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Tangled Web  by daw the minstrel 28 Review(s)
AnaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2004
I had a feeling today will bring new story... so I checked every few hours or so... and I wasn't disappointed. :) I'm glad to see Sinnarn again, I was wondering what's going on with him. Poor Annael. :)

If he decided he would ride within sight of the king’s youngest son, then that was what he would do, despite any orders to the contrary. Legolas did not know why he even bothered to be annoyed; Beliond had been disregarding his orders for a good many years now. Good old Beliond, as amusing as usual.

Annael grimaced and placed his arrows in his quiver. “My very wise wife says I should accept the fact that there is probably nothing I can do about it anyway,” he said.

He was, indeed, more patient than his father, but then, almost everyone was. :))

“Eilian says that someone mixed black squirrel meat into a bowl of stew that Maltanaur was eating. Maltanaur is swearing revenge, but he does not yet know who did it. Eilian suspects Gelmir, which I must say sounds plausible to me.” My friend mentioned a while ago that one of our theachers assistant could pass for an elf. She's actually right, he is cute enough. And he reminded me a bit of Eilian, but he does not have sunny personality, so that can't be him.

So unlike his uncles, he did not see time spent in the Home Guard as time spent in exile from the real battle. ... But there was a time, when he saw serving in Home Guard as something not preferable, right?

Thank you


Author Reply: I had to leave Sinnarn out of the last couple of stories, partly because I just had too many OCs going at once. This story is going to have the same problem, I'm afraid. I'm trying not to scare new readers away.

Beliond is just impossible to deal with, but he does take good care of Legolas. And once in a while, that comes in handy!

You've picked out some lines I enjoyed writing, Ana. I think Annael will be happy if he believes his daughter will be happy. Maybe he can negotiate with Sinnarn a little. There certainly was a time when Sinnarn saw the Home Guard as a boring punishment, but he's grown up a fair amount since then. He's still himself, but he's so concerned about the safety of his grandfather's people that he's less wild and crazy, I think.

ManderlyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2004
How wonderful to have a new story from you! I have been checking for one on a daily basis now since you finished the last one. This promises to be another great story and by the looks of it, a long one (I hope?).

Sinnarn and Emmelin? I can already see traces of Eilian and Celuwen here, though Annael is sure to be less disagreeable than Eilian's grumpy father-in-law. I always find it amusing that men are always so quick to condemn their daughters' would be suitors, never mind that those suitors behave no differently than they themselves did during their own impetuous youth.

It's hard to believe that we are onto the next generation's romances already. How we have all matured (a kinder word for aged)!

Author Reply: It does kind of make us Daughters of Men feel old, I have to admit, but I don't think elves thought in those terms. Generations must have been impossibly scrambled because of the long times between births.

The outline I have for this story is complicated so I think it may be reasonably long, yes. I can never tell though. I always think I'll be done in two more chapters and my beta just laughs at me.

Annael has been hanging around with Thranduil's wild male descendents for a long time now. He ought to be able to adjust to Sinnarn. Maybe. :-)

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2004
What a joy to see a new story from you! I like it already. I like Ithilden attending the White Council: 'He was, indeed, more patient than his father, but then, almost everyone was.' (We think alike. In my own universe, Legolas attends the Council in Thranduil's stead.)

Time has moved on. All those elflings, all grown up! When is this set? Which meeting of the White Council? I guess it's the one in 2941, but there were several. And finally, I'm glad to see Celuwen firmly established as part of the family, even if Eilian's away in the south.

Great story, Daw.

Author Reply: One of the things I like about your Legolas, Jay, is how he grows into such a responsible adult who is a source of great pride to Thranduil.

Celuwen is doing OK. She and Ithilden seem to be forming an alliance. We'll see Eilian eventually. I'm sure that trips home look sweeter to him with Celuwen there.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2004
Second reading -

'He was, indeed, more patient than his father, but then, almost everyone was.'

What a fantastic line. Laughed out loud.

Author Reply: It made me laugh too.

insigniaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2004

Again I greatly enjoyed your writing.

It was nice to see the inter-action between Legolas and Annael about Annael's daughter, Legolas being a bit removed but Annael being right there in his concern about his daughter's future!

I am in some doubt at this stage though about where the "deceiving" of your title will come in. But I know it will be made apparent.

I look forward as ever to your next chapter.



Author Reply: Poor Annael! No one seems to welcome the wild sons and grandsons of Thranduil as suitors for their daughters. Well, maybe Alfirin's parents did. Ithilden is responsible.

Sadly, deception is going on all over ME, but I'm a little worried that the tangled web here may turn out to be my own plot!

NanethReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2004
How exciting to find a new story! From reading this chapter, it seems that this story will be a somewhat broader view than your other stories. I can see many plot lines headed in many directions. Your own "spider web" of intrigue! It was nice to find out what was going on with many of our old friends. It was fun to see dear Alfirin stil micromanaging the family, Ithilden still working for the kingdom even when it means going against his father, Beliond still driving Legolas crazy, and Legolas still finding spiders to be ikky. It's sad to see the elves losing the battle against evil, but, hey, we know the end of the story makes it all worthwhile!

I'm looking forward to beginning my summer with this exciting and wonderful story! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Author Reply: Thank you, Naneth.

I was a little worried that this story is going to have too many OCs for new readers to stomach, but the story does get complicated and I need most of these people for various things.

Eru willing, you'll continue to think this is exciting and wonderful!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2004
Oh yes, oh yes - another story. Excellent.

What a scary thought - Sinnarn courting Annael's daughter. I will bet he deals with the prospect somewhat more reasonably than Solith.

Alfirin up to her eyes in helping organise Tonduil's wedding - good practice for her?

Loved seeing Celuwen in place as an adviser - it would be easier for her as family to speak her mind and she doesn't seem to mind a fight.

And Legolas in the Home Guard, so everyone is home except Eilian and we can hope for lots of family interaction.

I am happy to see so many favourite characters featuring already.

It is sad to see Sinnarn looking on the fight as part of the long defeat rather than one that can be won.

I can't see Ithilden gaining much by attending the meeting - but he will cope with the endless discussion better than his adar.

Author Reply: I'm all excited to be writing again. I love having a story going.

Poor Annael. Nilmandra suggested that a little chat with Solith might comfort him, but I somehow don't think so! Annael would have to lock his daughter up! Certainly, he wouldn't be letting her out to meet the king's wild male offspring at night.

The long defeat -- a sad idea, but I'm afraid it's one that elves had to face.

I'm glad you like these characters, Bodkin. I worry that there are too many of them and that new readers will be driven away.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2004
I must admit that it made my day to open this chapter and see Beliond there. I like him. I bet it drove him nuts to be away from legolas for that whole year of the Quest.

Legolas's revulsion at the spiders is well done. Of course, the terrified elfling covering in webbing and spider blood, who had jus theard the spiders discussing him as a main dish on the menu, is still very fresh in my mind. I'm sure he does hate them.

Poor Annael. Perhaps a chat with Solith would cheer him up :D

Author Reply: I laughed out loud at the mention of Solith. Despite what they have in common (ie. horror at their daughters being courted by the king's wild male offspring), it's hard to imagine him and Annael buddying up, isn't it?

And I'll tell you the truth, I almost forgot Beliond. I had that whole scene with the spiders written with just Legolas and Annael and then I realized that that was just never going to happen.

Poor Legolas. He must still have nightmares occasionally.

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