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Shadows of a Nameless Fear  by Budgielover 14 Review(s)
AJETHnPSEArwhuWKglReviewed Chapter: 18 on 2/9/2012
You can’t fill a page about drnnkiig vessels when all you need to know is; Styrofoam and microwave ovens don’t go together.

Frodo BagginsReviewed Chapter: 18 on 1/15/2007
NO! No, no, no, no!! Not possible to save Pip in time? You wouldn't. He's too wonderful and sweet and...If you do that, you'll have a very angry Baggins to deal with! :) Hantanyel for this story.
God Bless,
Frodo Baggins

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 18 on 12/12/2006
Another gripping chapter. I especially felt for poor Merry here and loved hisscene with Aragorn.

CuthalionReviewed Chapter: 18 on 12/6/2006
“I made a promise,” Merry said quietly but clearly. “I’m going to find Pippin.”

Oy vey - hobbity heroism; thank God it is the King who accompanies him personally in his search for the lost, small Knight of Gondor. And they won't come in time to rescue Pippin, huh? I guess that was what you meant with "things are getting worse" when you replied to my last review. Grmbl. Just kidding. I'm enormously looking forward to the next installment - and congrats again for your MEFA-award!


Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 18 on 12/5/2006
Okay, I can stand cliff-hangers (barely), but cliff-hangers that leave me with a terrible sickening, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach...*groan* They *have* to save Pippin! They *HAVE* to!!!!

Gong back to the beginning of the chapter...

Gandalf bent over the sleeping hobbit, the silky hairs of his beard tickling Frodo’s face. Frodo’s nose squinched up a little and one hand rose to bat absently
at the annoyance. The wizard smiled, open affection on his face. “Frodo,” Gandalf said, “Frodo my friend, wake up. Elrond needs to speak with you.”

That probably was not the best thing to tell him, Merry decided, as his cousin’s brows drew down and Frodo shook his head minutely. “Won’t,” Frodo mumbled.

“Frodo Baggins,” Gandalf said firmly. “You wake up this minute. Now.”

“Won’t. Go ‘way.”

*grin* This is funny and sad at the same time. Poor Frodo has had too much opportunity to learn to refuse to wake up when it means a healer is going to "speak" to him, especially such a formidable healer. :)

“Eggs with cheese, sugar toast, strawberries. Scones and jam, Frodo! Creamed mushrooms!”

Frodo’s eyes opened slowly, and nose to nose, two sets of blue eyes blinked at each other. “Not fair, Merry,” Frodo managed weakly.

Merry grinned impishly and kissed the tip of his cousin’s nose. Frodo’s eyes narrowed in discomfort and Peter thoughtfully moved some of the lamps away.

Cute! I love Merry's tactic! :)


“What, Cousin?”

“He wants to know if we’ll all be here when he wakes up,” Sam whispered.

“Yes, Frodo,” Merry said. “I promise. Pippin will be here, and Sam and I too. We’ll all be here. I promise.”

“He’s gone back to sleep,” Sam said softly.

Oh, I just love the way Sam just knows what Frodo means, and can tell immediately when he's asleep. Wow. But Merry's got himself in deep now. A lie is *never* *ever* a good thing. I hope Merry doesn't learn that the hard way, though it *would* do him good. It wouldn't do *Frodo* good though. If he wakes up...Sam might be able to keep things under control for a little while with soothing words and coaxing, but the truth will come out, and I don't want to think about what that would do to Frodo as he is now. I was afraid there would be another emergency when they couldn't get the coughing stopped for a minute.

Pleeeease update soon!
God bless,

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 18 on 12/4/2006
No! They can't be too late!

Pippin will have to think of something to keep the villains at bay until Aragorn and the cavalry have the chance to arrive and retrieve him. It's time for a bit of Took ingenuity. And Brandybuck determination.

Save that hobbit!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 18 on 12/3/2006
“Merry,” Aragorn said softly. “There is no possible way for us to arrive in time to save Pippin.”

OMG!!! There MUST be a possible way! Do you know the expression "To err is human"? Well, even if Aragorn is the High King, he's still human, and I really hope, he's wrong!

And poor Frodo! I never have experienced such injuries, but I know the feeling when it seems impossible to stop coughing. That must have hurt badly!

Of course, he would have asked after Pippin. And you nearly had me fooled, when Merry made his promise. But he would not be Merry, if didn't have any ulterior motives ;-) He would NEVER leave his Pippin alone! And that brings me back to Pippin! I don't know what can save him, but you'll find a way, I'm sure :)

(P.S.: Great chapter title. And very promising...)

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 18 on 12/3/2006
All's well and good for Frodo. *sigh*

What will save poor Pippin?

What a horrible last line. What a cruel cliffhanger.

We lovers of Pippin will be in agony until you post again ;-)

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 18 on 12/3/2006
What a cruel place to leave us! *hugs Pippin protectively*

Poor Frodo. That coughing bout sounded painful indeed. But I'm glad to see that Sam is finally going to be tended to. I nearly forgot about his poor feet. Gandalf's sorry attempt to wake Frodo was amusing, a nice little tension breaker Crotchety old wizards are really no match for pesky younger cousins.

*eagerly awaits more*

ElemmírëReviewed Chapter: 18 on 12/3/2006
LOL! One would think that after all that time of observing hobbits in general, and Frodo in particular, Gandalf would know the proper way to wake him up.

Elrond coughed delicately. “Yes, well, evidently Master Frodo does not feel he has to obey you as he would Bilbo.

I just love Elrond's observation there and Gandalf's perturbed manner. (he was so very gentle in trying to wake Frodo too, at first.)

You taught Frodo how to purse-lip breathe!!!!!! (although it's really not used for coughing--more a technique used to help people pace themselves when they become short of breath with activity--but I very much liked how you integrated it here and Elrond's explanation, of course) And that's so cool that you included a Middle-earth explanation of emphysema! No, the hobbits don't get it from incessantly smoking their pipeweed, but instead from breathing in the poisonous fumes of Mt. Doom. :D You just made a Respiratory Therapist very happy, Budgie!

I hope that's a promise Merry can keep. I know he and Sam just want to protect poor, recovering Frodo.

Way to piss off the King and the whole of Minas Tirith, Lamor! I'm very happy to see however that despite all he's been through, Merry still harkens back to the ways of a hobbit and has not become calloused. Merry shook his head. “No. But I am sorry that he chose to do what he did. And I am sorry for the end that came of it.”

It's also nice to see the crowds of Minas Tirith not turning into a wild, uncontrollable mob over Lamor. They want him to pay for his crimes, but they are also willing to abide by the King. Now if only dear Frodo were that loved and revered when he gets back to the Shire.

I hope Frodo never sees nor hears of what happens to Lamor, for I do not think he will take it well at all, depsite Aragorn's rational.

Great use of Gimli too, btw. I like how he's supporting Merry and looking out for him every step of the way.

“There is no possible way for us to arrive in time to save Pippin.”Oh no! Don't say that Aragorn! I know that Pippin will be found and will be all right ... eventually. Merry has a promise to keep to Frodo, after all.


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