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My Collection of Drabbles   by Periantari 190 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 118 on 4/4/2024
A melancholy parting that indeed helped sow his uncertainty with life. Well depicted.

"Melancholy" may be a better choice of words rather than "mellow," which usually indicates a relaxed attitude toward life.

Author Reply: yes that is the word i was looking for- thank you. I will edit that. Thank you for your thoughts and for the correction. :)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 117 on 4/4/2024
A necessary change in attitude in keeping with his current situation, I deem.

Author Reply: yes, i think Turin had changing attitude throughout to have him adapt but unfortunately his doom caught up with him whether through fate or choice.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 123 on 3/31/2024
It's so nice to read a hopeful scene today. "alight with song and hope" and laughing and embracing and tears of relief... all good things.

Author Reply: Thank you! i love that scene so very much :) it's good to stay hopeful.

UTfrogReviewed Chapter: 123 on 3/30/2024

Author Reply: Thank you!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 122 on 3/16/2024
Re: Beregond.

While it was his plight ("dead man walking") that first caught my attention, it was when I tried to get to know him better by rereading his initial meeting and extended conversation with Pippin that I really came to appreciate him deeply. In that conversation, JRRT deftly paints his curiosity, eagerness to learn, open-mindedness, practicality, hospitality, courtesy, courage, loyalty, and unquenchable hope. (Now I'm wishing all over again that JRRT had written more about this particular Man...) So if you'd like to get to know him better, my suggestion would be to reread the last half of the chapter called "Minas Tirith" in The Return of the King.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 122 on 3/13/2024
Ah, yes. Beregond described slaying the porter as a madness of haste was on me, and he would not listen, but drew sword against me. His soldier's reflexes likely took over, considering the adrenaline that must have been running through his veins at that moment. That death must have haunted him all his days, despite having saved his beloved Captain.

Thanks for this glimpse into his thoughts! As I've mentioned before, Beregond is at the top of the list of my favorite Men from LOTR.

Author Reply: Thank you! I think Beregond did act with adrenaline in this crucial moment. I do not write Beregond much and have some tough time thinking about his importance but i'm glad you found this intriguing- i would like to explore him post Quest a bit too if he allows me.
Thank you for your thoughts! :)

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 32 on 3/5/2024
I, too, have perceived Pippin as always wondering.

I love the thought behind the gentle Western breeze.

Author Reply: Thanks so much! THanks for revisiting my old drabbles. :)

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/5/2024
Alas, poor Merry! And he will go through fear, fire and Shadow before the cousins meet again.

Author Reply: I love exploring "left behind" Merry and always wanted more fic relating to this.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/5/2024
I am eating up your hobbit drabbles today... I love this inside glimpse of Pippin's thoughts. Gandalf is at his wisest and best here, in exercising his gifts of courage and hope.

Author Reply: Thank you so much! I always love Pippin and wondered about this moment.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 3/5/2024
Ah, anticipating death - but it doesn't seem so bad, does it, when also experiencing blessed belief at the end of all things? - and not knowing that the Light portends healing and new life and new hope (and new adventures, though such things are not mentioned in polite company in the Shire).

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