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Glorious Summer  by daw the minstrel 24 Review(s)
BodkinReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/12/2004
H'mm - there's Calith in the office - and suddenly Eilian and Tinar are added. I know which one I would prefer to join me - Eilian is impatient and irritated by office life, but intelligent, amusing and prepared to co-operate (as long as he can see the ticket out), but Tinar! My goodness, how his parents can have preferred him to Galelas is beyond me. He is so self-satisfied he almost melts in a puddle of his own smugness.

Still maybe Eilian will learn the diplomatic way of expressing his opinions - maybe. Oh well - actually, of course he won't.

Poor Sorion - penning reports that will not only be analysed by Ithilden, but will have Eilian picking holes, having to be carefully tactful about mentioning his new lieutenant, and knowing that the king will be extra interested in what he is doing.

Not only does Eilian not want to go out with his drinking buddies, he is not even noticing the existence of ellyth. Celuwen has him in willing captivity.

This must be a really difficult time of adjustment for Celuwen. She is recovering from illness, she has moved into a completely different environment, where she does not know the rules and she knows that Thranduil is still angry with Eilian. It's not as if she and Alfirin seem likely to become soul-mates. I think they will become closer - they are the only people in the kingdom in their position and that is bound to build a certain feeling of kinship, but first they will have to get over all sorts of irritations. Alfirin does know what she is doing - she has learned from experience. She could help Celuwen - but Celuwen probably doesn't want too much help and advice. Alfirin is still rather shocked by the whole spontaneous bonding thing - and I bet it's obvious, too. Celuwen isn't really going to understand the limitations of life as a royal daughter-in-law until she's lived it. Still, she's doing a good job of training Eilian - she should take advantage of his current willingness to comply - it's unlikely to last long.

I look forward to seeing how the situation develops! (I look forward to the elflings. In a couple of hundred years or so.)

Author Reply: I think Eilian might be capable of some diplomacy if it matters to him, but nothing here mattered to him a lot, except the reports from the patrols. He's willing to be very frank with Ithilden under normal circumstances. And I think he and Calith might get along okay. But Tinar, Tinar, Tinar. He just can't help himself.

I thought Sorion must be in a very stressful position. Poor guy. He's just a very different kind of leader than Eilian is, but to Eilian's credit, he's willing to see the virtue in that.

Celuwen and Alfirin are different kinds of women, I think. I like your observation about how only they can understand the position they're in. I laughed when I read your comment that Eilian's willingness to be trained is not going to last forever. And frankly, I suspect there are some things he'd balk at even now. But then so would she.

Elflings eventually, yes. Or at least, an elfling.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/12/2004
Ok, a lot of the time I like to single out a particular line that I like best in a chapter...not going to happen this time. Every line in this chapter is my favorite. It teeters on the edge with, "There was something not quite right about someone who could anticipate such a wide range of disasters, he thought in disgust. Not only Orcs and spiders, but floods, dragons, drought, fire, blight, invasion, earthquake, coming singly or in any combination: the quarter master was anxious about them all." and comes crashing down. I laughed all the way through the entire interchange in Ithilden's office. Poor Calith with his hands over his ears. Eilian really got Tinár good. That was hilarious.

And then after practice, Eilian doesn't even see the maidens or remember their names. His friends must be busting up laughing at him both to his face and behind his back. That was classic.

I can almost say though that my favorite part was Celuwen screaming into her pillow. Too much but I can sooo see it! Can you imagine what it would be like to suddenly have all these people doing everything and hovering over you? I would go mad. I thought all of her observations on the oddness (is that a word) of her new life were right on. And I couldn't help but feel sorry for her thinking about her parents. But her reaction to Eilian's arrival was great. I know you have a lot of Eilian fan girls out there who are probably drooling over the imagery you created in this chapter I fear I may be becoming one of them. Eilian would know how to do a girl's hair, wouldn't he? Wonderful chapter. Absolutely perfect! This is definitely going to be one of your best stories.

Author Reply: Elliska, you are too kind!

Eilian has changed. He is in some ways still the same person (he torments Tinar with great glee) but he is bonded to Celuwen and that will be good for him, I think. I suspect he may occasionally look at pretty girls again some day, but not quite yet. He's only been married a month!

I think that Celuwen has a particular problem (and strength) because she has a real independent streak, so all the hovering and having to think about how others will judge her actions makes her crazy. But then Eilian walks into the room, dressed only in his leggings and she remembers what she's here for!

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/12/2004
I thought Eilian was funny at the office. nice chapter. It is going to take a while for Celuwen to get used to palace life, i would worry if she didn't.

Author Reply: Yes, Celuwen has some adjusting to do, and unfortunately Eilian isn't particularly happy where he is either. Except for tormenting Tinar. He enjoyed that part!

LOTRFaithReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/12/2004
I am glad that though Celuwen is a bit homesick she is doing her very best to keep busy and keep her husband in line:-) I remember when my brother finally got married... My sister in law is actually from Texas a long way from Wisconsin and so she had to adjust quite a bit. Celuwen reminds me a little bit of her. She dug her heels in and was determained to be happy.

I also like how Celuwen put her foot down about Eilian's tunic.. A simple reminder that though servants can be a good thing but at times;-) lol... Very cute chapter. I loved it:-D On to Legolas? :-P

P.S. I know what you mean about Eilian stealing the show. After I wrote about Thalion suddenly everyone wanted to know his trials more than Legolas';-D lol..

Author Reply: Celuwen is trying her best to adjust but it must be difficult. On her side is the fact that she truly loves Eilian and has done since she was a child. But even people who love one another have to learn about things like leaving your dirty clothes on the floor.

I personally *love* Thalion. :-)

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