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Time's Turnings  by daw the minstrel 25 Review(s)
esamenReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/5/2005
I laughed SO HARD that my dog got upset . . . that has got to be the funniest chapter you've ever written. Legolas tussling with Beliond (poor Beliond, no more choice with this young warrior than before--that was a somber note) . . learning how to order food . . . tasting nasty ale . . . fending off random women . . . and the Dwarf's comment about Elves' interest in sex, or lack thereof, being both a relief and an insult at the same time! How do you come up with this stuff?

You are drawing the Legolas-Beliond dynamic beautifully. Their weaknesses come into play under stress . . . and yet they really do love each other, silly male things that they both are. Will they ever admit it?

And Eilian is just being himself and doing a super job at everything. Some things never change. I love watching him eat dinner and charm the queen.

This is a wonderful visit! I want it to last forever! I can't wait to find out about the nasty spice keeper. And compare more about keeper relationships. What does Eilian say to the random women? Will we get a chance to find out?

Thanks for a great read! Update soon!


Author Reply: My apologies to your dog! I'm glad you found poor Legolas's troubles amusing, Esamen. He's such a sweetie and he's been raised to be polite, but he's in another culture and is a little bit at sea.

I'm interested in Legolas and Beliond and how hard it must be to make that relationship work, given personalities, their personal histories, and the stress they live under. I think Legolas is trying to declare independence and that's probably good, but he also needs to understand Beliond a little more. I'll have to see what I can do for them.

Eilian is staying away from random women on this trip. He has work to do! And at bottom, he's an elf, so he's got pretty control over his libido anyway.

I'm having some fun with this visit, so I'm glad you are too.

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/5/2005
The inn sounds quite charming. I don't think I could have stood the smell, much less the elves. It was funny - the innkeeper wasn't too happy to see them until Beliond pulled out a coin. The dispute over where to eat supper was very intense. Legolas is still young enough to see this as a big adventure. Poor Beliond knows more of the evils of men and is terrified. Nice contrast. I was shocked when Legolas mouthed off to his bodyguard so strongly. His patience was completely gone. The ordering fiasco was cute - the poor princeling has never been in a restaurant. The ale must not compare well to Dorwinion either.

The encounter with the lady of the evening had me LOL! Legolas was polite enough but I didn't realize how niave he was. That was great! I am relieved that you didn't have Beliond explain further. Legolas' eduction is lackng

He certainly knew what to do when confronted with drunken idiots. The pair handled the situation very well. I loved the dwarven input. I think the stunted ones are just jealous. I can't really blame the men for being jealous - I wouldn't want to compete with elves either.

Good job Beliond! He used the opportunity to dig up some info on the Bad Man. Acild is a cool name. Having a brother with the king's ear does not bode well for the elves. Legolas must be happy to finally get to search the man's shop. Sounds like he was wise to trust his instincts.

Eilian is doing great as a diplomat. His personality really shows in this scene. He is open and truthful about himself, very charming, but he still manages to eek out some useful info. He still manages to have a lot of fun! Well done!

Author Reply: You don't think this inn would get five stars? LOL. Maybe not. I didn't think it was too bad, given the standards of the times. I thought about the Prancing Pony and wondered how this would compare. That inn seemed not bad to me, although I guess I'm glad I don't have to stay there.

I thought Beliond might react strongly to Legolas saying "you're not my father." I don't think Legolas necessarily meant it the way Beliond might hear it, of course. And I did think it was time for Legolas to assert himself. When I write these scenes I always get myself in a tangle because I wind up thinking that both my characters are right. :-)

Legolas did better with the drunks than the prostitute, although his politeness went a long way there too. But he's used to being in fights and knows how to manage himself there. We'll see how he and Beliond do in their venture into breaking and entering.

And Eilian is enjoying himself, just like he always seems to manage to do.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/5/2005
Daw you are evil! Of all the things I imagined happening in that inn, I did not expect prostitutes! Of course I should have. I wrote my dissertation on lower class women in medieval society. But that was absolutely hilarious. I am still laughing. I cannot believe you did that to Legolas! Beliond's reaction and explanation and Legolas's subsequent reaction were absolutely priceless. I think I am going to die laughing and my husband is looking at me like I have lost my mind!

Ok, now that I am done with that rant...the whole inn scene was wonderful. From the tension, to Legolas's confrontations with Beliond to the ale (also great, but I was ready for that one) to the appearance of the Easterling. Just really well done. I am anxious to see how their search of the shop goes. I fear trouble.

And Eilian's dinner with the king is not much less of a culture shock, poor thing. You have it right on that they spread sauce with their fingers. It was considered rude to put your spoon in the sauce (if you had one). I have a great essay on 'table manners' somewhere written in 1400. It makes me cringe. Poor Eilian. But he manages to notice the pleasing characteristics of the queen. He would. :) His conversation with the king was very well done. They are both fishing. Eilian is behaving openly, as he must to gain trust and he is learning things as well. But the king is not returning the gesture. That makes me wonder. Especially since he has info about Thranduil--he should know better then to doubt him. But then he does hit it right on the head that Thranduil doesn't particularly love Men. Very interesting little mystery.

I was really hoping for an update this weekend. I was really in the mood. This was just great. I'm going to go read it again. Wonderful job!

Author Reply: You must have had a fun dissertation! Mine was boring. Even I don't remember what it was about. But Legolas's education has been furthered by this trip, although perhaps in ways he won't report to Thranduil.

Taking these guys to Dale has proven to be a lot of fun. It's made room for some culture clashes and a bit of intrigue. I found that thing about using the fingers in the sauce on the internet and decided it would be fun to use. It's just strange enough to make people blink.

I doubt if Bram has anyone actually *in* Thranduil's council meetings. That's unthinkable to me because they'd all be elves. But he sure knows who goes to the meetings. If Thranduil has spies, you can bet Bram does too. He is as careful about his people as Thranduil is about his.

Glad you enjoyed it, Elliska.

Alison HReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/5/2005
Ha, it's a wonder Beliond's hair hasn't turned prematurely grey during this trip to Dale! I thoroughly loved the way Legolas squared up to Beliond in this chapter, asserting himself when he knew his reasoning was correct.Beliond just makes me smile because his concern for Legolas wonderful to observe, even though Legolas often resents it.

I was so looking forward to Legolas and Beliond entering the inn and I wasn't disappointed at all----it was both exciting and humerous to see Legolas wide-eyed at the unfamiliar surroundings.To hear the woman proposition him was hysterical and Beliond obviously knew what the woman was about!! Legolas blushing must be even more attractive but I thought that he handled himself very well when the drunken men approached.He readied himself for a fight but he had his wits about him when he tried to placate the angry men.I have an idea that Thranduill and Ithilden are going to be mad at him anyway when he gets home---and Elian will have some explaining to do himself!

The spice merchant is a very interesting character and one wonders if his brother, working with the King's advisor, has been behind the false rumours.A very intrigueing plot you have here, Daw.

Now Legolas and Beliond are going to do a bit of breaking and entering and Eilian is still trying to glean some information from the King----I love it!

Thanks agin for this story, Daw.Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author Reply: I had a good time trying to show both Beliond and Legolas as right.They each have valid points, but I did think it was time for Legolas to assert himself.

Legolas has experience as a warrior and when he's in that mode, he does very well. He's serious and not easily shaken. So the encounter with the drunken men went ok. It's when he deals with unfamiliar cultural stuff that he flounders a little. He's been raised to be polite and that always comes through. But he just hadn't anticipated a lady of the evening!

Yes, we're going to see some elven B&E. I might have to check in on things back at the palace first, but then we'll see what's going on in the spice shop. I'm glad you liked it, Alison.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 8 on 2/5/2005
Poor Legolas. But he did ask for it, didn't he? I was howling. And Beliond cracked me up - "Do you need me to explain further?" Smirk. Yes, I would certainly say that Legolas has received an education in the matter of inns.

Well, and it looks like he's about to receive an education in breaking and entering, as well. This looks to be a very interesting foray into petty criminality. I bet Beliond can pick a lock in about three seconds flat.

Eilian seems to be foundering, though, and not just because he finds King Bram's wife a tart and his dinner etiquette repulsive. Looks like King Bram may have concluded he's not someone worth dealing with. Wonder how he knows what goes on in Thranduil's cabinet meetings?

This just keeps getting better and better...

Author Reply: I spent a while trying to decide how Legolas would react to a prostitute and decided that the whole concept was so foreign to him that it just wouldn't occur to him that that's what she was, even though he theoretically knew they existed. So yeah, I'd say Legolas's education has been extended.

You know, it never actually occurred to me to think of their planned activities as breaking and entering. I suppose that's a sign of my Detroit girlhood! :-)

Bram's trying to find out it Eilian knows whereof he speaks. If Thranduil keeps him in the dark, then Eilian can look honest as the day is long and still be telling a falsehood. Think of poor Colin Powell!

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