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A Lesson on Hobbits  by Budgielover 59 Review(s)
EstnalissiReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/26/2004
How many have realized that this romp of a tale is a lesson about hobbits for the reader as much as for Boromir? It's natural enough that Dwellers on Middle Earth assume Hobbits are little furry footed people who have a few unique, quaint cultural practices but who otherwise parrallel humans stage by stage differeng only in the rate in years of their development. Tolkien tells us Gandolf knows better as he affectionately identifies them as, "amazing Creatures," which neither offends nor appalls Frodo. If they were, in fact, undersized humans, Boromir would have had nothing to learn, Gandalf wouldn't have admitted still being surprised by them after knowing them for a hundred years, and we wouldn't have gotten this charming story to read because Budgielover would have had no inspiration to write it.

Without lecturing, she reveals hobbit nature as they scuffle, learn, contribute and play. Behaving spontaneously, they Never attempt to mimmick dwarves, men, elves or wizards. They display attributes of youth and maturity appropriately as these terms would be understood in the Shire. Boromir compares them to undisciplined boys yet the shire is beautiful and orderly, unmarked by the chaos which would have made a ruin of it if its inhabitants were undisciplined. Long has Boromir's heart been heavy with the responsibility of saving his country against impossible odds, but watching Pippen his spirits are lifted. He's delighted by the cousins' squabbling, admires merry's intelligence, observes Sam's dedication and Frodo's endurance. He applauds, and is awed, intimidated and humbled by these hobbits, who, at the same time, appear to him to be far too immature for their years.

As always in Budgielover stories, there are more favorite parts than I can site without just recopying the entire fic, But I must mention at least one favorite part. Borimir is seriously instructing that a soldier must take every advantage to stay alive. Pippin proudly assumes this is in praise of his distracting and smacking of merry. Realizing Pippin is missing his point, Borimir amends, "every honorable advantage," Not the least chastened, Pippin boasts that his trick worked and Merry got what was coming to him for snatching Pippins sausage that morning at one of the breakfasts. Merry righteously points out his was a justifiable retalliation for Pippin stealing his blanket The cousins spare no more time for Borimir''s meanderings and resume their scuffle.

I was so glad for Frodo that he enjoyed the distraction of Merry and Pippin's antics. Comfortable with hobbit nature, Frodo unapologetically and cheerfully gives Borimir a sketchy explanation of their horseplay. When Aragorn helpfully contributes comments which include that hobbits are, "nonsensical," Frodo effortlessly reveals the ranger is the greater fool for having taken so long to learn so little about them.

Ok. Ok. One more favorite part. Aragorn incapsulates hobbit priorities as meals, warm holes and harvests. Then Frodo stopped my heart fondly ticking off his own list of treasured hobbit values including safety, plentitude, security and peace. Read this sweet story for the rest. Before I could shed more than two tears of a sentamental, hobbit adoring little cry, Budgielover frolicked on. Frodo hilariously, with unasked for support from Sam illustrating their perfect rapport, demonstrates a foolproof hobbit management technique for the bemusedGondorian. The story ends merrily, Borimir having grown in understanding of the hobbits, Aragorn and the quest. And I reached, "The End," so proud of him for willingly learning so much, so quickly and with such a good heart.

The above is by way of my thanks, Budgielover.

aure_enteluvaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/16/2004
Hi Budgielover,

I really enjoyed this story. I can see it occurring very easily - especially Boromir's confusion over the hobbits! My one quibble was how Frodo excused Merry's behaviour. Merry was mature enough to organize the Conspiracy and hardy enough to survive a Nazgul attack; I can easily see him lapsing into carefree behaviour because I think that's the hobbit nature (especially with Tookish hobbits) by default, but I don't Frodo as excusing it because of age - that's just the way hobbits are. I mean, with age you get a maturity so that you *can* act like an adult when need be, but I don't see that childlike nature as coming from his being immature.

But that's just my characterization quibble. Really, it's a very nice story (and one I want to nominate for next year's MEFA's, but I will need your email address; can you email me at MartaL0712 at netscape dot net?)


pebbles66Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/13/2004
I really liked this. Boromir was very wrong about Frodo at the beginning, but I liked how you made his respect for Frodo begin to grow. Actually, I usually love anything you write. Thanks for the great story.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/11/2004
Lovely movieverse.

ArielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/11/2004
Nice, Budgie. Everyone seems to be winding down, but this is a sweet little fic. Thank you.

Meldewen IlceReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/11/2004

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/11/2004
LOL...I really do love this story! You have a wonderful gift of weaving lovely tales. It always amuses me to read tales where Boromir is completely taken by surprise with the behavior and mannerisms of the young hobbits. Believe it or not, my favorite part of this particular story is Boromir sizing up Pippin and Merry:

"Peregrin, or Pippin as he liked to be called, Boromir understood perhaps the best. Pippin was simply young, with a lightness of heart that made Boromir’s own heart lift in spite of his worries and cares. He applauded the youngling’s joy in life, and delighted with him in his occasional deliberate provoking of his elder cousins.

Merry, or Meriadoc, Boromir could well come to admire. The soldier acknowledged that the young hobbit’s mind was quicker than his, those bright blue eyes brimming with an intelligence that Boromir found rather intimidating. The young hobbit’s heart could be as carefree as his little cousin’s one moment, then his eyes would darken and Boromir would wonder what thoughts were passing through that quicksilver mind."

Thanks for sharing. :-)


girlofringReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/11/2004
This was great and a little restful between adventures! I like your homepage teasers. It is nice to read at what stories you are working on. I think the one with Bilbo reading a book to Frodo before his stitches were to come out sounds pretty good and angsty! Of course your other stories are entertaining as well. I think my favorite of all time is "Some Nameless Place".

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/11/2004
Oh, sweet. I love watching Boromir becoming totally bemused by hobbits. They grab his attention so with their contradictions.

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