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A Lesson on Hobbits  by Budgielover
Even Middle-earth's (self-proclaimed) authority on hobbits gets a lesson one evening. A lesson from the Ring-bearer teaches Boromir something important about hobbits… and on the freezing slopes of Caradhas, Gimli is taught a lesson from all the hobbits. Then Legolas receives a lesson of his own. And Aragorn learns something very important about hobbits, which he must teach to the other Big People of the Fellowship.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: A Lesson on Hobbits (Boromir)16
Chapter  2: A Lesson on Hobbits II (Gimli)16
Chapter  3: A Lesson on Hobbits III (Legolas)6
Chapter  4: A Lesson on Hobbits IV (Aragorn)10
Chapter  5: A Lesson Hobbits (Gandalf)11

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