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Glorious Summer  by daw the minstrel 24 Review(s)
SusanluReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/13/2004
Woo here's the new chapter! It seems like Eilian's new life was pleasant enough despite his paperwork in Ithilden's office. Poor Calith, I was laughing out loudly when I saw he covered his ears with his hands to suffer from Eilian and Tinár, but I think he was amused at one time, given how dull this office usually was, and after all, he was a wood-elf, wasn't he?

Celuwen's situation was expectable. I believe she has hoped more than once that the elf she's been love with was just a commoner, not the king's son. Anyway, she has made her own choice, so she had to carry it out. And she had Eilian as the reward, I wouldn't complain anymore if I were her:-)

I wonder what's the content of Legolas's letter to his father, Daw can I have a glimpse at it? (Thranduil: I beg your pardon?????!!!) Surely he wouldn't write something to make his captain feels like that the youngest prince has watched over him for the king, but what was he able to write about if not the status of the Patrol?

Bty, there was something weird in my last review, like all the content in < > vanished, and the "'" were all show as strange codes. See the below paragragh:
"So far, I’ve translated "When Shadow Touches Home""Battles Won""Legolas's Begetting Day", and Sarah has finished"Heart's Ease"and"Watch This!". I’ve also picked some part of"See the Stars"(about the death of Legolas’s naneth) and "A Question of Duty"(about the first meeting between Legolas and Glofindel) and introduced them to your Chinese fans." Bet you wasn't able to understand them exactly without the vanished words. I don't know how to edit the reviews after their post, just hope it will not happen again.

Author Reply: Eilian is lucky! If this is the worst punishment his father ever gave, life would be easy in the Woodland Realm.

I think that Calith likes Eilian and finds him amusing, but he must cringe when Eilian eggs Tinar on. Calith is more likely to just tell Tinar to be quiet.

I wouldn't complain if I were Celuwen either! But I suspect she does have some adjustments to make. She's used to a simpler life that is more in her own control.

I don't think Legolas would complain about his captain at all. I suspect he's used to keeping information from his father so that he doesn't look like he's spying. I think he would write about the small things that happen on a daily basis -- jokes that Gelmir tells, how hunting for food has gone, stuff like that. As a parent, I have to say it's really quite frustrating when my son keeps from me the stuff I would most like to know!

I figured that paragraph got scrambled, but I could tell what you were saying. :-)

Author Reply: Susanlu--

I have a question for you. Another Chinese reader just contacted me. She wants to know if she can post a translation of "Heart's Ease," and I said I would check with you first because I gave permission for you two to translate the stories first.

How do you feel about this? Will it harm you if someone else posts a translation too? What shall I tell her? You can write me offline if you like at:


Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/13/2004
Ah, domestic bliss. Why am I waiting for the other shoe to drop? Hah. Lovely writing as ever. thanks Rose

Author Reply: You mean he leaves his shoes lying around for her to trip over too?!! Hah!

There will be plot complications eventually, yes. ;-)

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/13/2004
Actually, this may sound insane, but I'm really feeling for Alfirin in all this. She's about Celuwen's age, but never been close to her, because she was the sort of little elleth who would soend her days stitching dolls' clothes, whereas Celuwen was out throwing knives with the ellyn. She undoubtedly found settling into palace life seriously difficult, even with the betrothal period and the approval of all parents, and, I suspect, did not really begin to settle in until Sinnarn was born. She's doing her best to smooth Celuwen's path by giving her a crash course in palace survival, and irritating her by so doing.

I'd like to see Alfirin and Celuwen really talking to each other - they are now natural allies and they can say to each other things they could never say to anyone else.

Can't wait for more.

Author Reply: I don't think that's insane at all. I kind of feel for Alfirin too. The addition of Celuwen to the mix in the palace has to really change the feel of the place. And I think that Alfirin is a kind, gentle person, with a backbone of steel, but she and Celuwen are, as you say, very different.

I confess I find it hard to capture that difference on the page sometimes. They seem to come out as generic females even when they're very different in my head.

tigerlily713Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/12/2004
Celuwen doesn't like being catered to, huh? A reluctant princess? Well, no worries, she'll have plenty of work to do with Eilian as her husband. I look forward to more!

Author Reply: LOL. I was thinking about what it would be like to have servants around all the time. I work away from home three days (and nights) a week, and I clean the place I live then. So I hired someone to clean the house in which I live with my husband the rest of the time. Occasionally, I'm there when they come and I feel very odd sitting around while someone else cleans my house. I thought Celuwen might feel that way.

And then I also think that I know and love this house less than I have other houses we've owned just because I'm not caring for it myself.

She's going to want privacy and some control. But she's going to need help too. She can't do continue to live as if this were a tiny cottage.

And then, there's Eilian. :-)

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/12/2004
Hey, kids! It's the Eilian and Tinár show! [musical theme: something jazzy, with lots of wah-wah trumpets and a tinkly piano] What can Eilian do? He can walk and think and read all at the same time! But the big question: Can he chew gum while he does that? Or, the even bigger question: What can Tinár do while he chews gum?

Poor old Calith. What did he ever do to deserve this?

There was something not quite right about someone who could anticipate such a wide range of disasters, he thought in disgust. Not only Orcs and spiders, but floods, dragons, drought, fire, blight, invasion, earthquake, coming singly or in any combination: the quarter master was anxious about them all.

I used to work with people who were like this professionally. Only we added murder, rape, kidnapping, torture and bizarre sexual practices to our list. It's one of the things that drove me to grad school. Really, all they can do is stockpile non-perishable food, water, first-aid kits, bleach and plywood. I'm not sure why the last two, but the newscasters always seem to think you should have some. Perhaps the plywood is for whapping Tinár with when he gets too annoying, and the bleach is to drink when that doesn't work.

stopping here and there to consider an account of some battle and place it on the map of the Woodland Realm that he carried in his head.

Does Ithilden's office not have a map on the wall? That's the classic prop for a military commander's office. If you have nothing else in a stage set, a desk with a large map will say "military commander" right there.

Eilian should go with his friends sometime. He never got a stag party, and I'm sure Gelmir is just itching to throw him one.

I think that when Celuwen really gets her new job going, she'll be glad of the servants. That's the heartfelt wish of every working woman, after all: someone else to do the washing up. She, at least, won't be one of those career women who flops down in a chair and cries, "I want a wife!"

“Eilian,” she said, and he glanced back over his shoulder with one eyebrow raised. “What do you think is going to happen to the tunic you dropped on the floor?”

Surprised, he turned to look at the offending garment as if he had never seen it before. “A servant will come and tidy the room and put it in the laundry basket.” He glanced at her, looking for all the world like an elfling eyeing his tutor to see if he has given the right answer to an unexpected question.

On the other hand, she certainly does have a husband. . .

Author Reply: Poor old Calith indeed! And Ithilden better watch it. I suspect that if Calith ever quits, that office is going to descend into chaos mighty quick.

Hm. Bleach and plywood? I can see that the first is probably for disinfecting things, but plywood? I guess those in the path of hurricanes use it to cover windows. Thank goodness the part of the country I live in doesn't deal with that. We have tornados but you can't predict or prepare for those.

I actually thought about putting a map of the woods on the wall of the office and maybe there's one in Ithilden's office even now, but I decided that Eilian wouldn't need one. Given who he is and what he's been doing all his life, I thought he'd have a very good sense of the woods in his head.

I think Eilian will have to go with his friends sometimes. He still needs his friends. And it wouldn't surprise me to find out that he eventually looks at a pretty girl again. But he's still in the honeymoon phase of marriage.

And you are so right about Celuwen needing servants. I remember reading something --was it about Virginia Woolfe or by her? Anyway it talked about how much work was involved in making a cup of tea in an earlier era. You had to fetch the water, chop the wood, make the fire, etc. Someone is going to have to do stuff like that on the large scale the palace needs. And she is going to have things to do too. But she needs to figure out how to manage her home too. What does she want servants to do and when? What does she want to keep for herself? And how is she going to break the news to Alfirin???

PS. Hope grad school is going well.

Antigone QReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/12/2004
New stories! Wow, am I happy to have internet access on a regular basis again - I can already see there's quite a lot of reading I'll want to do!

I'm enjoying seeing Legolas in his position of authority, although I'm sometimes filled with amazement that there was this energetic little elfling and sometimes sulky adolescent who turned into this wonderful, responsible leader. I wonder if Thranduil is ever astonished at how quickly his child grew up, too? I'm not surprized that Eilian and Ithilden refer to Thranduil still thinking of Legolas as a child sometimes. Probably time passes pretty quickly for a parent, especially with the "baby."

I am enjoying Eilian in the office with Tinar, too. “I suppose you might find that puzzling, Tinár, but unlike you, many people can walk, read, and think at the same time.” Oh, LOL, that is just the kind of thing I thought would happen!

What a nice window into Eilian's marriage. I'm so glad he picked Celuwen; I do like her! “Eilian...What do you think is going to happen to the tunic you dropped on the floor?” That was much more subtle than I would have been: she truly is a diplomat! She seems to be getting on well with the extended family so far, but it will be interesting to see how things go on that front.

Author Reply: Glad to have you back, Antigone. I've thought about you occasionally, so I, for one, was glad to see your personal life splashed on the Yahoo list!

I like jumping around to different times in Legolas's life and trying to figure out how his childhood and youth helped make him the person he turned out to be. For a long time, it seemed to me that I was never going to get to write about a responsible Legolas, because he did have his moments as a kid!

Poor Calith! Here he is just trying to do his job and he winds up with Eilian and Tinar for office mates. Eilian enjoys tormenting Tinar far too much. He's bored otherwise.

You know, the funny thing about that question of Celuwen's is that in some ways it's a genuine question, not a sarcastic one. She isn't just moving from her parents' cottage to one she shares with a husband who drops his clothes on the floor. She's still working out how domestic work is going to be done in the palace, and especially how it's going to be done in the apartment she and Eilian will share. Will servants come in at intervals throughout the day? Are there tasks she will want to keep for herself or even be allowed to keep for herself? I think she needs the help of servants because she's going to have her hands full, but she also needs to feel in control of her life and she doesn't quite know how to do that yet.

DotReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/12/2004
Fantastic chapter, daw. A nice glimpse at people trying to adapt to situations they’re not entirely thrilled about.

It seems Eilian still hasn’t learned to sit still. That wound is taking its sweet time to heal – but I’m glad we get to see Eilian in his brother’s office. Poor Calith has my sincerest sympathies. That’s some list of disasters! The quarter master (I never heard of such a creature before) must either be very thorough or seriously pessimistic. Of course, now that I think about it, quite a lot on that list happens at some stage. At least in *your* Mirkwood. Hmmn. You know, there’s something not quite right about someone who would inflict such a wide range of disasters…;-)

“Lord Ithilden would like you to try nonetheless.” That made me laugh. I get the impression that Eilian amuses Calith no end, he just doesn’t get any work done with him around.

Ah, Tinar! The guy just asks to be made a fool of. “I can walk and think at once!” How did he not see this one coming? Ah well, he made Eilian a happy bunny for a few minutes. Btw, decapitate a chicken???

I really liked the scene between Eilian and Ithilden. They actually work well together, I think. Ithilden is more than competent but he really seems to respect Eilian’s opinion. In turn, Eilian is very open with him, even if he disagrees with something. It seems to me that Ithilden knows that Eilian will rise to any challenge and do his best if he knows that his efforts will be appreciated and respected – something that took Thranduil a very long time to figure out.

Alright, then. I’ll be nicer about Sorion. I didn’t mean to judge him particularly harshly; I just find him frustrating. But he has a lot to live up to, especially as his leadership style is so innately different to the charismatic Eilian’s. He might be more suited to a different patrol but then, Eilian clearly has faith in him and he probably needs time to grow into his new role. How difficult it must be, writing about the king’s youngest son to his eldest. Poor Legolas still isn’t far enough away for his family to cease keeping an eye on him.

“Do not tell Adar.” I love how well these two know their father. I think Adar is all too aware that his elfling has grown up but has refined the art of ignoring such facts by now.

Ithilden seems to be in a good mood. I’m glad he’s going a little easy on Eilian and letting him go training. Of course, he has to live with a cranky Eilian who has been cooped up in an office all day.

Oh, that scene with Eilian walking home was hilarious! I can’t believe he didn’t even notice the two maidens, not to mind remembering their names, as well as giving up the opportunity to spend time with his friends. Celuwen would be very pleased. Well and truly snared indeed. But quite willingly so.

They get a suite with *several* sleeping chambers? Just how many elflings does Thranduil want them to have?!

That part with Celuwen screaming into the pillow was perfect. She must get very frustrated. I think she and Alfirin could be good for each other as long as they realise how different they both are. Alfirin is extremely capable but she never had that independent streak that Celuwen does. I think Alfirin is more used to taking care of others whereas Celuwen seems to be used to looking after herself. Not in a selfish way, I just mean that settlement life probably made her very self-sufficient. She seems very determined to learn all she can about her role as advisor and I like how she really wants the best for the elves of the settlements and some good to come of this situation for her father.

I had to laugh at their struggle to be on time for dinner and not get distracted… Their intimacy is wonderful to see after so very long and such a troubled relationship at times. Thranduil and Ithilden are right that they need this time together. Their bond is still so new that it seems a shock to be able to read each other’s mood so easily.

“What do you think is going to happen to the tunic you dropped on the floor?” LOL! Looks like they have to learn each other’s bad habits. It really and truly doesn’t seem to have occurred to Eilian to put the tunic in the laundry basket. Whatever would Nimloth say?! Clearly Celuwen has no intention of doing it for him. Oh yeah. He’ll be whipped into shape in no time.
So Thranduil is still less than pleased with Eilian? Tsk. I had thought they had sorted things out quite well. Eilian clearly knows his father and is willing to wait it out but I sense there’s only so long Celuwen will keep quiet. I wouldn’t mind seeing a showdown between Celuwen and Thranduil, actually ;-)

Right, it’s almost 2am and my bed beckons. I’m loving this story already. Please, daw, can I have some more?! :-)

Author Reply: One of the themes I was trying to work through both parts of this story is people in new positions that they are trying to learn to function in. And some of them are much happier about it than others!

You made me laugh about the disasters. I actually thought of that myself, that many of them had happened. I don't think I've used a plague of locusts yet but perhaps I will be reduced to that in the end. :-)

I am more than certain that if Calith had to choose one of his office mates to keep, it would NOT be Tinar. Eilian is reasonably amiable, although if he has to sit around for much longer, he may start to get cranky. Ithilden is wise to send him to work out. And I think you're right that the brothers work well together. Ithilden can see Eilian's strengths far better than Thranduil can.

Perhaps Thranduil wanted them to have several sleeping chambers so that her parents can come and visit frequently. LOL. Oh god. What a thought. Now that would be amusing to write about.

I loved your analysis of Alfirin and Celuwen. Indeed, it matches the one I recently wrote for myself. Alfirin is traditional and motherly, which, btw, I think was very good for Legolas when she married Ithilden and Legolas was still a novice. She fed him seed cakes and stuff. But Celuwen doesn't want to be mothered. She's very self sufficient, I think, and I think that's one reason Eilian is attracted to her. I think she feels elusive to him, even now that they're married.

You have an amazing memory to remember that thing about Nimloth! As little Legolas thought, she would not approve if she were taking care of Eilian.

A showdown between Thranduil and Celuwen would leave everyone else running for cover, I think. :-)

Go to bed! The library will need you in the morning.

Tapetum LucidumReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/12/2004
Ok, maybe going over requistions is worse than fighting orcs. That would put anyone to sleep. I think Thranduil's quarter master is well suited for his job. Tinar and Eilian's little exchange was very amusing - and satisfying. I think I feel sorry for Calith.

Dispatch papers are much more interesting than supply lists, better suited to Eilian's talents as well. Sorion is very cautious. I liked your point that everyone was more cautious than Eilian but it works for him. It must be hard for Sorion to assess Legolas. Luckily the youngest prince is well suited for his role and certainly a hard worker. "Little brother is growing up." "Do not tell Adar." The parents are always the last to know. I liked how Eilian is so wrapped up in Celuwen that he doesn't want to share her. A wise bonded male never notices maidens wandering by. (Ok, my husband has to overlook my Legolas obsession).

It is a huge change for Celuwen to move to the palace. It took a big sacrifice on her part - though she didn't really have a choice. Her reaction to Eilian's emergence from the bathing chamber was very sweet. Sounds like she is well on her way to taming her bachelor. It was nice to end the chapter with a happy, unified family.

In a Question of Duty, Legolas mentions his experience with the Ulairi but has yet to have any. Is this going to be his big encounter?

Author Reply: Hm. The Nazgul. Are they around now? I think not. Sauron is tossed out of Dol Guldur along about the same time as the Battle of Five Armies, and the Woodland Realm has relative peace for about ten years. Then Dol Guldur is reinhabited, this time by three Nazgul. So that's when I thought Legolas might have encountered them, and that's a while down the road yet. I think.

Calith must be cursing his fate. Ithilden needs to put his foot down though because I suspect this is one of those offices that if Calith quits, all hell will break loose.

Eilian's talents and personality are very well suited for the Southern Patrol. He inherits traits from both him mother and his father that allow him to do well there. But he's generous enough to believe that Sorion can do well too.

Sorion is in a tough spot though. He's a new captain, with a new lieutenant who happens to be the king's son. How's that for pressure?

Celuwen is working on Eilian, but I think he may take a while to shape up. But then he wander into the room dressed only in leggings and she remembers why an occasional tunic on the floor is worth it!

esamenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/12/2004
Oh, a second chapter (reads hungrily):

Eilian did not think he was careless with the lives of his warriors, but he had found that he had an intuitive sense of what was going on in the forest that other people seemed to lack, and he was quite willing to rely on this intuition to make quick decisions and change his plans on the fly. Privately, he suspected that his feel for the forest had something to do with his being the son of its king, but he had never voiced that suspicion to anyone.

Aha. There's that magical, organic connection again . . . I think that this is such a fascinating thread among these stories. Very special, very rich. It just kind of vibrates on the page.

He was bare-chested, except for the rune of protection he always wore on a thin silver chain around his neck, and his leggings rested on the bones of his lean hips.

Now, here's a treat for an evening at home on the computer. You go, woman. I just love to look at Eilian with his shirt off.


“Then I suppose I had better start putting my dirty clothes in the laundry basket myself.”

He's being awfully good here. The man is really calming down/growing up/getting whipped into shape, huh? Just like his keeper predicted. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble he's going to get into, though . . . thanks for the update, and happy typing!

Author Reply: I think that Eilian is *very* good at what he does with the Southern Patrol and that has everything to do with his being a son of both his father and his mother. No one can read the woods for danger like he can.

I rather enjoyed that picture of Eilian in his low riding leggings myself. :-) And it certainly reminded Celuwen of why she didn't mind leaving the settlement.

I'm sure that whoever had charge of Eilian when he was a kid made him pick up his own clothes and toys, so there's a foundation for this somewhere. We'll see how deeply the change in him runs.

meckinockReviewed Chapter: 2 on 9/12/2004
“As you can see from the fact that she married me, Celuwen is a patient person.”

Ain't that the truth! But the ultimate test of her patience will come as she attempts to train a male to pick his clothes up off the floor, I think. Eilian really seems to have no idea yet what he just signed up for; and why do I think that all the memos in Mirkwood are going to be printed on pink copy paper for the foreseeable future because Eilian couldn't be bothered with details when he ordered supplies? Contrast with Legolas, whose brow is surely wrinkled with earnest and heart-felt effort as he bends over the same task...

My sympathy lies with Sorion. Talk about living in a fishbowl. I know that Thranduil would smack down Legolas in an Elvish nanosecond if he displayed disrespect for his commander, but will Eilian be able to resist the urge to meddle in the affairs of his old patrol while he's laid up back home playing General's Aide? Taunting Tinar will get old pretty quickly, I think. Can't wait to see....

Author Reply: You're making me laugh, Meckinock! Other reviewers sympathize with the adjustment Celuwen is making and you zero right in on how Eilian is going to have to adjust too, only he hasn't noticed it yet. Well, he's noticed he's not happy in Ithilden's office, and he's noticed that Celuwen is having a harder time than he expected, but that's about it so far. I'm not sure that Eilian is best suited for working at headquarters. He may need to be off some distance away, flying by the seat of his shapely pants!

But not to worry. Eilian will soon have things to do and people to see. :-)

Btw, I'm drinking my after dinner coffee from a mug with your employer's name on it.

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