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Ithilden's Begetting Day  by Nilmandra 24 Review(s)
DotReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/25/2005
I stayed up for this! And it’s wonderful!

Where to start? I love Thranduil and Lorellin’s amusement at Ithilden as he awaits their decision. And of course Thranduil inspected the flet first!

I adore serious!Ithilden. He’s so aware of Responsibility and just wants to do The Right Thing. I like the way Ithilden seems to feel he knows better than Eredien but then realises that Eredien can do things that he can’t because he hasn’t had the opportunity to learn. But at the same time he recognises and appreciates skill as opposed to being in any way bitter about it.

It’s just so like Ithilden to want to escort the maiden and save her from ‘danger’. I howled with laughter when she fled in terror from them!! And then she whacked him with the basket! ROTFL! I was so delighted when I discovered her identity :-) Obviously I felt bad when the spiders appeared, but I was secretly delighted too that Ithilden got a chance to show how brave he is. And skilled. Even if it was their fault that the spiders were disturbed in the first place.

I knew Nithron would appear! Although, I actually thought that Thranduil might have asked him to keep an eye on Ithilden. And Beliond! Great to see him and you capture him brilliantly. The “young fools” comment is a dead giveaway that it’s him! But now I really want a story with the three keepers in their pre-keepering days…

I do like Gwaleniel in this. She’s feisty! I thought healers were supposed to be calm. I can see where Alfirin gets her stubborn streak!

Poor Eredien. At least we know that Ithilden grows up to be a better leader than this ;-)

No surprise that Thranduil was still dressed. I wonder if this is the moment when he files away the fact that Nithron might be good for his son. Actually, Thranduil is brilliant here. He so knows that Ithilden was far from that flet. I’m torn between being proud of Ithilden for telling what happened, feeling sorry for him because he’s shaken and knows that he’s done something to warrant his father’s disapproval and chuckling at what came from his “small service to the realm.”

But I love, love, love the image of Thranduil holding him close. *sigh* I’m so happy right now! I love this glimpse into the past of my absolutely all-time favourite OC. :-)

Author Reply: LOL! Glad you liked Serious!Ithilden. He was a stitich to write. So sure he knew what was the right thing to do, so sure of his responsibilities. He really just needs to grow into them!

Can you imagine the shock that Eilian must have been after having this one?

I can imagine the Beliond and Nithron telling this story to Legolas and Sinnarn :D

I am glad that you, President of the Ithilden fan club, are happy! :>)

rikwenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/25/2005
Aw!! Itheldin isn't always the somber and correct elf that we see from Daw's stories. It's nice to know he can find trouble as well as his baby brother. But still Itheldin is 13 going on 75. He is very aware of his father's efforts to keep the other elves safe and what he is going to do when he becomes a warrior. And what an elf scout! Making sure the elleth makes it home safely.

My favorite part is when you had Nitron and Beliond appear to rescue the elflings. If you are president of the Beliond fan club where can we sign up to become a member?

It is amazing how canon Daw's OCs have become in my mind. I truly enjoy reading both her stories about Legolas and his family and reading your histories with Elrond and his family. Unfortunately, I read faster than you all write, but that just means I get to enjoy the stories over and over.

Excellent story!

Author Reply: Elfscout! I love it! I remember that boyscout commercial where he tries to walk the old lady across the street and she whacks him with her purse!

I name you an official member of the Beliond fan club. Dues can be paid to me :)

Unfortunately, I read faster than you all write, but that just means I get to enjoy the stories over and over.

I wish I could get paid to stay home and write stories!

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/25/2005

What a delightful tale...and a wonderful birthday gift for her minstrelship.

It was so much fun to see a young Ithilden. He meant well and while his intentions were good, he certainly made an error in judgment in following the maiden and frightening her. I wonder if Gwaleniel remembered this episode at some point while Ithilden was courting Alfirin? We can see where Alfirin gets her spunk! I loved it when she tucked her dress up and announced she could keep up with the best of them. And she was quick to point out just who had caused the problem to start with.

Nithron...poor guy. I was glad to see him resurrected and already getting his first taste of 'keeping' the king and queen's oldest son safe. Beliond was a nice surprise too. Boy, if they only knew....

I'm sure Thranduil was most unhappy with the turn of events, but like most parents, he was just relieved to have his son home safe. Of course, it appears he knew something was up. He was still dressed and waiting. Lorellin must have been snoozing peacefully and he was on watch. She'll be mortified in the morning when she finds out her son was nearly a midnight snack for spiders! And then Ithilden will be mortified to face the music of Nana and Ada.

This was a terrific story, Nilmandra. I enjoyed it very much. A nice surprise for us all. I hope Daw doesn't mind that your readers are as excited as I'm sure she is.


Author Reply: I told daw that I can just see Sinnarn and Legolas sitting around the fire on patrol one night, keepers at their side...and hear this little tale. LOL - I wonder if Gwaleniel choked up when Alfirin fell in love with this 'elfscout' as Rikwen calls him?

Poor Ithilden...I'm sure no punishment is worse than earning his father's disapproval!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/25/2005
Oh this was so wonderful! I loved seeing Ithilden like this and it's just true to his character too. He's serious and means to live up to his responsibilities and he's pretty sure he knows better than anyone else what he should do!

But what bad luck. Beliond and Nithron! You really caught Beliond's voice. If you hadn't named him, I'd still have known it was him. -- “I would ask what you three young fools were doing out in the forest at night, but I am sure you would tell me some unbelievable story that I do not wish to hear. LOLOLOL

So even Ithilden felt the disadvantages of being the king's son -- how does one learn to do the simple things that others learn to do as part of their daily lives?

I loved this, Nilmandra. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Author Reply: I have to admit how much fun I had writing this. Some characters have 'voices' that are so unique, and Ithilden is one, Beliond is another. Fortunately for Ithilden, he takes all of his responsiblities and seriousness and grows into them, developing skills commesurate with the brains. I am glad you liked it. It was great fun to play in your sandbox.

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