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Chance Encounter  by Dreamflower 14 Review(s)
Garnet TookReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/30/2005
Another wonderful chapter. I love some of the little touches you put in. The huge bed all the hobbits could share and the description of Pippin starting to limp and Merry and Menelcar being there to quietly support him were two of the ones I especially liked.

Your right it is even better the second time around.


Author Reply: Thank you. I just thought it would be nice if they could easily comfort one another when one of them has a difficult night, and it just seemed very hobbity to me. And I have to give Marigold credit for bringing in the limp--she knows that's part of my universe, and she thought after all that walking it might start to act up. I agreed.

I'm so glad you think so!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/30/2005
And there was something about the minstrel that tugged at her memory...
Oo, a mystery! Looking forward to finding out more. Menelcar must've passed through Rohan to get to/from the Shire.

He had spent a good many hours that morning listening to them say as close to nothing as they could, while trying to guess his own mind on the various matters, so that they could agree with him.
Very clearly drawn, and quite believable!

Did you hear the one about how the Prince of Halflings lit the beacon?
Aha! Nice way of "explaining" how the film came to portray events so differently...

Looking forward to more, of course. Thanks!

Author Reply: Uh-huh. It will soon be resolved, and I hope you enjoy Eowyn's memory.

I've seen that--haven't you? Doesn't matter if the VIP is a boss or a politician or just a celebrity or whatever--the sycophants don't want to put a foot wrong, and try their best to agree to everything he says. And it has to be exhausting.

*grin* Yep. PJ had to get it from somewhere, and it sure wasn't the Red Book.

TiggerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/30/2005
Now what are those rascally hobbits up to? :oD And Legolas and Gimli bought Pippin a fiddle!!! I've always had this image of Pip w/a fiddle. Seems a perfect instrument for him and his personality.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

People taking advantage of the hobbits would pose quite the problem. Never thought of that before, but now that you've shown it, I can understand why Faramir was so formal and frosty at the start of being introduced to Menelcar. The minstrels's concern towards Pippin having trouble w/his knee would go a long way in Faramir's eyes towards realizing he truly was an old friend of Merry and Pippin.

And poor Aragorn's feeling tired out by his Courtiers. I can understand how he'd feel. You always feel like you've done mental gymnastics when you're surrounded by a bunch of people who are acting the way his Court is. I know it's the influence of Denethor and it will work out in time, but to see Aragorn so worn out by it all...Poor Ranger King.

Looking forward to seeing the next chapter!!

Author Reply: Well, my Pippin plays several instruments: the fiddle was the first one he learned, from Merry's mother; another aunt taught him to play a lap harp; a cousin taught him to play the bagpipes; and on the Quest, Legolas taught him to play the shepherd's pipes (panpipes). But a fiddle is his favorite.

The hobbits have become famous, and along with fame comes people who are attracted by fame, some of them rather unscrupulous. Faramir feels almost as protective of them as any of the Fellowship; but he is coming to understand that Menelcar really *is* Pippin's friend.

Yes, poor King. It has to be exhausting to deal with these people, who are not yet used to having a ruler who is a statesman rather than a politician.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/30/2005
What fun. Pippin's enthusiasm is so wonderfully refreshing to everyone, and it's lovely that Menelcar is now allowed to see his friends. But I especially love these two passages:

"I am never too tired to visit with my friends, Frodo. It's having to deal with those who are *not* my friends, but would have me think them so, that is so wearying."

"we're all to come here, 'cept for Strider, who has to stay up there and be King, poor Man"

Author Reply: I love being quoted at! *grin*

I have to say, that second one? That's one of my own favorites. I figure that the hobbits rather felt sorry for Aragorn, having all that responsibility, and not much time to be with his friends anymore.

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