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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 11 Review(s)
ImhirielReviewed Chapter: 60 on 9/1/2006
Oh, to have been a fly on the... bough... when Elerrina's parents finally arrived on the talan *eg*!
And I bet nobody told them beforehand intentionally!

Author Reply: Well - would you tell them? I can just see them all angling to get in the best position to see Taryatur's face.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 60 on 10/18/2005
Ah--we will endure getting waterlogged before we'll spend more time with the father-in-law, eh? Can see his point. Get him home now, E&E!

Author Reply: Rain is only weather. The father-in-law is more like a natural disaster.

But Legolas will be fine once Elerrina has been able to apply her soothing touch!

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 60 on 5/11/2005
Yes, indeed, I would definitely send the trouble-making AIL (adar-in-law) to Galadriel and Celeborn. He wouldn't dare act presumptious around them (or perhaps he would! LOL) The deluge of rain sounds alot like some of the spring-early summers we've had here in the past - the kind where the area ends up 24 inches above the average MONTHLY rainfall!

Lots of grins and giggles to Elerrina's mother's face when faced with climbing a Miriwen giving birth in a finding trees big enough that would cooperate with letting the Noldor build their own Legolas paddling home asap to avoid futher ILC (in-law contact)! And I dearly love the way the twins are able to bring out the sunshine in that small wet part of the wood, i.e. Legolas' smile! More great moments, Bodkin!


Author Reply: And the socially aware Linevende would certainly not wish to offend Galadriel. (Celeborn, of course, is a Sinda - not quite one of us!)

At least elves don't mind the cold. And to Legolas even the rain is a pleasure when in a peaceful AIL and NIL free world.

This was fun to write. (They all are, really. But some just flow.)

I'm glad you liked it.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 60 on 5/4/2005
Many of us on this side of the Big Pond sympathize with the trio. Rain! I suppose we'll be grateful come the drought of July that our reserves are good.

When I read the part about Elladan shaking his head, I got visions of Nilmandra's Elladan, the Mordorian puppy, shaking off the excess water. :>) I'm sure your Elladan smelled better than wet puppy.

Elrohir looked disapprovingly at the hoof prints of Elladan’s horse, each now filling with water as if to present them with a cup of welcome. What a wonderful line! I could see this so clearly.

I got a kick out of how much the trio was enjoying the fact that Legolas's in-laws were up a tree! But then, who in their right mind would criticize the Lord and Lady of the Golden Wood's choice of housing? I bet the in-laws were impressed with being invited to spend time with Galadriel no matter where she lives. Like you said...kind of makes Thranduil's house look absolutely reasonable. And I liked the description of Thranduil's Halls. Sounds great.

The rain didn't look so bad when Legolas realized that the missing in-laws meant that he would have his wife all to himself for a short while.

I chuckled all the way through this chapter. Delightful, Bodkin. I can say that since I'm warm and dry. :>)


Author Reply: It seems to be raining everywhere in my Elf-world at the moment. Every now and then my brain says 'it can't be sunny all the time!', but actually rain impinges on people's reactions more, so it can be awkward and take over. But elves would love all weather - wouldn't they?

Wet puppy is not a good fragrance - I'm sure Elladan smells more of autumn woods and cedarwood and generally pleasant woodland scents.

The in-laws are impressed enough by Galadriel's persona and social position as the High King's daughter that they will accept things from her that they would not appreciate from a lesser elf. And, given time in her tree, they might actually discover some of the pleasures of living close to the forest. (And, even if they don't, they wouldn't dare complain.)

Thranduil's Halls are probably a compromise - Laerwen would go for tree-living, but he would realise that it isn't always convenient. But it would be a particularly elegant compromise.

Yes, Legolas wants to get home as quickly as he can to spend time with Elerrina - before her parents return.

Thank you. Continue warm and dry!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 60 on 5/3/2005
I was so busy drooling, I forgot to mention how much I appreciated this image of Legolas: 'his clothes clung to him as if sculpted to his body.'

Add this to the previous chapter's little gem: 'stripped to the waist and gleaming with sweat,' I think you're going to have to place cold shower warnings on your fics! Not that I mind ...

Jay ;)

Author Reply: You like semi-naked elves? Maybe they should have problems with their clothing more often. (Like the heroines of movies, who always manage to lose just the right amount to be interesting.)

Cold shower warnings . . . no, more interesting to come across the image unexpectedly!

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 60 on 5/2/2005
I can't stop grinning! That was fun! You are probably right about the in-laws learning to enjoy arboreal living because C&G can show them how to do it right. "trees large enough - or co-operative enough" Ha!

Hmm, "sculpted to his body". You just couldn't resist that, could you? ;)

With all the take about flooding, I hope the guys do get home and it isn't washed away.

Author Reply: And Galadriel is Finarfin's daughter - if she wants to live in a tree, at least Linevende feels you have to be polite about it. After all, how else can she do a bit of name-dropping when she gets home. But I don't think Taryatur will feel tempted to build a talan.

Sculpted to the twins' bodies, too. It's very wet. You like the image?

This situation is sort of followed up in the next Elflings which is, at the moment, around the same time. So . . .

Thank you for reading.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 60 on 5/2/2005
I would say Legolas enjoyed his in-laws discomfort quite a lot! LOL - and to find that Finarfin's daughter lived in a tree - an elegant tree, I'm sure, but a tree nonetheless! He should however, quit tempting fate by commenting that too much water cannot harm.

I have it on good authority that Elrond believes in nice warm baths before birth, at least :)

Author Reply: Elrond is a very advanced elven obstetrician. He knows what to do - and encourages paternal assistance and all sorts. I'd even trust him to do a section. (Though Caesar would have to go. Maybe a Feanor section. That could account for a lot.)

Galadriel's tree dwelling is very elegant. Minimalist New York loft elegant, with lots of white. But it's still up a tree. And I think Legolas has endured a lot of comments about their quaint, rustic home, together with suggestions about the kind of home Elerrina should expect. But not even Linevende is foolhardy enough to make those kind of remarks to Finarfin's daughter.

You think there could be problems with all this rain?

Thanks for reading!

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 60 on 5/2/2005
Why, Bodkin! One could *almost* believe that Legolas isn't enjoying his in-laws' exceedingly generous gift of their presence... ;-)

- Barbara

Author Reply: I think he is enjoying the generous gift of their absence even more! And the thought of some quality time with his wife.

At the moment, Thranduil feels he could almost get to like Galadriel - as long as it's from far enough away that they don't start riling each other.

Thank you.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 60 on 5/2/2005
Hehehe! Legolas's glee as the twins joke about Taryatur and Linevendë was just hilarious! And I liked the mental image of Thranduil home. Sounds cool. But for some reason, this was my favorite:

‘Let us make our way home before our horses decide for themselves to seek shelter. If you are not careful they might return us to our grandparents’ house.’

‘I think not,’ Legolas said firmly, as his horse’s hooves squelched through the mud. ‘I would rather paddle home than spend any more time with my adar-in-law.’
That just cracked me up! So glad to come home to this tonight. What a treat.

Author Reply: Poor Legolas. I reckon Thranduil should be very grateful to Galadriel for playing on L and T's snobbery and taking them away for a bit. And, perhaps, just perhaps, terrorise them into realising what a gem of a son-in-law they have. (They would sneakily prefer it if Elerrina had chosen one of the twins, I think. Unfortunately trace of Man in there, but also descent from Finarfin - and Melian - and a few other rather impressive lines.)

They want to watch their step on the way home, though. It is very wet - and they do have a tendency to attract any trouble going.

Glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward (in an agonised way) to more about poor Lindomiel and Amoneth.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 60 on 5/2/2005
The persistent rain reminds me of our climate recently! I agree with the twins - there's such a thing as too much rain. I loved Legolas's ever-growing smile, and especially Elladan's comment: ‘I do not believe,’ Elladan grinned, ‘that I have ever seen anything to equal Linevendë’s expression when she realised that she was going to have to climb up into a tree.’
Oh, how I would have loved to see that. I also loved Legolas's remark that they wouold never find trees 'co-operative enough' - not for such snooty Noldor, no!

I have to admit that your stories of the twins and Legolas alive and well in Valinor are very soothing after so much angst.


Author Reply: I seem to have introduced heavy rain to quite a lot of stories written recently . . I must be affected by the climate!

Linevende is doubtless horrified by the thought of climbing up a delicate stairway into the treetops, but she'll do it without protect for Finarfin's daughter. And go home and tell her friends how 'delightfully elegant' it is, too.

And Legolas is relishing the thought of her doing anything - as long as it is as many leagues away from him as he can manage.

Yes, I felt the need to reassure myself of Elrohir's health and happiness and have him wallowing in some mud with Elladan and Legolas.

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