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Chance Encounter  by Dreamflower 14 Review(s)
PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/17/2006
"Merry put his hand on his cousin's arm. "Oi, Pip, slow down. Menelcar might have other plans for the day. Let him get a word in edgewise."

LOL, that was cute. I am glad that I went back to read Life of a Bard; it gives this tale so much more depth. LOL, I rather enjoyed that story. :-)

I see that profiting off celebrities has been going on for ages. :-P I'm keeping my eye on this bit of storyline. ;-) LOL, among everything else! I can see this is going to be a well-woven tale that I firmly believe you are gifted for.


Author Reply: Yes, knowing how Menelcar and Pippin met in the first place, and how he came to know the four of them does make it easier to follow.

Do keep your eye on that. It is *not* a red herring...

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/6/2006
Ah, the guest house from another's point of view. Lovely place. And you have them all sharing a room and a huge bed. Yes, that also would be appropriate.

Author Reply: Yes, I think everyone has their vision of that house (much like everyone has their own vision of Crickhollow). I see it as rather a Mediterranean type influence, built around a central courtyard, and with a lot of the ground floor rooms opening directly to the outside.

And I can see them sharing one large bed--it's definitely a part of how I see hobbits, and those four in particular, seeking comfort and safety in numbers.

GryffinjackReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/5/2006
This story is coming along so nicely!

"Merry looked at Pippin. "You know, Pip, you never did tell me how Uncle Paladin reacted after you got home. I expected you to be confined to your room for months.""

*sniff! sniff!* Do I smell a bunny?

""They had thought me dead, you see," he continued. "lo, these many years. I was glad to have made them happy by my return. My mother has remained with my sister and her family." He smiled. "I have a bonny niece and a sturdy nephew, who was named after me."

Merry and Pippin exchanged a rueful look. It was quite possible their own families thought them dead.""

Whoa, now *there's* a powerful bit of foreshadowing! I'm so glad that Menelcar came back and was reunited with his family before his father passed away.

I love how Legolas is so protective of the hobbits - getting upset that they are being taken advantage of by merchants who want to trade on having had one or more of the hobbits frequent their shops. Trust Gimli to take the Dwarf's point of view about profit, alhtough he would be just as swift to act if he felt that one of the hobbits really was being taken advantage of.

""No. No, I am never too tired to visit with my friends, Frodo. It's having to deal with those who are *not* my friends, but would have me think them so, that is so wearying. The Dúnadain of the North are not afraid to speak their minds to their Chief, but these men of the City--they have spent too many years fearing to say what they really believe.""

It must be a sore trial to both Aragorn and the people of Minas Tirith to learn how to relate to one another. Those poor people do not know how to speak freely and honestly anymore after years of being under Denethor's stewardship. As for Aragorn, he is not used to all of the adulation and bending over backwards by people to ingratiate themselves. But they will learn.

""I have heard stories of the Steward. Pippin had much to say of Denethor, and none of it flattering.""

While Pippin has some horribly frightening memories of Denethor, I do think that he appreciates his foresight and knowledge of events. That is not to say that he liked the twisted steward, but I do think he understood what had happened to him from gazing into the palantir so much. After all, this is after Pippin himself has looked into the palantir, so he knows how it can call you, the types of thoughts it can put in someone's head, and just how sobering and frightening it can be. My own theory is that once Pippin picked up the palantir that Wormtongue dropped and gave it to Gandalf, the palantir used his natural curiosity and set thoughts in his head to gaze into it again so that Sauron could learn more about the hobbits. And since Pippin did in fact look into the palantir again, he would know precisely how easily it is to fall victim of the palantir and thus Sauron's dark thoughts. Thus, I think that Pippin would have understood the tragedy of what had happened to Denethor, although I don't think he would have ever forgiven him for what he did to Faramir.

Now what are they planning for the unsuspecting Samwise, eh? And where does Eowyn know Menelcar from?

""And then there are a number of songs going around about the Ernil I Pheriannath. Did you hear the one about how the Prince of Halflings lit the beacon?"

Now it was Merry's turn to guffaw at the expression on his cousin's face.

"Thunder!" Pippin swore, and then clapped a hand on his mouth and cast a guilty glance behind them. "People don't really *believe* that, do they? I mean, the beacons were lit long before Gandalf and I even entered the City!"

Menelcar laughed and shrugged. "People will believe whatever makes a good story, Pippin! You know as well as I do that the most entertaining songs are not always the most truthful ones.""

So ... Peter Jackson had actually been in Minas Tirith and heard those songs? LOL! This was brilliant! And I love Pippin's choice of a swear word.

"Pippin stopped and stared at Merry. "Cousin Bilbo? But--" he shook his head in denial, yet he had to admit to himself that he had already realized his oldest cousin's adventure must not have been so tame as he had always made it sound. He must remember to ask Bilbo about that when he saw him again."

HA! Another reference to one of your other stories!

The hobbits will be so much happier in their new quarters! Aragorn and Faramir are so thoughtful, making things hobbit-sized and Faramir donating his childhood table and chairs. They really do love their hobbits.

"Borondir, this is my good friend, Master Menelcar the minstrel. You must let everyone know that if he comes to see me, he should be allowed to come in." Pippin's open face was full of excitement."

Goodness, but I can feel Pippin bouncing up and down on the inside with excitement! How responsible of Borondir to look to Faramir for affirmation of Pippin's request.

I am so looking forward to the reunion between Menelcar and all of the hobbits!

Author Reply: I can't believe I had not replied to this! *sigh* I could have sworn I did.

Poor Merry and Pippin are so homesick; I don't know how any reference to the Shire can be anything but foreshadowing at this point in time, since *we* already know what's happened.

Yes, Menelcar has more than one reason to be thankful to Pippin.

Neither Legolas nor Gimli would put up with anyone actually taking advantage of their hobbits, but Gimli is far more pragmatic than Legolas, and I think he feels that merchants using the idea of being patronized by the hobbits doesn't really hurt them, after all. Legolas is much less tolerant of the motives of Men.

Possibly after enough time had lapsed, Pippin would have been more understanding; he does have a very forgiving nature. But I think the signs of Denethor's cruelty to Faramir made a deep and lasting negative impression. To see a father basically wish that one son had died instead of the other--it had to shock him deeply. I am afraid that Pippin saw through to the pride and hubris that motivated Denethor, and it very much colored his impressions. I agree with you about the palantir--if that had been all, Pippin would understand. But his obvious disdain for his own son would not so easily be forgiven--especially since he knew how much Boromir loved his brother.

I first came up with the idea in Ch. 30 of "A New Reckoning". You see, PJ claimed that he filmed LotR more as a historical movie than a fantasy. So, obviously he must have found some sources less reliable than the Red Book during the course of his research, right? That's why he got so many things wrong, LOL! It really wasn't his fault if he got some faulty material, LOL!

Uh-huh--"A Question of Trolls"--you spotted it!

Pippin's quite excited at finding his old friend; but Borondir, however fond of his small comrade he is, will not allow a stranger access to the Citadel without more say-so than one small hobbit!

good_one_pipReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/1/2006
Ah, those hobbits are lucky to have such very protective friends like Faramir and Legolas. I'm anxious how all their "Sam plans" turn out. Once again, the way you bring the four hobbits to life impresses me.

Author Reply: All the hobbits "Big Folk" friends are very protective of them and would go to great lengths for them.

And I am glad that you think I bring them to life. Thank you.

Grey WondererReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/31/2005
Loved Sam and Gandlaf together touring the new living quarters. I also enjoyed the under-current of Faramir's concern about Menelcar. Very realistic for him to worry.

Author Reply: I'm sure that the various members of the Fellowship took a look at the house before they moved in. It only makes sense.

And yes, I think Faramir *would* worry--he knows, none better, how fame will draw certain types of people out of the woodwork, so to speak.

SoledadReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/31/2005
As promised, I finally got round to read a bit. :)
This is a very nice story, I'll be looking forward how it continues. I so envy everyone who can write hobbits - I love them very much, but I can't write them really well.
Hmmm, so Éowyn knows the minstrel as well? I wonder where they have met.

Author Reply: I'm very glad to see you here!

I love hobbits too, and I find them all too easy to write, to the exclusion, pretty much of all else (I write Men, Elves and Dwarves only as they interact with hobbits, LOL!)

You shall very soon find out...*grin*

KittyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/31/2005
He had spent a good many hours that morning listening to them say as close to nothing as they could, while trying to guess his own mind on the various matters, so that they could agree with him. Poor Aragorn! After all the years with the Rangers in the wild, it must at times be very tiring and boring to be King!

Faramir certainly hasn’t any chance to keep Menelcar away from the Hobbits, not after Pippin decided to renew their acquaintance! I can understand Faramir is a bit wary, but I think they can trust Menelcar – he truly cares for them and doesn’t want to take advantage of their former meeting in the Shire. And Éowyn seems to remember him, too? Well, after all the years on the road he was sure at some time in Edoras?

I wonder what they plan for Sam? They’re working together nicely to distract him, I’d say!

A Happy New Year to you!

Author Reply: Yes, I think "kinging" could be very boring indeed compared to life as a Ranger, LOL!

I think Faramir just wanted a chance to observe and feel him out; once he was able to do that, he knew. JRRT says Faramir was a good judge of Men's hearts, after all. And yes, Eowyn does remember him, and yes, Menelcar has been in Rohan.

They are definitely going to distract Sam.

And the same to you, my dear!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/31/2005
Plans involving getting Sam out of the way... Now I get the feeling that these are schemes that will be very good for Frodo - and to the benefit of all and sundry!

And I note that clearance for Menelcar to come and go has been granted by the Steward! Good thing Faramir was with them when they met Menelcar - he has been able to recognise genuine friendship.

Eowyn is tormented by vague recognition now - I wonder how long it will take the memory to surface.

I do like this story!

Author Reply: Oh yes, they will be very good for everyone concerned, LOL!

Borondir was subtle. He respects Pippin, but he's not going to allow a stranger access to the Citadel just on his say-so. Yet he got his cue from Faramir without missing a beat. And Faramir is feeling reassured about Menelcar.

Not long at all. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/30/2005
I figured that Gandalf had to be keeping Sam out of the way for a reason, and Sam almost guessed what Gandalf was up to. I have a theory on what they're planning, but I'll keep it to myself for now. Eowyn knows the minstrel from somewhere? That sounds like it will be an intriguing story, once she remembers it. The homesickness is starting to set in over the hobbits, poor guys. They have plenty to distract them still, but they'll be pining for home more and more as the days go by.

Author Reply: Oh, I'm sure your theory is correct.

Eowyn will be remembering how she knows Menelcar very soon.

Yes, the homesickness figures rather prominently in this story--it takes place just before "A Different Kind of Quest".

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/30/2005
"More intrigued than before, he glanced ahead at the minstrel and the two hobbits walking in front of them and talking animatedly. Pippin was limping noticeably. His knee must be bothering him; it was the one injury that seemed to still plague him from time to time when he was tired. Faramir noticed that not only did Merry move a bit closer to his cousin, but that Menelcar gave the young hobbit a distressed look. It was truly the notice of a good friend, and it made Faramir thaw a bit more towards the minstrel."

Yes, only a friend would show such concern.

I like the sounds of the new home for the Walkers and I eagerly await more :)

Author Reply: Faramir is very observant--and so is Menelcar. The last time he saw Pippin, Pip was only twenty-five, and an energetic and rambunctious youth. I'm sure the signs of his injuries distressd his old friend a good deal.

It's a mental image I've long had of the guesthouse--rather Mediterranean in style, with several rooms opening off a central courtyard. I like the idea that the hobbits would have at least one entrance directly to the outside.

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