitors would be very funny. He'd know when she was seeing the wrong sort because he used to be one.

Glady you liked it, Nessie.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/22/2006
Wow Daw!I had been dying to read this since I saw the alert! LOL! The secret adventures of THranduil and his little band! Good that they agreed to keep the secret, but Thrnaduil so much resembled Eilian`s witty answers here it made me laugh!

And Beliond before his loss is still Beliond, even if he is a happy grumpy one ! “Do you suppose the old goat will give us any free time?” Why do I have the feeling that he would have referred to Oropher in the smae way?

It was good to see THranduil as a plain warrior, siding with his trobublesome friends and behaving like a youth. And the Captain's admonition was great fun.

I really liked the way you make the forest and their natural environment come around in their speech so naturally. Some expressions are simply perfect, like THranduil feeling as if he had ants runnig across his skin, and Maltanaur saying they're hungry as a bear in spring! THose sound perfectly natural and add a lot to the characterization. Great.

Author Reply: I wonder if Thranduil would ever believe he was like Eilian? LOL. Maybe all young males are alike.

Beliond makes me kind of sad, given that I know what's coming for him. Poor thing.

I hadn't thought about the fact that the images were of nature, but you're right! I've been consciously trying to do that in my original fic so maybe it's slopped over to my fanfic too.

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/22/2006
Oh, I love this, Daw! It's almost as good as Beliond in his too-short minstrel's tunic! ;-D

This background with Thranduil, Beliond, and Maltanaur all together is precious... and I think I finally really *understand* Tolkien's words about wood-elves being less wise and more dangerous....

Great job, Daw... thank you!

- Barbara

Author Reply: Glad you liked it, Barbara. The character of Laegcened grows out of a memory Beliond has in that story. He thinks about a sword master who trained him and Maltanaur and Thranduil. That was the moment I picked up on here.

I love wood elves. Less wise and more dangerous indeed.

IdhrenielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/22/2006
How great it was to read from you again! And what a delighhtful surprise... Thranduil in his younger days!!! I love it! I don't know what was better: see some glimpses of his sons in him (I could see Ithilden, Eilian and Legolas in his actions and words) or see Beliond in his youth...
Thank you!!! I had a wonderful reading.


Author Reply: This one was fun to write. I had to sort of cast my imagination backward and strip away everything thousands of years of history had done to these three and see what they might have been like when they were young. Glad you liked it.

YanicReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/22/2006
Oh gosh that was just awesome! I've wanted to learn about the young Beliond and Thranduil ever since that mention of Thranduil's exploits in Time's Turnings. And can I just say I LOVE BELIOND!! Oh gosh I want more!

Author Reply: Thanks, Yanic. I had fun picturing Beliond and Maltanaur as real wood elves, untempered by painful experience yet.

mithwenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/21/2006
I nearly did a “happy-dance” when I saw this story.
It’s so fun to see what Thranduil was like when he was younger.

…and Beliond blushing!!!
Hehehe-that made me laugh. So great to se what he was like before he lost his son…

Anyway…I could go on and on about how great this story is, but I think you already know how much we all love your work, so I won’t bore you to tears whit my mindless worship.

I wish you the best of luck on the original novel your writing. I’m sure it will be great!

Author Reply: Thanks, Mithwen. Young Thranduil turned out to need some thought before I could write him. It was actually hard to imagine him young and not in charge of things. But I did enjoy the chance to write Beliond and Maltanaur as young wood elves. Glad you liked it.

ManderlyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/21/2006
What a gem! It's always so nice to see a glimpse of these ageless elves in their youth. Seems like Thranduil, Beliond and Maltanur were quite the Three Musketeers in their early days. Must had been a total handful for their long-suffering captain.

So there was a pact not to tell the kids about their pranks? What a shame. They would make such great fireside tales. Just think how inspiring they would be to someone like Eilian.

Author Reply: Thanks, Manderly. Thranduil would choke on his Dorwinion at the idea of Eilian hearing about the sword dance. That's all the second Thranduilion needs!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/21/2006
I'm sneaking internet time at work because this has been looming since yesterday and driving me insane--I was dying to see young Thranduil, Beliond and Maltanaur. Boy this was great! I absolutely love seeing characters in positions that you don't expect, like Thranduil not in charge. That is so much fun. I howled when I got to the part with the beard. Oh daw! That was great. And it was sooo nice to see Thranduil and his silvan friends just being young (fighting, flirting etc).

“Thranduil, there is what one can only hope is a slim possibility that you will one day have to govern your father’s people. This kind of foolishness does not bode well should that need arise.”

I cannot remember Laegcened from your other stories. Is he in them? Or does he fall with Oropher? This begs a short sequel describing his reaction when Thranduil does become king.

Sorry this is incoherent. I loved this daw! And happy birthday Nilmandra!

Author Reply: I told someone else Laegcened was new, but that's not quite right. In "The Spy," Beliond remembers a sword master who trained him, Maltanaur, and Thranduil. That's this guy. And yeah, I figure he fell at Dagorlad. As one other reviewer said, he was probably glad. With Oropher over him and wood elves under him, he must have gone mad.

Thanks for the review, Elliska.

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