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Shadows of a Nameless Fear  by Budgielover 19 Review(s)
CuthalionReviewed Chapter: 10 on 10/10/2006
No time to tell you why this is simply great - everwhelming - awesome - thrilling--- Chose whatever you want, it is all true.


*off to read the next chapter*

Author Reply: This is where you start sweating and your eyes start bugging out ... see, I can tell. Thank you for your kind words!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/22/2006
The cliffhangers are terrible, my love--terrible but well, well done. And what Hobbits has our friend been commenting on, we wonders, we does?

Author Reply: Your words reminded me of the first Harry Potter book (and movie), Larner. "Great things, yes. Terrible things but great ... or something like that." Thank you so much for your kind words!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/6/2006
And it is not only Sam that is crying that! Keep it coming Budgielover a great chapter to come home to.

Author Reply: *bows* If this chapter brightened your home-coming, then I am honored!

grumpyReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/5/2006
I liked that part where Sam is brought up on the (once) sedan chair. All the men were looking at anything but Aragorn being outsmarted by a hobit. Now for Gandalf to make it through the fire.

Author Reply: It is funny to imagine all those battle-hardened soldiers avoiding Aragorn's gaze, isn't it? They are probably wondering if they should be looking at the stars and whistling. La de dah ... not seeing this... It's those little bits of humor that keep this fic from getting too dark.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/5/2006
Well - Gandalf was the right person to go in after Frodo, but to reiterate Sam's question, “Why aren’t they coming out?”

Is Gandalf having to do some essential Frodo-repair before they can attempt it? Or is it too hot for the hobbit and he's having to seek an alternative exit?

And then there's Pippin! Was Frodo aware enough to know what was happening there? Or has Gandalf found his livery? Or will Merry save the day?

Too many question! Far too nerve-wracking! Update essential!

Author Reply: Bodkin, I have this mental image of you hunching over your computer screen and chewing both hands' fingernails at the same time. The terse sentence structure of your review was just delightful. Thank you for being so involved in this tale!

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/4/2006
This is so exciting.I love the way the fellowship word together to try to save Frodo.Sam and Aragorn are just priceless !
I very eagerly await more.

Author Reply: Thank you, Linda! Poor Sam, he is certainly "catching it hot" in this story. Better than being kidnapped and/or injured, though he might not think so.

lotrgirl1415Reviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/3/2006
Hello my dearest Budgielover!
I read your story actually last night but I had to get offline to baby-sit earlier this morning...then I was busy registering for my senior year *sarcastic whoot* lol

Enough for excuses..
I liked this chapter a lot! That’s our lil sneaky Sam! *hugsandkissies4him*
GASP! I hope that Gandalf gets Frodo of the fire b4 they get too burnt.
Ohhhh! I can't wait till you let us loyal readers know how this will turn out!
*Drools at possibilities*
I am sorry...I'm a nerd.
But I don’t care! *actsallnerdyanyways* "Talk Nerdy to me"

Anyhoodles *wagspionterfingeratyou*...You better update again very soon young lady!

Love ya!


Author Reply: Katie dear, congratulations on your senior year! What a wonderful time in your life. I know you will be very busy, but hope you will always find time for LotRs and fanfiction. Your reviews never fail to give me a lift, and make me want to work harder so you will enjoy the chapter.

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/2/2006
Oh yay! They almost have Frodo! But they still have no clue that Pippin's missing. *worries* I absolutely LOVED Sam putting Aragorn in his place, and all the soldiers shocked reactions to his talk-back. Aragorn took it in good humor, being familiar with the ways of hobbits. He's right - he should have been more explicit in his orders to Sam. Legolas is such a show off. :)

Author Reply: GamgeeFest, I appreciate so much you telling me what you liked about this chapter. This was a really hard chapter to plot, and to know that the action made it from my mental eye to yours is a relief. That little passage on Legolas (and you're right - he was showing off) took over an hour. Thank you for following this story!

girlofringReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/2/2006
ok, enough is enough. Have to wait another chapter to make sure Frodo gets out safely and into the hands of a healer quick! Please do not make us (the frantic readers) wait too long. I go on vacation in a week!

Author Reply: The next chapter should be waiting for you when you get back, GoR. (Hopefully ... don't take that as a promise.) May you have a wonderful (I know it is well-deserved) vacation!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/2/2006
My god! Exploding wine-casks!
I have a lot of faith in Gandalf, really, but can he shield himself and Frodo from that explosion? I very much hope he can.

The first part with Sam and the sedan chair was really funny!

I should pass a decree requiring the presence of a hobbit at my side at all times, Master Samwise. It would help to keep me humble.”

“Yes, sir,” Sam said miserably, wondering if that decree would include leg irons.

LOL! Just great :)

I also enjoyed Merry complaining about "bloody rocks", debris and the long legs of men ;-)
Is he planning to attack that guy? Brave hobbits they are - all of them!

And no news from Pippin...

Please update soon!

P.S.: I think it's just impossible to not feel involved in your excellent stories!

Author Reply: Andrea, I appreciate so much for telling me your favorite parts of the story - that really helps me as writer, learning what resonates with people. I have to confess the 'no news from Pippin' was deliberate (and deliberately cruel) but he will take center stage shortly. Thank you for the postscript - it makes it all worth it!

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