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Ithilden's Begetting Day  by Nilmandra 24 Review(s)
bhlXGVEMspPvfdkdyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/31/2012
Ryan,I have been trying to check out your wetbise since I got your newsletter. What is going on? It doesnt let me in. Hopefully it will work soon, I am anxious to see some pictures of your travels around Africa. I hope all is going well for you in Kenya.Peace,Kim Egypt YAV

nautikaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/14/2007
I love the introduction (for me anyway) of Nithron. I've read him in daw's fics, but this is the 'earliest' occasion for me. Also, it's reassuring to know that Ithilden got into trouble too, even if it was by being overly responsible! And with his future mother-in-law? Shudder. Those family dinners should be much more uncomfortable than daw writes them. Evil grin!

Author Reply: Of all Daw's characters, Ithilden is a stitch to write just because he is so responsible. As another friend said, he was born an adult, LOL. Even his mischief was from trying to be more responsible than he was able to be. I did have fun with this. :D

nessieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/19/2006
Even then, the mischief Ithilden caused was "responsible mischief". You caught everything well, and I'm very, very, glad you included our favortie keepers (yet we're still missing Maltanaur). I think you also nailed Ithilden's character perfectly.

And now we know why Thranduil was so reluctant to let Legolas sleep in Annael's flet, and why he set up guards for them. Of course, Legolas is a sort of a mixture of both Ithilden and Eilian, so he could either do "responsible mischief" or "lets-get-caught-doing-something-fun-but-incredibly-stupid mischief". Poor, poor Thranduil. And Lorellin's laughing in the backround (except, of course, when it indeed becomes dangerous like this was).

I'm glad we got a glimpse of future mother-in-law. Perhaps some of her reluctance of Alfirin and Ithilden's relationship was from "the-maniac-chased-me-in-the-woods-at-night". One may never know.

Anyways, I really, really enjoyed this and hope to see more in the future!

Happy Birthday Daw!


Eruanneth_LuinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 10/3/2005
It is easy to forget that elves do no reach their majority until they are at least 50 sun-years, sometimes not till 100, so parenting is no light matter. Though Ithilden disobeyed direct instructions it was not as often with Human children, willful or resentful; he was merely trying to act more mature and responsible than would be required of him at his tender age. But frequently that kind of action gets us (Elves or Men) into trouble.

Blame placing and fault declaring did not work with the warriors and certainly not with Thranduil, and the comment that he might be punished for the first time in a long time as well, spoke clearly of the lack of need of constant correction. Ah, that our children were so easy to raise. But then they probably had a whole different set of problems to deal with that we would not wish to include for ourselves.

NoorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/29/2005
I read this because Daw mentioned it.

Great story about young Ithilden and all the other characters........
I have loved Daw's universe. I have also read all your stories and have really enjoyed one of the other reviewers said it is great when you give each other such presents!

Thanks again


SocketReviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/20/2005
Nilmandra, Daw mentioned this story on her page, and it's every inch as good as she said! Ithilden is my favorite OC,and it's great to see him as a young elf, trying to find his place in his world. And I love the way you wove into the story so many of Daw's other OCs!

This probably isn't the place to say this, but I read your story "May the Valar Protect Them" sometime ago, and I absolutely loved it. It's a real classic of the LoTR fanfic genre. Keep up the great work you do! Thanks.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/5/2005
Beginning to catch up.

Ahh! Poor Ithilden. His skill with maidens leaves a lot to be desired. For a very long time. But at least Gwaleniel will have understood his inept courtship.


Author Reply: I can hardly express how much fun this was to write. Strong, firm, confident Ithilden was once a bit over eager elfling who got soundly put in his place... I hope Gwaleniel told this story at the right time to a few people :) Perhaps Beliond too...and surely Sinnnarn once needed cheering up from Nithron that his father wasn't perfect?

garrettReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/29/2005
aw... this was a great tale. I like that the reader gets to use his/her imagination for the rest of the story. I enjoyed this little story, thankyou.

Author Reply: Thanks, Garrett! This was great fun to write, too. Ithilden is quite a fun character to imagine as a child.

KarriReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/26/2005
Terrific story, Nilmandra! Poor wee Ithilden! I felt a bit bad for him at the end, which is rare with Ithilden. I could certainly see shades of the grown elf in the youth. LOL! It made me laugh to see it, too. Beliond was so in character...gotta love the guy! That it would be Alfirin's! Now we know why she kept warning her daughter to make sure she understood what she was getting into before she married Ithilden. ;-) I love that Thranduil was waiting in the shadows when the mischief-maker arrived home, nice touch. :-D

Author Reply: Think you, Karri

I appreciate all of your helpful ideas in developing the story and coming up with Alfirin's mother to be the maiden was absolute hilarious. And of course, I'm sure Thranduil knew that something was up. I have decided that no story is complete and until Beliond shows up to insult someone!

Brenda G.Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/26/2005
Well, this was terrific! I love it when you guys write "birthday presents" to each other. They are always top-notch fare for the fans. Happy belated birthday, Daw, and thanks, Nilmandra, you old beta you, for this wonderful story. It is so refreshing to go back in time and see Ithilden and Eilian when they were younger and the scrapes they get in and out of (thankfully).

I love how Ithilden knows to follow an unescorted maiden out in the woods alone at night. He's already showing leadership qualities and all the responsibility that that position will entail in later centuries when he becomes commander of the Woodland Realm's forces. I love, too, how you introduced all the beloved OC's from Daw's fertile imagination. It was good to see them again and learn about Ithilden's relationship to them and theirs to him before Legolas comes along much later in their collective lives.

This was just wonderful! Such a delightful story. Thanks, Nilmandra.

Author Reply: Thank you Brenda.

I really enjoyed writing Ithilden as an adolescent. I had this vision in my mind of him as this very self-assured teenager who definitely knew what was best in the world for himself and for the whole realm. Adding in all of daw's original characters made it nearly comi the cal since we know who all those people are and how important they become.

Glad you enjoyed it!

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